Tin soldier

Are Tin Tin Out about to leave handbag behind and head for darker places? DARREN STOKES is the man in the know.

Words: Rory Weller

Where do you draw the line between cheesy and credible? A good starting point might be if you agree to remix Dario G's next single. Darren Stokes from Tin Tin Out has chosen today to say no to Mr G's large bag of cash and thankfully remains on the right side of the line.

Stokes can afford to turn down grand deals like this and be pretty picky about what he and his Tin Tin Out partner. Lindsay Edwards. choose to work on. They have just had staggering chart success with their take on the old Sunday‘s track ‘llere's Where The Story Ends' and signs are that the new single ‘Sometimes‘ is likely to go the same way. Their reputation for continually hitting the mark with their remix work means the offers never stop. They are currently tweaking PM Dawn’s comeback release and are in the charts again with their mix of The Corrs’ latest track. They can do no wrong.

Until they released ‘Here‘s Where The Story Ends‘ earlier this year. the duo‘s name was synonymous with handbag a Tin Tin Out mix was always guaranteed to rock the floor in the rumpy. ptnnpy. good time cheese-if-you-please style. Stokes and Edwards had met at Tag Records and together they formed remix project Camouflage and Intuition. When they jumped record labels. they needed to change their name. so taking an anagram of Intuition (almost) they came tip with Tin Tin Out for their first Top 40 hit. ‘Thc Feeling’ with Sweet Tee.

This track and their next success. ‘Always

‘When people recognise you for a certain kind of music, the hardest thing to do is go against the grain and break away from lt.’ Darren Stokes


Stepping away from the handbag— Tin Tin Out Something There To Remind Me‘ by Espiritu. set them tip for a slew of mixes and production work. all pretty much in a pumping house mould. With their new material. though. the angle they’ve chosen to take is much more downbeat. more middle—of-the- road than middle of the night.

‘When people recognise you for a certain kind of music. the hardest thing to do is go against the grain and break away from it.‘ Stokes explains. ‘We‘re not turning our backs on clubland as it has always been very good to us. but we're more into doing album work. so the sound is going to he a lot more song hased.’

When they made their album xl/ii'uys. they wanted to have a few surprises to change the perception of what the duo was about. ‘lt achieved a little more than we expected.‘ Stokes says modestly.

lle promises that the classic Tin Tin ()ut sound will always appear on DJ promos or mixes somewhere in their material. but a darker or dare we say it ~ speed garage sound can be heard in their production incarnation as Baby Blue. He doesn’t claim to be a pioneer or a ground breaker. just someone with his own particular sound and a knack for instinctively hearing the vibe in the mix. This is definitely not where the story ends.

Darren Stokes DJs at Inside Out, The Arches, Glasgow and Atomic Baby, The Honeycomb, Edinburgh on Sat 29 Aug, then at The Born, Glasgow on Sun 30 Aug. ‘Sometimes' it released Mon 31 Aug.

Salsa clubs

There appears to have been some confusion Surrounding our Salsa article in the last issue of The List. We would like to clarify that the Havana Bar and Grill in Hope Street, mentioned in the article, is not the original Club Havana. Club Havana can only be found on Tue at October Cafe, Wed in Bar Sauza, Thu in The Apartment, Sat at Renfrew Ferry and at a new night starting soon at Bar Celona.

preview CLUBS



Subject Pre-clubs.

Location The better pubs and bars around the cities.

Objective To get people in the mood for a night on the town,

And does it? Well, it’s never really been sCientifically tested. You usually find Dls spinning on the weekend nights when the pubs are going to be busy anyway.

So it could all be worthless? Oh no, not at all. Having a live person in tune with the clientele is a bit more special than having some mix CD on the sound system, isn’t it?

But aren't the 015 in the bars just the ones who aren't good enough to play in the clubs? Absolutely not. In a lot of the bars you can find big name 015 who want to play, but don't want the hassle of promoting nights and clubs. Take Sole Music label boss Stevie Middleton playing at Budda, Yogi Haughton Dling at the City Cafe, the Jengaheads at the Living Room and Col De Sac, and Nick Peacock at Bar 10

What about the up-and-coming Dls? It’s like the fringe theatre of clubland, but without the nudity. Pre-club nights are usually the stepping stone for bedroom DJs to get to club level. You’re also more likely to hear a more varied mix of musrc in bars as the pressme is Off.

What do you mean? You find that 015 prefer to play pie-club as there is no obligation to make people dance at all. So there’s more opportunity to be experimental. Actually, With the pub laws, it's essentially illegal for people to jig about Without a dancing licence. What are the problems? The Big tend to find they’re set up on a shoogly table next to the door which gets knocked every time someone walks past, and some DJs pump up the volume, thinking the music they're playing is more important than any

conversation gomg But pre-clubs are

free and the beer is cheaper than clubs We salute you. (Rory Weller) Pre-club details are found in the club listings.

Jengaheads move the preclub people

27 Aug—10 Sep 1998 THE LIST 88