I Professional couple Fife. W1.TM gay singles/couples for ' friendship. nights in/otrt. expeditions. holidays etc. Interests include animals. countryside. sports. conversation. theatre. music. dining. Age unimportant. (‘an travel. accommodate. Box No F/338/l.

I Active guy, 28 based in Glasgow. seeks slitn. attractive. sexy female. l8--30. for pubs. clubs. romantic holidays abroad. cosy nights in. Must be genuine and have a zest for life. Box No 338/2.

I Attractive, fun-loving entrepreneurial female. 29. Loves travel. adventure. the fitter and the unusual things III life. Wl.TM male. 30-40. spontaneous. successful. positive. big thinker! Big talker! Photo please! Box No 338/6.

I Imagine a kiss a real kiss something different. something new. Thirty-sis. American male. into music. cooking. gym. songwriting. computers. seeks SWF. attractive. 2| to 3 l. to share. see new places. Genuine relationship only. Box No 338/7.

I Youthful, petite female artist with chaotic life. Unconventional. musical and optimistic. loves live music. dancing and camping. Wl.TM positive male. Box No 338/l 3. I Not quite reckless not quite vegetarian. not quite sure about this. btit quite lovely female. tall. dark. slitn. Looking for soulmate/good pal. late 30s-40s. Trust fate go for it. Photo appreciated. Box No 339/3.

I Glasgow professional male (34) articulate. open. Enjoys outdoor and indoor activities. Wl.TM female with sense of ftrri for nights iii/out. fun/friendship/ romance. Photo nice. Box No 340/l.

I Tall (6ft 2in) dark-haired guy. passionate. kind. genuine. bohemian. gregarious. new to Edinburgh. seeks slim. tall (5ft 9m +) girl for exploration of life. love. music. arts. food. bars. open air and future together. ALA. promise! Photo welcome. See you soon? Box No 340/2.

I Any down to earth handsome. early 30s men out there? Dizzy blonde (ha!) lass. cute as hell but clever too, needs strong. not-so-silent type for fun. friendship and schmoozing about town. Box No 340/3.

I Take a chance on me? Shy. affectionate. Aries male. 27. daft as a brush. Loves good food. films. music. Morgan's soaked nights. cosy nights in and good company. seeks vivacious congenial female consort. 22-35. to share all of the above and possibly more. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 340/4.

I Tall, fair, Edinburgh women (44). n/s. feisty btit soft. seeks tall man. 33- 48. ii/s. with back bone. humour. tender heart and passion. who loves animals. cinema. music. other cultures. eating iii/otti (esp. vegetarian). You too need to be looking for involvement. Photo please. Box No 340/5.

71 TIIE usr 27 Aug—10 Sep 1998

I Nice English guy

Psychologist. recently cast adrift

by fate. seeks female. 30-40 for friendship/romance. Box No

340/6. I German boy. 19, with a

terrible American accent. is looking for nice Glaswegian people who like to party and who want to teach me how to speak Scottish. Box No l5/34 l/l. I Easy-going, Glasgow guy with GSOH and many more abbreviations. Wlfl‘M (told yotr!). lady aged 25~35. I like conversation. cinema and keeping fit. maybe you do too! 'I'Tl‘N. Box No 34 l/l.

I Barmy Belfast babe 24. intelligent. GSOH. enjoys pubbing. travel and anything fun. seeks gorgeous 24 28 fit bloke. not choosy for good times. Box No 34l/2.

I Handsome, 26-year-old male likes movies. nights out. quiet drinks. seeks good looking. slim female. 20-28. with smiling eyes. Box No 34 H3.

I American with a GSOH!


exist. Very young female. 32.

enjoys pubs. books. cinema

seeks male. 28- 38. into similar

for fun. laughter and more! Box No 34 H4.

I Longshot. Three years ago you placed an ad for your friend with a 'sunny dispostion'. you were her ‘ace' younger friend (ouch!). l recently found the issue under mybed. remembered why I'd kept it and really regretted not replying -- are you still there’.’ . . . Box No 34 U5.

CONFUSED BY THE HUMAN condition. 32-year-old man. beautiful outside and in (so they tell me) looking for good company to explore said condition. If you are 40+. male. intelligent and humorous and would like same. please contact with photo.

Box No 338/55. I Thirty-one-year-old

professional male seeks a younger man of quality who is looking for reliability and Commitment. l‘m caring. sensitive and thoroughly decent. An added bonus is the fact that I‘m tall. slim and good looking (well of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder!) I enjoy outdoor life and mountain sports and would love to pursue my interests with an affectionate companion. I live iii Glasgow bttt am prepared to hunt far and wide to find the right man! Box No 338/63.

I Up for it 31-year-old Glasgow male seeks ftiii aritl friendship with cute. boy-next- door type gtiy. Me: good looking. good body. You: the same but younger. Box No 338/64.

I Professional gay male. 35 sa/sl. attractive. intelligent. easy-going. sorted! Seeks similar guys. 25—40. for regular. social contact. honest friendship. Noii-siiioker. central belt area. Photo/phone if possible. Box No l'/340/50.

I Gay man, professional, 4t). seeks genuine. sincere. reliable guy for friendship/relatronship. Must be ii/s. s/a. s/l. 30 45. l-Idinbtirgh. Box No 34 l/50.

I Fun-loving and friendly female. (30). gay. sensitive and intelligent. litigioys good food. foreign cultures. art. meeting new people. discovering new places. WlffM. similar women for friendship. interesting conversation and laughter. Box No 34 H5 1.

I Star-gazing, daredevil, it). bi-sestial female. into arts. animals. saucy dancing and everihing life has to offer. Wlfl‘hl bi/gay female. for invigorating friendship and/or

romantic relationship

(lidinbtirgh). Box No 34l/52

Glasgow male, 29, hopeless at meeting new guys a fed tip with disco bttiinies. Looking to settle down with that special someone. Reply if similar attitude. 35 --35 iv ii/s. .-\l,.-\\\'l’. Box No 340/50

I Gay Edinburgh male, 25 very tall. reasonably handsome. loves music and cinema and enjoys a good night ottt. is looking for some good mates and a possible relationship. Box No 340/5 l.

I Gay guy (29) medium build. hottest. sensitive. average gtry. considered cute by others. Likes: cinema. nights iii/out. humour. music. \Vlfl‘M genuine guy for good times and relationship. litlinbtirgh/l‘ife. Box No 340/52.

I Guy, EH1, 86/70/28 iiiio cycling. swimming. gym. l.'l‘.. travelling. beaches. seeks tall. slim. reliable. genuine. sincere ck honest guy. l‘)- 24. for nights in/w eekends. Photo appreciated. Box No 340/53.

I Gay professional female 40. seeks new friends to energize and revitalise her. lrito books. music. people. personal growth. ALA. Box No 340/54.

I Bi-sexual Oriental female (26). Glasgow area. Seeks

attractive and friendly vixens for

fttri. fi‘olics and friendship. l'm fennne. short hair. medium btiild and 55". Please include photo and telephone number. Box No 340/55

I Gay female, attractive (allegedly). early 30s. professional. WIII‘M similar. Glasgow or surrounding area. Photo appreciated. Box No 340/56.

I Still incurable romantic. A gentle. carirtg Glasgow male. forties. slim. sensual. good body. ok looks. reasonably sorted; a lover of music. architecture. books and life; seeks fairly similar. educated. sensitive. light-hearted man prepared to make a try at sharing life's sunshine and shadows. Box No 340/57.

I Edinburgh male, 305, partially otii. quiet and down to eattli. Interests include football. cycling. cinema and socialising. \Vlfl‘M ordinary guy. 30- 45. who is interested In friendship/relalionsliip. Box No 340/53.


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