Over the past four weeks, The List’s team of reviewers have been scouring the Festival and Fringe to track down the talent, vision and genius for which 1998 will be remembered. We've seen and reviewed hundreds of shows and given them a star rating for quick reference. Top twenty recommendations, Hit Lists and the latest reviews are all to be found in the main magazine. But for those who may have missed our earlier issues, here is a summary of the top rated shows.



Carl Andre Royal Botanic Garden

Al Murray Pub Landlord - Keeper Of The Pint Cosmic Pleasance

Ballistic Purple Pineapple Show

Bill Bailey The Palladium

Ennio Marchetto Pleasance

The Flat The Three Canadians

John Shuttleworth - If Music Be The Love Of Food...Tuck In! Pleasance

Lynn Ferguson: Frank Calder's Gilded Balloon

Peter Kay Pleasance

Phil Cool Pleasance

Scared Weird Little Guys Spiegeltent

Huun Huur Tu Graffiti

It's Jackie Jackie Clune

Mr McFall's Chamber Orchestra Observer Assembly

Adolf Company Theatre

After Dinner Dirty Bird Productions After Dinner Holyrood Tavern

Beautiful Thing Absolute Banana Theatre Company

Disco Pigs Corcadorca

Fascinations From The Crowd feCUnd Theatre

Guargantua Grid Iron

Hollywood Screams Too

Guy Masterson Productions

Labels Company Theatre

The Lady Boys Of Bangkok The Big Top On The Meadows

Lakeboat Pierman Productions Moscow Frantic Redhead Productions Mrs Nosey Parker Jenny Eclair

Once Derevo

Perfect Days Traverse Theatre

Russian Anguish New Parliament House My Short Straw Pleasance

Shylock Guy Masterson Productions The Tell-Tale Heart erQUlm

The Water Juggler Mouthpiece

The Wild Party - Mouse People Pleasance

Cool Heat Urban Beat The Palladium

22 THE usr 27 Aug—10 Sep 1998


Glass Royal Botanic Garden

Hooded, Bared Fruitmarket

Nature Morte The Bongo Club

Mona Hatoum Gallery of Modern Art Small Miracles S St Stephen St Stanislav Kolibal Edinburgh College Of Art

The Winter Queen National Portrait Gallery


Adam Bloom Pleasance

Alan Davies Urban Trauma Observer Assembly

Andrew Pipe And Carey Marx In Dupe Screaming Blue Murder

Big Value Comedy Show... Early Cafe Royal

Bill Bailey The Palladium

Boom Chicago Calder's Gu:|ded Balloon II Chris Addison Pleasance

Circus of Horrors Big Top

Danny Brown - Banjaxed The Honeycomb

Dave Johns Pleasance

Dave Williams - Caffeine Calder's Gilded Balloon

Ed Byrne - A Night At The Opera Calder's Gilded Balloon

Ennio Marchetto Pleasance

Fred MacAuley Calder's Gilded Ballon Full Irish Breakfast John Henderson And Dara O'Brian

Gawk-A-G-Go! Pleasance

Greetings From Hollywood Calder's Gilded Balloon II

Hello Again, We're The Nualas Calder's Gilded Balloon

Holmes Alone Observer Assembly Hovis Presley: Mutiny On The Bontempi The Stand

Jason Byrne: Camping On The Moon Pleasance

Johnny Vegas Calder's Gilded Balloon Keep Young And Beautiful Six Pack Productions

Late Comedy Cellar Christies Comedy Cellar

Late Laffs Calder's Gilded Balloon II Lazlo & Parkin Calder's Gilded Balloon Lynn Ferguson: Frank Calder's Gilded BaHoon

Manic Opera: Peppered With Smut Spiegeltent

Matt King: Beastly Calder's Gilded Balloon

The Mighty Boosh

Julian Barratt & Noel Fielding

Mike Gunn - Good Grief


Mr Ed And Fulcher Eddie Bannon and Rich Fulcher

Newsrevue 98 C too

Now Comedy Calder's Gilded Balloon Otis Lee Crenshaw - Model Citizen Calder's Gilded Balloon Observer Assembly Paul Merton Pleasance

Peter Buckley Hill And Some Other Comedians Footlights & Firkin

Peter Kay Pleasance

Phil Nichol Pleasance

Rich Hall - The Shame Spiral Observer Assembly

Rob Newman Observer Assembly

Ross Noble Calder's Gilded Balloon Savages/Love Savages About Town Stay Alive Pepi Observer Assembly Steve Frost's lmpro Allstars Calder's Gilded Balloon

Tommy Tiernan - Undivine Comedy Pleasance

Tripod Are Handsome

Calder's Gilded Balloon

98.4% DNA Being Human Desoxy Cape Youth Dance Co St Oswald's The Water Carriers Theatre Talipot

Ando Drom Famous Grouse House Hazel O'Connor 8: Cormac De Barra Graffiti

Liz Hazelton & Desert Child Spiegeltent Robert Stolz C too

A Play On Two Chairs Corn Exchange The African Julius Caesar Theatrum Botanicum

All Strange Away Asylum Theatre Amy Johnson Bad Apple Theatre

A Phoenix Too Frequent Veritas Ensemble

Arago The Laboratory

Apples And Snakes Pleasance Autocrat 'ie POOKa

Beggar's Belief Trestle Theatre

Being Sellers C too

The Bleeders Echoes Theatre Bluebeard's Castle Merlin International Bondage Pleasance

Born To Be Wilde Quadrant Productions Confessions Of A Justified Sinner Brunton Theatre

Contracts Outhouse Productions Crave Paines Plough

Deco Diva Leith Gallery Productions The Dumb Waiter Arches Theatre Easy Access Claire DOWie

Female Parts New End Theatre

Five By Ives Red Chair Players

From Hell She Came

Deadly Serious Theatre Company Gimpel Mist Theatre

The Glace Bay Miners Museum Quaker Meeting House

The Good Fight Gilded Balloon

Hair Nena Productions

Hamlet (The Dithering Dame) Master Rosencrantz's Little Eyases Hitchcock's Bollocks

w -‘ “5‘3”\ gs me ~;-‘ ;\ s. Derevo: once upon sublime

P0unds, Dollars & Cents

I Licked A Slag's Deodorant

Arches Theatre Company

An Immaculate Misconception Dianus Theatre


Wishfactory Productions

The Kaos Master And Margarita Theatre Workshop

Kill The Old Torture Their Young Traverse Theatre

Kissing Angels

Chaplaincy Centre

Krapp's Last Tape RSC

The Last Man In Europe

Diverse Attractions

The Last Obit Pleasance

LIT. 305 All New York

Life Is A Dream Royal Lyceum Lorenzaccio eX nihilo Theatre Love! Valour! Compassion! Theatre 28

Macbeth Frantic Redhead Productions Mr Puntila And His Man Matti

The Almeida Theatre

Night Town Cambridge UniverSity Not A Game For Boys Observer Assembly

Nothing But Pleasure David Benson Play Wisty For Me: The Life Of Peter Cook Perret & Limb

Rat In The Skull Artcore

The Robbers Citizens' Theatre Rodney Bewes: Three Men In A Boat Observer Assembly

Scapin Shoestring Players

My Short Straw Pleasance

Sexual Perversity In Chicago Artcore

The Sightless Carlton Centre

A Soldier's Song

Guy Masterson

Something Blue CraZy Horse

The Storyteller

National Student Theatre Company Tales From The Women's Locker Room Senga Women's Theatre

Target Practice

Screaming Blue Murder

Teleluvvies The Flying Pig

Three Left Hours Daska

Under The Influence

Legs On The Wall

Wallace's Women Theatre Alba Why I Want To Shoot The President The Riot Group

The Pied Piper of Hamlyn Old St Paul's Church & Hall