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Red hot and Dutch

The last in our series spotlighting high-kickers from the low countries. Ibis week: Titus Tie! Gmnstoge and Rio Marks.

For Our final instalment we are delighted to fill our Festival clogs with something just a little bit different. As part of the weird and quite possibly wonderful Amsterdam Parade Dutch troupers Titus . Tiel Groenestege and Ria Marks are priming up their tootsies, and of course heart and Soul, to throw - themselves into a stOrmy-sounding show called False Waltz. This IS a twenty-minute production wiihbut Words (that’s dance to y‘Ou and mé)’ In which dancer/actors Titus and Ria get all steamed up over a little-known turn-of-the—century' Parisian cafe society pastime known as the Apache Dance. Suffice to say, it involves generous helpings of both sex and violence. Something for everyone then (Ellie Carr)

False WalQ (Fringe) Amsterdam Parade, Cafe Graffiti (Venue 90) 557 8330, 21-30 Aug (not 26 Aug), times vary, £4

m.":‘. § :59 $314.. '

Jerry Sadowitz

In these days of cuddly and inoffenswe New Comedy, many people think scowling and foul- mouthed Old Comedy should have an ambassador. Stand up Jerry Sadownz still, after all these years, Scotland’s most offensive comedian. Following the frankly unexpected success of his Channel 5 series The People Vs Jerry Sadowitz (which returns In the autumn), SadOWItz has been at large in Edinburgh, canvassing opinion from the disgruntled punters of Festival City. The result is The People Vs The Edinburgh Fringe, a short series of four fifteen- minute programmes which should leave sarky Marky Lamaar looking positively cherubic.

The People Vs The Edinburgh Fringe is on Channel 5 until 29 Aug, night/y at 10. 50pm,

Ruby Fruit Jungle

Described as ’four spunky girls and one lucky guy’, Ruby Fruit Jungle were one of the hottest musical acts on last year’s Fringe. Now the Australian percussion and harmony-led combo are back at the Spiegeltent to take the city by storm again with their diverse but distinctively Antipodean. Don' t miss.

Ruby Fruit Jung/e (Fringe) Beck’ 5 Famous Spiegeltent (Venue 87) 226 5138/558 8010, until 31 Aug, 5pm, £7 (£6). Also at the Book Festival Spiegeltent, 624 5050,26 27 & 30 Aug, 9. 30pm, £6 (£4).

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