V I saw you your bitches love lrn Bru. I may have ROCKFI) The l./.\! dance Iloor but your Suzi ()uatio lingers shot me and R()('l\'lil) my world. I didn't .’\l)\'l{R'l‘lSl-‘. myself well enough. l.cl\ Roc‘kl lS()\ No ['/3—I(l/ l.

V I saw you shopping in Hip. you dark hair. army trousers. white 'l‘-shirt. Do you fancy a romantic date with a graduate'.’ Box No [7340/3

V I saw you but you saw me first at the laffa Cake. Edinburgh in the early hours of Sunday ../8/98. Y.ou \ety hand- some man with short hair. T- shirt and Chinos. but I didn't catch your name. Me. red hair. short black skirt and white vest. You admired my belly button tattoo. now I want to admire yours! . . .\\'ill you let me'.’ Box No [7/340/3.

V I saw you in London at the Armageddon premiere. We were all ()deon scum together. I had a fab time. Come to my party on 22nd. 70s and 80s - l\'o make-up boy. l.ov e l). Box No [l/3-IO/4 V I saw you Indigo Yard. Ryans. along George Street. Long blond hair. Saturday I Attgust. You passed me in Ryans. I failed to speak. Please give tne another chance. Box No [7340/5

V I saw you and your image is in my eye. your invocation on my lips. your abode is in my heart. ljom your caravan so till my heart with love. that my every teardrop may become a star. Box No [.‘/3-I()/().

V I saw you I kissed

you! The mix of premium oak aged Sauza and Lemonade provided a long smooth and refreshing kiss. You have reawakened my senses. Get in touch to arrange a second round.

V I saw you Thursday (1 August. in Montpelliers wearing a red cardigan. long brown hair. Me. blue top. white stripes. You. left before I could speak. Let's get together. Box No Ll/3-IO/7. V I saw you today probably and tnost days. l just wanted to say I can't wait to see you again. I miss you. How about the airport on the l8th'.’ Box No ['/3-I()/8.

V I saw you Cult clothing man. Me. too shy to talk. Blonde. Spanish pot-bellied vic- tim from heaven. You. tall with rough good looks and a great till matmer. Box No U/3-1()/9.

V I saw you lane in the Maltings at York. throwing back the Platonic Blonde Cider as if there was no tomorrow. Sure I heard you slur your words. in fact I counted the “.l' word on more than one occassion. Ahhh . . love is in the air. can't you just smell it or is it just your squeaky shoe'.’ Good call. The Finger Doctor. Box No [l/3~I(l/l().

V I saw you latte on the London underground. you are one in a million. I wanted to cross the passageway. pull the emergency stop button. snog your face off and then announce to the world that l love you. Alas. I was Tango'd. ”Mind the gap". The Finger Doctor. Box No U/340/l l.

V I saw you Buchanan St. Glasgow. checking out Fraser‘s window. I was checking out you - wow! Beautiful eyes and those tight 5(ll shorts with handcuff bucklell Arrest this sub guyE! Box No U/3~I()/l?_.

V I saw you Bennetts. 9/7/98.

; Then: you v-shape baseball cap

guy. Me. shy and gave wrong

= impression with friend at last


Usz'.’ Now: you. lucky but don't know it yet. Me curi- ous to know what I'm missing. Us - . ! Box No [,1/340/l3.

V I saw you Nicola. as a sailor in the festival cavalcade. You

' can play my hornpipe anytime.

Box No U/340/l4.

V I saw you again Finger Doctor. commanding my pres- ence through the damp streets of Soho. The leather might restrict my movement but not my vision. could have sworn I saw tears. Don't hide your voyeurism behind net curtains. Always willing to enter your strange world of Paraphernalia. Now the nicotine fog has lifted I can enjoy the value of your squeak? Hope your depression lifts soon. Baby Zxxx. Box No U/3-I()/IS.

V I saw you Sunday 9th August on Beinn A'Chroin. You. 57". jet black hair. beautiful tanned body. looking out of place with older companions. Let‘s hit the next mountain together. Box No U/340/I6.

V I saw you message from Rochelleld Alisdairll We saw Comedy Zone at pleasance together. You. had awful night at Mintos. Sorry was out when you called. please phone back! Hope you re okay worried about you. Box No U/34()/l7.

V I saw you in the Scottish section ofJames Thin. Gyle. wearing a denim shirt. I was looking for Filth. now I want you. Make me your bed time reading. Box No [l/34()/l8.

V I saw you being fat. Scouse and cheesy. That curry stained vest haunts my dreams. Where‘s my video. Be my little cheese nibble. Box No U/3~I()/|9.

V I saw you smelly headed man. You were very rude and ungrateful. Go and play with your bouncy book. and never darken my door again. Box No U/340/20.

V I saw you sat. 15/8. 3pm. on C55 bus. You: short black hair. stripey top. jeans & totally gor- geous. Me: red shirt. specs & not so gorgeous. You got off at Gorgie Road. Maybe one day you'll stay on till my stop. Box No [.1/34 l/l.



V I saw you in Graffiti at The Amsterdam Parade. Siki. Sitting next to you during ‘Bingo‘ it felt like bingo all the way. Let's meet again. The Amsterdam Parade? Tomorrow"? Box No U/34 1/2.

V I saw you well no. I've seen you at Bristo Square. my line bleached blonde guy. For the past few months you have been the greatest though you may not realise. In fact I‘m pretty sure you don‘t have a clue who I am. So what. it'd still be cool if you read this. I am moderate height and kinda decent. just in case you were interested. Box No [1/341/3.

V I saw you create scribby Sunday. The club is empty with- out our Becks. We also miss your torq king. Totally cotne and visit us with ice-cream. Box No U/3-I l/4.

V I saw you and now that we are catching rats together & liv- ing our dream. I am still not too busy to let you know that I love you like crazy. Su: you are the MOST gorgeous woman I have ever encountered. I wish we were two virgins. l ove you till the end of the world and beyond Dee xxx. U/34I/5

V I saw you Vicky G. Prestwick. I984. We were both very bad. I've practiced and now I'm better. where are you'.’

U/34 I/().

V I saw you Paul from Dundee in Polo lounge. Sunday 9th August. If you are really Stuart G then George is sorry he did not recognise you. U/34l/7.

V I saw you Wellington Beaut. You Gardner in a variety of arches. tne Cairo boy. hiding behind a latnp post. I thought you‘d gone home but spotted you last week in Argyle Street without your moustache and blond wig. I may have been half-cut at un-cut. but I’d try any short-cut to see you again. V I saw you at T in the Park. [)I) from college by the giant pot noodles. We shared a bin bag. Ash and I adopted you. Family reunion? MS from RK. [1/34 l/9.

V I saw you Alan Gregg now you‘re inside my skin. See you at the Attic. Mutton Birds. Aug 28. 29. 30. You're a thing well made! Come around in my room. U/34l/l0.

V I saw you Harry Younger Hall. Do you remember. me mother milk dribbling down my chin. fast cars. booze. I promise I'll leave her for you. Love always. David Blakely.

U/341/l l.

V I saw you Venue l3. lucky for some. You had blonde hair. heels. Andy Warhol icon on your way to a crime passionel. Don't leave tne hanging on. love Ruth. [l/3-1l/12.

V I saw you Edinburgh with rollers in your hair. Stockings and no remorse. you dirty devil. Fancy a bit of passion. It’s not a crime. you know. love Mrs Ellis. [,1/34 l/l 3.

V I saw you Montpelliers. Friday 14/8/98. You helped me

in with wheelchair and spoke briefly afterwards you were

really nice. I got shy. rushed off. Please come for drink. [l/3-1l/l4.


V I saw you Les? Tall. dark haired Lindy hopping babe. Club Graffiti. 20/8/98. We danced. we laughed. we had a grrreat time. Me; stripey trousers. hollywood smile. I know you want me. was I not SUTTLE enough? U/34l/15.

V I saw you at the

Irvine Welsh book launch. You were drinking Sauza and Lemonade and so was 1. Let’s find out what else we have in common.

V I saw you Jill. behind the bar in Montpeliers recently. Attracted by the big smile. If your single and impulsive get in touch. Remember. she who hesitates . . .! Take a chance. U/341/16.

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