Mam With A Horn

Robert Mazurek Band ? with

Eric Alexander (tenor sax)

john Webber (bass)

joe Farnsworth (drums)

Peter Zak (piano)

l\ ‘l.\/./.-S()I’lllsl It..\l [-1) Ni-\\' Yriitk (liit‘ llll~ .\l l)ll-\(.l~. Qt H 1-,

“UN \l) l‘lll-' lil,()('l\

\\ l'l.|. lil:l-()Rl< llll-. Sl.\Rl it; in: 1 His l’..\\l)\ \\'l".l-.l\'l.\'

(‘.l(. .\l SMALLS.

Tron Ceilidh House 2 I 5‘ to 29th August

(not 24th) at l0pm - £7 (£5)

22"“, 23", 26‘", 29th August at

This is an exiting 3pm - £5 (£4)

tun gig hauling modemigu... . ' ABSOLUTE jAZZ NEW YORK STYLE

Regular Music present “the world‘s favourite Celtic band...”


at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 1st 8. 2nd September at the Calder’s Gilded Balloon at the Palladium 10pm


“trip-hop grooves

merging with the soul of Gaetic roots -

the happening, crossover album of the year" Global Village

“brims over wondertuily with oblique African reference points

as an exotic foil for their Gaelic heartbeat... album of the month”

M818: Frlnge box office 0131 226 5138 / Credit card hotline 0131 226 2428

70 rue usr 20—27 Aug 1998


Meet The Poozies at 3pm on Friday 2lst

when they'll be appearing in the Megastore and signing copies of their new

“Infinite Blue”

album before that evening's Shaw at The Spiegeitent

Superstar and Alan Warner will be joining us

6pm on Tuesday 25th

to play live and sign copies of the Superstar vs. Alan Warner SOundClaSh

On Wednesday 26th August at 6pm, cast members of “F0” Me”

will be performing songs from the show which is paid, Hits of

C Too until the Sist.

We are proud to welcome

The Mutton Birds on Thursday 27th August; at 6pm,

they will play an acoustic set as a precursor to their night residency at The Attic on the 28th, 2th and 30th The band tug! am:

sign copies of “Angle Of Entry,”

which we will have for sale that week

- see elsewhere in The List for a great free offer from The Mutton Birds.

In association with Secret Music and Assembly Special one-off performance for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

JAMES GRANT, Karen Matheson and the BT Scottish Ensemble

:\\. 1. flbl Y

Queen’s Hall 27th August 8pm A unique concert featuring the cream of Scotland’s musicians

James Grant Ex~Love and Money frontman returns with songs from his glorious solo album along With Capercaillie's diva Karen Matheson With an all star band

and the'UK's finest string ensemble.

“marveliousiy gloomy and cool - Monieey meets Jimmy Webb"


“music 110m 8 different place. Grant delivers the

vocal performance of his career " Maia

“t,er women fronting any ,_I : “,7 d possess a vorce i ' ' v Mathesons

-, ~ RCKETS:Oueen's Hati‘bqit‘mmm-w‘ aw

Fringe box office 0131 226 5138/0106” ..