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CoolHeat PIP?" Beat

Audiences can’t seem to get enough of percussive dance. Think Riverdance, Stomp, Tap Dogs. And then think again. The latest entry in the keep-to-the-beat sweepstakes is flat-out one of the best there is, and probably the hottest dance show on the Fringe. Cool Heat Urban Beat is street and show dance hip hop, jazz tap, break dancing, bodypopping, capoeira turned into pure pop poetry.

This sizzling American import is loosely structured as a competition between rival dance gangs. The toweringly large Rennie Harris heads the eight-strong, Philadelphia-based Pure Movement. They’re all baggy jeans, trainers and pumping, boyz- in-the-hood attitude. Lithe, Guiana-born Herbin van Cayseele, founder of Urban Tap, teams up with two other rapid-fire jazz tappers for demonstrations of blistering style. What they do is showbiz footwork on speed.

i The idea is to contrast and head- butt the two differing, yet rhythmically related, kinetic crews. The hip-hoppers kick off with a preface by poet Joey Middleton Jr. and the rather unexpectedly zen

Dante's peak: Tommy Tiernan

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declaration, ’You are not dancing hip-hop you are hip-hop!’ Pinching their jeans near the pockets, like flamenco dancers hold up their skirts, Harris’ team launch into a sustained, precision street party. Their collective scissor-kicks, slides, stamping, lunging, tumbling and upper-body semaphore later segue into the most astounding, stop-on-a-dime body-flips, fish- dives, head-spins and spring-powered handstands. Ron Wood‘s solo capoeira moves (adagio carthwheels and i long-held, one-armed balances) are particularly



Tommy Tiernan - Undivine Comedy

Forgive him, Father, foi he has sinned. loininy Tiernan, a cherubic Irish comic With the gm of an orgasmic (lemon, is biingiiig you the woicl and nothing is' sacred

Religion isn't just his topic, it's his target, his passion and his enemy, it's a red rag to a Papal bull. Rosary beads? He'll worry them. Fascistic' Christian Brother7 He'll damn Iiiiii to Hell. He's even get a cross worrl for the crucifixion.

This is the man who went on Ireland's tlllI‘N'lSlI‘iI'y/ i:~'>;‘-ulai 1.)!“ La!“ Slto'.'.' just

Rapper's delight: Cool Heat Urban Beat

But the tappers are equally amazing, shooting off into the most intricate, excitingly varied machine-gun steps. These guys are furious players of breathtaking skill and articulation.

Musical fuel for both sides is provided by percussionist Daniel Moreno and the disc-scratching DJ Signify. It just proves that in this masculine (but not macho) arena, everyone emerges victorious.(Donald Hutera)

555325 For details, see hit list, right.

so he could nail Jesus. He's even brought the apoplectic tabIOid to prove it.

But this is outrage With insight, blasphemy wrth a sugar coat. Curse the clergy all he \‘ilIII, Tiernan is a born preacher, \v‘lIllSjXPTIIIQ one moment, roaring the next, pulling no punchlines in the pulpit

It's not all Bible-bashing, though - puberty, inartiCLilate sneering and Tiernan’s relationship With his dad all get a look-in. He has a real communion With his audience —- he knows we like him, so he flashes that smile and builds the next expertly constructed gag. His pace and delivery are immaculate and this set is beautifully conceived. No sooner does he peak With one topic than it's on to the next quicker than a panting priest after a startled ch0irboy.

Never mind the cassocks - follow this rising star. (Peter Ross) $55 For details, see hit list, right

early monologue is a brilliant tale of three days in the life of an anonymous Irish man. Both funny and profound, Rum And Vodka doubles as a handy guide to Dublin pubs. See review on following pages. Rum And Vodka (Fringe) Lucid Productions, Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 226 5425, until 37 Aug, 8pm, f 7 (f 5).

John Hegley The musical performance poet is feeling reinvigorated after a recent visit to Australia and is ready to let rip with rhymes if not reason. Hegley has lost his legendary mandolin, so expect guitar to feature heavily. john Hegley (Fringe) Observer Assembly (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 29 Aug, 8. 70pm,

f 70/f 9 (f9/f8).

Shakespeare's Villains Subtitled 'A Masterclass In Evil’, Steven Berkoff is sailing dangerously close to self- parody with his latest show. Not that he cares, he's too busy mugging it as Macbeth or showing us his Shylock in a piece which identifies the many types of villain in Shakespeare and explores the links between sex and Violence Within the characters. Shakespeare ’s Villains A Masterclass In Evil (Fringe) Steven Berkoff, P/easance Over The Road I (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 8.50pm, £9. 50 (f8. 50).

Peter Kay Fresh from presenting the Big Breakfast, Peter Kay returns to Edinburgh for a well-observed, truthful, funny show about the business of getting hitched. Watch out for his penguin alarm clock. Peter Kay (Fringe) Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 9.35pm, £8.50/[750 (£7.50/f650).

Cool Heat Urban Beat See reView, left. Cool Heat Urban Beat (Fringe) Calder’s Gilded Balloon At The Palladium (Venue 26) 226 275 7, until 5 Sep (not 37 Aug, 7 Sep) times vary, [9. 50 (£8. 50).

Tommy Tiernan Undivine Comedy See reView, left. Tommy Tiernan Undivine Comedy (Fringe) Tommy Tiernan, Pleasance (Venue 33) 55 6 6550, until 37 Aug, 8pm,

[8. 50/[750 (USO/[6.50).