Renee Geyer: no need for cap letters to make it overseas


To AustralIans, one of the mystIfyIng paradoxes of local popular musIC Is who made It overseas, and who dIdn't. WhIle the lIkes of INXS and AC/DC

bec ame gods for anyone wrth acne, superh hands We Cold ChIsel, perhaps because then names weren‘t spelled In capItals, made lIttle ImpreSSIon. AUSSIe

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rock legend Renee Geyer also falls Into thIs latter category. In the late seventIes, she was every teenage boy’s heart (to say the least of It) throb, and Geyer IS stIll gomg strong, 25 years after her debut album

Geyer Is a krnd of AussIe Marranne Farthfull, havrng a generally cool and up-for-It Image, and a rIch, dense vorce remInIscent, perhaps, of ElkIe Brookes

) In her VInegar Joe days. There Is a

The voice of Men at Work 2 shows only!

The Beck’s

Famous Spiegeltent Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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edlnburgn fringe: venue 45

‘hllarlous madam-day fair tale - a riotous per every nIght!‘

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‘...deranged battle for a man's soul, this new adaptatlon brln s splrltual struggle ban up to ate'


arrangements, Huun Huur Tu are the '; Mongolran/Srbenan egurvalent of I Ireland's seInInal Planxty, a world-Class

strong blues feel to even her most sugary numbers, and her older reCOrds have assumed a CultIsh status leadIng numbers lrke 'Say I Love You are much I quartet INorrnan Chalmers) SOught after as drum ’n' bass remees l E Huun Huur Tu (Fr/noel Graft/tr 0n the 02 Club CIrCUIt Muss It and be i (Venue 90) 557 8330, until 37 Aug pants. (Steve Cramer) i (not 25), [8 50 ([7 SOl

#6 Renee Geyer (ange), Sp/ege/tent I (venue 87) 558 8070, 23 Aug, MUSIC REVIEW 7 7 45pm, 24 Aug, 70 30pm, 26 Aug,

35: ‘.<'-* 1‘? i? 7 00 m, [7 ([5). p ! Hazel O'Connor And Cormac FOLK REVIEW f De Ban-a Huun Huur TU Showgrr‘, frlrnstar, punk heroIne, 13-.- + -.-’-».- , sInger, songwrrter. Hazel O'Connor has

, evolved through many stages to move at the peak she now finds herself at

Although the concept of makIng a performance about yOur own He smacks slIghtly of self-Indulgence, It Is a He worth celebratIng, and It Is performed In suc h a down-to-earth manner that she can he forgIven for her egocentrIcIty. AccompanIed by the hugely talented Cormac De Barra on harp, she narrates her story wrth the aId of puppets, costumes, photographs, and of course, song, All of her hIts are Included, and her rendItIon of ’WIll You' was spellbrndIng An upIIftIng expenence

(KIrsty Knaggs)

Hazel O’Connor And Cormac De Barra Beyond Break/mg Glass (’Frrnge) H/g/I/y Recommended, Graffrt/ (Venue 90) 557 8330, untI/ 37 Aug (not 22), {Imes vary, [6 ([5).

In the company of fins sIngIng guartet, Tom Warts would sound lIke a soprano Huun Huur Tu's vocals are not so much gravely as from deep down In the permafrost. Then there's the astonIshIng secondary sounds produced by the four master srngers, the overtones -< hIgh harIIIonIcs thch float over the fundamental sung note lgIl (two-strIng, vertIcal VIolIn) player Khovaleg even manages to sustaIn three notes srmultaneouslyl But the fabled laryngeal styles of sIngIng are only part of the sIOry r the exotIC tradItIonal costumes, theIr rrIuSIcal VIrtuosny on plucked and bowed toshpulur, byzaanChI, tungur and dazhaanIng khavya (shaman drum and rattle) has the audIence held spellbound, No hIcks from the stICks, In theIr rejuvenatIng synthesIs of Tuvan Culture and then subtly creatIve

Monday 23 November Glasgow SECC

11(Zk(.‘1.‘31‘11)(1(1\/('.II1)|r*rltrrfxurkulr'lr'r')1r()n1B/() 0141 287 7777 linkot Centre. Concllonggsr, VIrgIII Records; (Glasgow 8r Edinburgh) 8. WrIy Al N rrrcf thr‘ ()mcflt Crrrcl bookings 0141 339 8383


Tho Album ‘Postcards from Heaven' featuring the ssrnglos; ‘Raincloud', ‘Hfgh‘ & ‘Lost In Space' out now

20-27 Aug 1998 THE usr 73