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Are they related?

Front Of House was bowled over backwards by the striking similarity between troubadour Philip Jeays and former Stone Rose turned solo artist Ian Brown. Jeays is playing every night at Cafe Royal at 9.45pm. Ian Brown has never been seen in the same room as Jeays. Surely no coincidence?



Actually, it's only really the haircuts that could in any way be mistaken for being vaguely alike but if you look directly at a bright light, then screw up your eyes and glance quickly at the two pictures then the similarity will become as clear as mud. No? Excuse us. Time to lie down in a darkened room for a couple of months.

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had just called last orders when in crawled two friends of friends very much the worse for wear.

Originally a party of four blokes, they had gone for lunch at EstEstEst at 2.30pm. Five hours, several bottles of wine and £60 each later, they emerged blinking into the sun and decided to take in a show. They plumped for Ed Byrne and passed the remaining hours until his performance investigating the fine hostelries of this city. One of the party was scheduled to take a flight to Belfast that evening but his bibulous friends managed to convince him that the £90 he forked out rebooking his flight for 6.45 the next morning was money well spent.

By the time they tumbled in to see Mr Byrne, three

28 THE LIST 27 Aug ‘10 Sep 1998

of them could do nothing more than pass unconscious leaving the fourth member to spend the entire hour trying to shake his friends awake ’cos Byrne’s show was so good. Having spent £8 to sleep for an hour, they stumbled off to Graffiti where they decided that a £3 entry fee for three hours of clubbing was too steep. Somewhere during the evening, there was a punch-up and a flirtation with a member of the opposite sex but the guilty parties can’t remember whether the two events were connected. At this point, the two survivors met up with the Front Of House party. Still, several days later, no-one knows what has happened to the other two guys.

Why leave all the fun to the performers?

Bribes, please

The column that serves no discernible purpose.

£3, .2, As we. crawl towards the """"""" -- finishing post of the drinks and """""" drugs i‘narathon that

masquerades as the Festival, it's time to look back and reflect on lost what an unmitigated disaster area 'Bribes, please' has been. Set up as an immoral and corrupt way for your humble correspondent to

.;; ..... , grow fat on the

cream of the land, this column has netted practically sweet Fanny Adams and has seen my waistline shrink from obscene to merely bloated I The sum total of goodies that have landed on this desk wouldn't keep a frugal church mouse from turning up its toes from starvation Which pretty much follows expectations to he honest Lack of space has also hastened the demise of this i'isihle column so lust a quick mention foi One Yellow Rabbit theatre company who have given us a very limited edition T—shirt for mentioning their show Death In New Orleans which opens at The Traverse


Clown jewel

Drugs, beautiful girls, hotel trashing: Leo Sayer is back in the limelight. No, really.

Q) What makes you feel like dancing? A) Beautiful girls . . . a good band. . . life. I always feel like dancing.

Q) What was the best/worst thing about the 705?

A) The best thing about the 70s was geting through it alive. There were so many drugs, it was a crazy lifestyle. I consider myself extremely lucky to have survived. While I was always looked on as a sort of boy-next-door type in the UK, in the USA I had a reputation and rightly so as a hellraiser who trashed hotel rooms and soon. It was a fun time but it’s nice to enioy the memory of it compos menu's. Q) Flares seem to be coming back. Is this wise?

A) I don't think so. I think flares were horrible at the time and they’re horrible now. I dress for today. It scares me when people come to my gigs wearing fluffy wigs.

Q) Your hairstyle is almost your trademark. Do you wash and go or is it more complicated than that?

A) It's fairly uncomplicated actually. I iust put water on it every day when I get up. I have never used a comb, it’s so easy to look after which is probably

j why I have never changed it.

i Q) Are we going to see your clown persona? A) Not if I can help it. It was a one time

thing. I wouldn't do it again.

Q) Here's your chance to plug your show. Why should people come and see you?

A) Because what I do spans so many different styles of music. Because I am one of the only theatrical performers working today and because the band kicks ass.

Leo Sayer (Fringe) Spiegeltent (Venue 87) 558 8010, 1 8i 2 Sep, 9.30pm, £12 (£10).