A standing ovation follows the awed hush at the close of Pip Utton's one— man-show. Such a reaction only adds to the WII and power of the piece by provmg its point; that we respond to rhetoric, that we are suckers for a charismatic performance. How else did Hitler seduce a nation?

The details of Utton's astonishing performance chill even more than the words. As he Wipes sweat from his brow, adjusts his uniform over his paunch, softens With sentiment over Eva Braun, we remember that our archetype of ml was a flesh-and-blood man.

The shift in perspective at the end, designed to remind us just how easily it could happen here, is hardly subtle. But in an age when politicians seem to follow one of the maXims of Utton’s Hitler - 'promises are for publication, not for fiilfilnient’ -- a bit of unashamed soapboxmg seems no bad thing. (Hannah MCGill)

Ado/l (Fringe) Company Theatre, Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 2 l) 622 7207, until 37 Aug, [6 (£4.50).

COMEDY REVIEW An Evening With Brendan And Radar

If you want to see blokes trying to pick up birds, go to any pub in the West End and see it for free. It’s not something that people generally pay to Witness. Why then, did these two New Zealand 'coniics' base almost an entire set on chatting up the two women in the front? The rest of the set is filled with reminiscence about back home With the gaggle of their compatriots present. This was piss-poor and, unless you enjoy feeling like you’re at a party where everyone knows everyone else apart from you, I suggest you go and do something less irritating instead. (Kirsty Knaggs) An Evening With Brendan And Radar (Fringe) W J Christies (Venue 706) 228 3765, until 37 Aug (not 24, 25) 8.30pm, [6 (£5).

COMEDY REViEw Comedy Club (London) Presents

K 13.“

These comics are allegedly the best of London's comedy leCUll, but let’s see, shall we? Timandra Harkness doubles as t0pical comic at the LM magazme nights (Living Marxism has become LM in the same way Kentucky Fried Chicken became KFC) and she makes Lady Di jokes. Zeron Gibson was late, but he has an excuse. lain Lee's joke is that he is not funny, but actually he’s dune decent.

The star of the show is Valentine Flyguy (Zeron Gibson in disguise), pro- fessional pimp and 70s throwback, who delivers a stream of politically incorrect blue verbiage. His assaults on the audience are crude but effective body blows, and his show is okay. (Ross Holloway)

a Comedy Club (London) Presents (Fringe) Southside (Venue 82) 667 2272, until 37 Aug, 8pm, [5 ([4)

COMEDY REVIEW Jason Byrne: Camping On The Moon

Where would Jason Byrne be without a front row? Or, for that matter, a balcony full of pished Irish students? Playing off, teasmg and gently humiliating an audience is the lanky one's route to genius Then there's the props - some 70s leopard- print pants, a bushy Wig, a raggedy doll, his own sweat and his comedy hands

If you are of a statistical bent, somewhere around 8% of Camping On The Moon is probably put down on paper before this improViser takes to the stage. This, naturally enough, makes Byrne one of those comics who both hits and misses. The higher percentage is very much With the former. (Brian Donaldson) a; Jason Byrne Camping On The Moon (Fringe) Jason Byrne, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 9pm, [8.50/[750 (USO/£6.50).

1” .lvi

Jason Byrne: fists of fun.

Musical Director

JOHN THORN 8: Full Band



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