COMEDY REVIEW We Should Get Out More use


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That last todger gag could have gone down better: We Should Get Out More

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then this comedy revue show, performed by six Nottingham University students, is your dream come true.

1. Is your sense of humour immature, puerile and laddish?

2. Do you like being shouted at through a microphone?

3. Do you laugh whenever people use words like tits or todger?

4. Has it been far too long since you heard a poo—poo/wee-wee/lavatory gag?

5. Are you yearning for a Dad’s Army impersonation?

6. Are you related to any of the performers? (Stephanie Noblett)

% We Should Get Out More (Fringe) ngom Productions, Gilded Balloon at La Belle Ange/e (Venue 707) 226 275 7, until 37 Aug, 5pm, [6 ([5).



Rodney Bewes: Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

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There is a corner of the Assembly Rooms that is forever England, and Rodney Bewes is in it. In a boat. The former Like/y Lad's one-man adaptation of Jerome K. Jerome's comic novel is a charming piece of whimsy, lavishly set and prettily lit. Bewes himself is a consummately skilled performer whose audience adores him; his delivery is so natural and appealing that it seems entirely spontaneous. This is an old-fashioned, music-hall style production that Will delight anyone longing to escape -~ to quote the script -- 'all the irritating modern tomfoolishness that plagues us today'. (Hannah McGill)

at Three Men In A Boat ( To Say Nothing Of The Dog) (Fringe) Rodney Bewes, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 5 Sep, 5pm, [El/£8 (£8/f7).


The Bootleg Bootleg Beatles

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In the days before Not The Nine O’C/oclc News, this might have been able to pass itself off as a cutting-edge comedy sketch show. As it is, it looks like the work of four performers who deCIded to toss a show together dOUblC-QUle since they were all coming up to the Fringe anyway. Their other commitments - Mackenzie Crook and Iain Lee in Charlie Cheese’s Jacket Of Badges, Mitch Benn and Zeron Gibson in stand-up -- might explain why, after two weeks, it still has the air of a dress rehearsal and why most of the material is so

The Bootleg Bootleg Beatles: Yoko not pictured

theatre . dance . comedy

underfed in the first place. ’I feel I should stress that this show was meant to be a lot funnier than this,’ announced Benn at the end. He was actually leading us in to the final skit, but his words carried rather more conviction than he perhaps intended. (Alastair lvlabbott)

‘3 The Bootleg Bootleg Bea t/es (Fringe) Honeycomb (Venue 739) 226 2757, tint/737 Aug, 3. 75pm, [5 (£4.50).

THEATRE REVIEW Death And The Maiden

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Ariel Dorfman's gripping play looks at revenge, fear and injustice in a country still coming to terms with democracy after years of dictatorship. Tired of a state hamstrung by laws and regulations, Paulina Escobar takes it upon herself to avenge the months of rape and torture that she suffered but has she got the right guy? Horrifying scenes follow.

laimi Barbakoff as Paulina Escobar and Robert MeSSIk as Dr Miranda both bring credible emotion to the stage. Matthew Douglas as Paulina's husband Gerardo a poliIICian investigating crimes committed under the dictatorship makes the character suitably woolly.

It is a competent production but it never quite crosses over the threshold

into being terrifying and moving as well as thought-provoking The young cast play roles meant for people much older than themselves and do their best With a tall order.

(Stephanie Noblett)

35535; Death And The Maiden (Fringe) Seasonal Productions, Roman

Eagle Lodge (Venue 2 7) 662 7207, until 30 Aug, even numbered days, £5 ([4).


'.-=:' 33": was 3-:

Sonilt little boy or tortured genius? This is the question the audience is asked to consider regarding the late Peter Sellers. Stuck in purgatory after a fatal heart attack, Sellers is forced to reappraise his life and face up to the harsh reality of his shortcomings in order to be released from his Spiritual limbo. Amid visits from his colleagues, mother, Wives and children, he enlists the help of his characters to discover who he really is. Written and performed single-handedly by Carl Caulfield, this is a fascinating insight into the personal life of one of the comedy greats Tragic, funny and touching (Kirsty Knaggs)

Being Sellers (Fringe) Stray Dogs Theatre Company, C Too (Venue 4) 225 S705, uriti/37 Aug, 5.45pm, [6


Isla Dewar

Bestselling author of Giving Up On Ordinary will be giving a sneak preview

of her new book

Scottish Writers for Breakfast

It Could Happen To You

at The Spiegeltent, Charlotte Square on Saturday 29 August I998 at IO. l 5 am

Tickets £5 (£3) include a light breakfast and are available by phone on 0| 3| 624 5050 or on the door

27 Aug—10 Sep 1998 THE ”ST 37