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ROCK _ . Fun Lovm' Criminals 100% Colombian (Chrysalis) s- a s: a

There’s a split personality on display here: one half of this is lounge-core at its most louche and the other half is wrred to the eyeballs with tales of the Crims pulling wacko capers. When they’re in crooning mode, it’s the smoothest-sounding groove around, delivered in a way which suggests that if they don’t actively have their tongues in their cheeks then they at least have a very cheeky twmkle in their eyes When they’re on the hustle, the songs hit the ground running and spray the pint With some of the meanest riffs around. For what the FLC do best, check ’Korean Bodega’. Uptight, upfront and With a head full of attitude, it’s New York City’s finest on fun lovm’ form. (JT)

POP Belle And Sebastian

The Boy With The Arab Strap (Jeepster) e6 we.

If you re gomg to fall in love with Belle And Sebastian, you ve probably done it by now and this third album wrll satisfy your cravings for fresh helpings of their bashful ballads, lilting melodies and all the little embellishments horns, strings, xyloiihone, handclaps which ice their dreamy, urban romanticism. Stuart Murdoch could still do a

convincing Nick Drake on Stars In Their Eyes and all is generally solace and comfort in the Belles’ exquisitely- realised musical world.

This time round, other band members get a chance to step up to the mic. lsobel Campbell asks 'Is It Wicked Not To Care?', her girly voice coming over like a female Murdoch. Guitarist Stevre Jackson contributes two wrstful songs, the delicate but slushy ’Chlckfactor' and the amusing ’Seymour Stein’ in which he laments not being able to do lunch with the ’record company man’ over a swooning backing.

The only real departure comes With bassist Stuart David’s ’A Space Boy Dream’ which begins wrth Arab Strap- style intonation and develops into Bentley Rhythm Ace playing the Barbarella soundtrack. Elsewhere, the

Regular Music present "the world's favourite Ceitic band...”





at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe tst & 2nd September at the Calder’s Gilded Balloon at the Palladium 10pm


"trip- hop grooves

merging with the soul of Gaeic; roots -

the happening, crossover :iibum of the year”

Global Village

“brims over wonderfully with oblique African reference points

as an exotic foil for their Gaelic heartbeat...

album of the month”

93 THE ”ST 27 Aug—10 Sep 1998

Fun Lovin' Criminals: they're uh. dope

usual reference points t ited Love, Donovan, Drake ~ seerii as ielevant as ever Prepare to be smitten all over again, at the very least (FSi


Conduct (Matador) -.=::

Fur k trawl the happy axis stretched between Yo La Tenor) and Will Oldhaiii, "la-vino to Priveiiient as they pass The fo'irth lino-playwrf out the Allierist‘: n 'iliaitet opt nH .ith 'il. e Thin/.1, rhrap plastlr sci—fl trashtan comm lotion soon reVlsited in i lockin’ sum it ier un ile tireh; fashion (iii Monkey on= it pleit. \.'.’lifi romantic ooghoowaa'ihlm-hc-c-ieheek grunts On ’Tt'ilst Off’, Boris Karloff is found sitting ll‘. to sort out some early B-Slo'es for Pere Uhu, while ‘luly Meltino Snowman' eerily transmits the

d \r\\‘ 1m; , Jll

floaty naive tune that plays in David Lynch's mind when he’s feeling relaxed and happily thinking about bugs. ‘Laundry Shop’ is gorgeous pop anybody could understand, 'Stupid Band' legendary. Mostly sad, slow and low, semi—detached lTiUSIC for the strange sunny car-park afternoons when you’ve phoned in sick to the world. Don’t let the moms catch you With lt.(DL)


TavenerlBT Scottish Ensemble

Tears of the Angels (Linn) a a a a

Along With Penderecki and Part (rather slightingly dubbed the Holy Minimalists), John Tavener's ethereally lovely, transcendentally religious music enioyed an unexpected commercial success by appealing to deeper and more spiritual needs. This collaboration With the BTSE is highly characteristic, and beautifully played. The limpid but intense sense of longing in My Gaze ls Ever Upon You and Tears Of The Angels both feature Clio Gould’s poised, highly expressive violin playing, although the use of tampura and liidlan vocal chanting amid the swelling strings and Patricia Rozario’s lovely singing in Depart In Peace form a slightly uneasy but ultimately effective Surprise. (KM)

REVIEW—ERS THIS ISSUE: Damien Love, Kenny Mathieson, Fiona Shepherd, Jonathan Trew

In association with Secret Music and Assembly Special one-off performance for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

JAMES GRANT, Karen Matheson and the BT Scottish Ensemble

Queen’ 8 Hall 27th August 8pm

unique concert featuring

The Observer

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V rent 5". ~LOve and Money frontman from his glorious solo album

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