COMEDY REVIEW Late Comedy Cellar if"? 3%: is“

The front row Is no place for the faint- hearted when the deafening but loveable Raymond Mearns is cornpering in the venue that has been dubbed the ’comedy sauna.’

On the night of this review, the line- up was as hot as the air Glaswegian funnyman Sandy Nelson was domg his usual spoof songs while

KIWI comic Radar’s rnanic routine featured gambling and women giving birth through zips HIlarIous Japanese double act Zen followed, speaking 'gleat fuckin' Engeris’ in between a spot of martial arts. Zeron Gibson from Nottingham completed the night with a routine about Soweto, African game reserves and airline pilots. Gibson boasts a slightly Lenny Henry-esque delivery and an amaZIng cheesy grin.

Whether you catch Raymond Mearns, Suzanne Fraser or Brendhan Lovegrove as compere, Christie’s Is a bargain late- night option for a comedy selection pack. (Stephanie Noblett) at Late Comedy Cellar (Fringe) Chris tie ’5 Comedy Cellar (Venue 706), 228 3765, until 30 Aug (not 24~26) various times, {5/le (£4/[3l



Rich Hall can't make his Uncle OtIs’ show. Famin commitments apparently. Not that it’ll stop old OIIS. He’s on parole, see, and fixing to supply hot redneck cabaret, replete With trailer trash country and western, deadpan monologues, screaming Jewish folk Singers and even Dusty Springfield tributes.

And Rich, were be here In person, would have loved every Wired, clever second of It. But sadly, he isn't. Which Is a pity, as old Otis would have enjoyed sharing tonight's triumph With his favourite little nephew. What With

them being so close and all.

(Barry Mcpherson)

m Otis Lee Crenshaw - Model Citizen (Fringe) Otis Lee Crenshaw, Ca/der’s Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 757, until 37 Aug, midnight, £8 (£7).

THEATRE PREVIEW The Chemistry Of Love . .. And Lust

These days, we know all there is to know from Viagra to vibrators and back again. Or so we think. Tom Pringle, PhD, is here to tell us that we still have a lot to learn. 'It’s not plain filth,’ he says of his sex 'n’ science spectacular, The Chemistry Of Love. . . & Lust. ’lt's . . . tastefully rude.’ Originally conceived as a sex education project for schools, the show has been ’ruded up’ for a Fringe audience. ’The science and the social comment are there, but it’s very comic,’ Pringle insists. His own contribution to the show includes giving birth live on stage. Other topics covered include masturbation, puberty, sexual positions and a panel game entitled Bruce Foreskin’s Menstruation Game. Tasteful, you say? 'People Will have a bloody good laugh, but some of the information will stick as well.’ And the climax of the show? ’The audience Joins us in a mass multiple orgasm.’ Cleaners at the Famous Grouse House, demand a pay rise now. . . (Hannah McGIll) re The Chemistry Of Love...& Lust (Fringe) Scottish lnternational Presents, Famous Grouse House (Venue 34) 220 5606, until 30 Aug (not 24/25) 17pm, £6 (£4).

COMEDY REVIEW Ed Byrne: A Night At The Opera

ri'r we air.

It’s difficult to Imagine Johnny Vegas strolling on stage In a crushed velvet number to whoops, wails and a euphoric wave of ecstasy, but then not everyone is Ed Byrne

Otis Lee Crenshaw: rich pickins'

theatre ° dance - comedy

Taking his cue from a Visit to the Shaftesbury Theatre for a performance of Cosi fan tutte, Byrne weaves a tale about the things you do for love With many a diversion Into some very hiniiv territory Indeed, he details the sacrifices you make to keep your partner sweet This charming man may well be threatening to give stand-up comedy a good name.

(Brian Donaldson)

ee Ed Byrne A Night At The Opera (Fringe) E (J Byrne, Calder's Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2 l S 7, Ii."'Ii' 3" Aug (not 30) 70pm, £8 ([7)


.fi; .2: .4}:

The passage of 30 years Since the original lends this production a unique perspective. Surely today, the moral of free love and liberation, albeit coated in the sugar of song and celebration, doesn’t apply?

Nevertheless, the musical riot proves as Infectious as ever With Nicole LoGiudIce’s gutsy VOIce and the sinuous dance sequences in particular, stamping Nena Production’s Imprint on the musical. Ironically, controversy In this year’s Fringe regarding the musical‘s (brief) nudity perhaps does highlight Its lasting relevance We may ’dIg’ drugs, sex and rock 'n’ roll to an almost apathetic degree, but freedom?

r‘v1t2'y'lfl‘ ‘i{)(i1{!'c

s 'mxen't made .titl‘ a .l'tte't‘ri..i fit, iiet haiw'

Carmine Rinw‘.‘

3335?: Hair iF'r' in" illei; i turns, H'I'i 57":‘7 v'lr‘lflt’ ‘I‘L “"’l:’ w. " 22'." 0.5.“: :J.’..',i ,‘.. 3i i‘i’.‘ ’I .'."i ‘qr‘ 1.7 (1—5.) CCII'JEfI' F‘E Bill Bailey -‘~‘:i‘-~"'; " i"‘ writ-av "*I‘iil t'i result " I' f f Jitt‘il \. ‘I' ‘-.i:i i lu‘i l'.lki 'zie ilklv'iit‘ i e fl‘ii.’ if:i.T'= l ii-am'me l III ‘3 IIieV‘. my”. i' ". ~ ii-'villizil.iiv llii2'1liiiiitvf': fie Ii’lI: (lizi'a‘. llt ezeiv 'Ityie (If Ifimit than pr Lid {1‘ ‘s'rmilixh :‘i halt“; parodies their

' we'd t i. ii .IILl ('lli‘. his plet lrIIIII

‘Vlli‘f’i'h’ 0": Zf‘wi' Iii int alistilif il‘illi‘tih \i’e'. :1I.:ler'i~'i atii 2),,» .n

‘Jrll'l‘IC‘l for the semis

‘ll .I-;al III:( Ley- talimiiii, ill-'lv's 3'. he's ."'i>< >.'.":(l that Iiialts the illlllliilllf all the fll’iil't‘ in ute Gt) aI‘Irl see this self-styled 'IttlI ITIeIiiheI (if ABBA He'll make your (\)( klex i'Iy With laughter (Jonathan Trev-1i

[Jill Bailey (Fringe) (fa/tier 's Gilded Balloon a.’ The Pd/ld(fil.’,"l (Venue 26) 226 275 l, I/IIi'Il23At/(1, Whirl, [9 ([8


itit‘k ****


Very good

ttt Worth seeing

it: * Below average

* You've been warned

"Full of raw talent... on original comedic voice "

- Time Out - NY

"Hysterical. ..

Heme/Tied "

- New York Daily News

'-'4:,=.+;-» 'r-frer’ .- , Aw?”

I / if: . .I.

: . 5 fig?

2i) 2/ Jul; l998 THEUST65