Dead Even

You have some rnformatron. The person who means most to yOu rn the world doesn't, and so they’re rn danger. Yet, wrth the same rnformatron, they'd be rn mortal perrl What do you do? Thrs rs the phrlosophrcal drlernrna at the heart of Brad Melt/er’s follow-up to the ludrrrous'ly su<<essful The Tenth just/(e, a legal thrrller whrch has ensured that the names Gr'rsham and Turow tend to follow rn every prere wr'rtten about hrm. Though hardly a landmark work of frrtron, Dead Even rs sparky, sexy and, above

E R all, a new template for a dorument entltlt‘d 'l)<l(.J(-‘tl”"“""-

(Brran Donaldson) Dead Even by Brad Melt/er rs pub/rshed by Hodder (8L Stoughton on Thu 20 Aug, priced [72.99.

Das Boot: Director's Cut

The W tors always wrrte hrstory, but sornetrrnes the vangurshed get therr say. Wolfgang Petersen's U-boat saga rs no Na/r apology, however: rt (onveys (‘laustrophobra and (onstant fear

of death lrke few other war or antr—war movres. Whrle www.mmlmom boodGmn u.aoa syrnpathrsrng wrth most of the men, partrrularly grrtty (aptarn ° d'wng‘uw;

Jurgen Prorhnow, the frlrn deglorrfres the offr<ral lrne that 1,“,hm.olmm,m the U-boat (ampargn was herorr and remrnds us that more than half of the German (rews dred rn attron. Now released rn

an extended rnovre versron, Das Boot rs lrke spendrng three "Thcmosrawoxome warmoviaovelmade“ HHvEMPIRE

hours trapped rn a sweaty underwater (offrn we share the men’s sense of therr own mortalrty (Alan lvlorrrsonl “T” . -. ., _ , . lWIDESCREEN -- Das Boot. [)r/(’( tor s (r/t rs released by Co/umbra Tr/star Home imflggflflpyfl V/(IOO, /)/'/( (‘d wrm ruousu suuntu'. '7‘"

Gus Van Sant

Some drrer'tors spend therr (areer (hurnrng out eye-randy for the DrCaprro ’n’ popcorn (rowd. Others, rke Gus Van Sant, plough a maverrtk furrow through the fallow frelds of Amerrcan (.rnema. In re(_()gnrtron of Van Sant’s unrgue vrsron, Channel 4 has programmed a season of hrs frlms, kr('krng off wrth the bld('k (omedy To Dre For (pr(turedl, rn whrch Nrr‘ole Krdman plays a weathergrrl Other movres rn( lude Drugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho and Even Covvg/r/s Get The B/ues. Van Sant, meanwhrle, (,ontrnues to go hrs own way he's (urrently rnvolved rn a br/arre shot-by—shot (olour remake of Psyr‘ho, Vrnre Vaughn, Anne Herhe, Julranne Moore and erlram H. Macy star (Peter Ross) To Die For and Drugstore Cowboy are broadcast on Channe/ 4 on Sun 23 Aug at 9pm and 7 7pm.

20 2/ Aug 1998 THE LIST 126