iMac Despite its roots in the counterculture America of the 1970s, the Apple Mac IS a very British machine. A nation of underdog- lovers, we've come to admire the Dunkirk spirit of the shapely Mac going up against the boxy, totalitarian Juggernaut of

lvli< rosoft's PC Still, to paraphrase Dad’s Army's Private Fraser, the Mac seeined doomed,

But Apple has regrouped and is fighting back. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple who was squee/ed out Ill 1985, has returned to the fold and is about to give the world ilvlac, a distinctly retro-futurist consumer machine pOised to give your electronic life a style IDJOCIIOH.

The cool, curvy translucent casing is IfVld( ’s most obVious feature, but there’s an impressive and affordable package within. Faster than a mid-range Powerlvlac, iMac also has a facility for Internet browsing that could break the Virtual PC monopoly. Feeling tempted by an Apple7 (Peter Rossl iMac is avar/ab/e in UK from Mon / S'ep, priced [99.9,


The next segment of this year’s Ten Day Weekend comprises a number of gigs

and a single launch party for Glaswegian duo

Cinema. Gregor Reid and the now London-based Crawford Tait have shared musical tastes since school and " moved from Dng to create their own largely instrumental music. ’lt’s influenced by soundtracks but mainly music library stuff,’ says Tait. 'lt's the idea of making music which could accompany films, but eXists in isolation too.’ There won't be a live performance at the launch, although Tait Will DJ and there \N!“ be 'arcade games and various distractions’ throughOut the party, which Will be preceded by a screening of old skool hip-hip movre Wild Style. (Fiona Shepherd)

Cinema Throw A Party is at CCA on Sun 23 Aug. ’P. Beretta’ is released on Domino Records. See music listings for Ten Day Weekend events.

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