THEATRE REVIEW Savage/Love «ewe

Savage/Love: finger-lickin' good

This intense and poetical piece of theatre, written in collaboration by Sam Shepard and New York actor and writer Joseph Chaikin, is an exploration of romantic love and of the distance and the closeness between lovers. lt knowmgly engages in material with which one would expect the audience to be familiar, and then by iuxtaposing a whole series of little Vignettes of love moments seeks to explore the sometimes savage nature of love.

The three actors deliver exquisite performances with wonderful evocations of not only the passion, but the comedy of love. Occasionally the technical predominates over the emotional, but this is a most rewarding and challenging piece of theatre. (Ross Holloway)

Q Savage/Love (Fringe) Savages About Town, Southside Courtyard (Venue 76) 667 2272, uni/737 Aug, 70pm, [5 ([4).

COMEDY REVIEW Mike Gunn - Good Grief sese

Bathed in a ghoulish green light that sets off his high cheekbones rather nicely, Mike Gunn funeral director and stand-up-exercises his caustic wit,

48 THE LIST Z7 Aug—10 Sep 1998

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delivering it in a style as dry as a dead man’s bones. This is a sad, miserable, bitter and resentful comic character. He goes too far much of the time, his crypt humour is as blue as a dead man’s pallor and as brutally offensive as a dead man's odour. There may be plenty of dismal gags, but broadly speaking, Mike Gunn - Good Grief is fiendishly funny. (Ross Holloway) a Mike Gunn - Good Grief (Fringe) Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550, until 37 Aug, 70.45pm, [ts/r7 ([7/F6)


Off, off, Broadway, and a little off the High Street, Fresh Milk strut their stuff. Based on Dostoevsky’s 'Notes From The Underground', The Hole is the story of a sad and dejected character who has lost faith in himself and the world. Escaping into the bowels of his mind, he verbalises his fantasies through theatrical monologues. When his fantasy is unexpectedly broken by a visit from a prostitute neighbour, there is a brief moment of lucidity before each return to the lie they live. Recreating the tortured spirit of Dostoevsky, the play, like the mind of the obsessive, can be a little unremitting. (Robin James) a The Hole (Fringe) Fresh Milk, Roman Eagle Lodge (Venue 2 i) 622 7207, until 30 Aug (not24-25) 70pm, £5 (£4).


John Archer Reveals All

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With so many established rivals, standing out as a Fringe comedian Is a challenge. John Archer, however, is the exception to the myriad of foul- mouthed, offensive contemporaries Eschewing political satire and sexist smut, he makes his mark With more traditional, throwaway gags, a smidgen of music and teasingly inventive magic tricks.

Perhaps the greatest revelation, though, is that this is a genumely funny act, produced by a comedian who entertains in the most daunting of

Mike Gunn: dead funny

COMEDY REVlEW Million Sellers

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Bob Downe: medley fool

Bob Downe is tacky. He does for medleys what Bill Clinton did for ties. A beige hangover from a 705 game show, he shamelessly flaunts his distinctive lack of style with pride.

Together with his new-found girlfriend, Pastel Vespa, they reinvent a host of songs including Bon Jovi‘s ‘Living On A Prayer' and Chumbawamba’s ’Tubthumping' in flamboyant cabaret style. Whilst this Australian entertainer's somewhat camp comedic interludes are a refreshing change from the medleys, they are somehow predictable and tired.

On the other hand, it is uplifting to see Downe act as the archetypal unsophisticated Aussie bloke before launching into yet another rehashed 605 classic. With his S’Jazzy CD nominated for the ARIA awards (Australian Music Awards) he has reestablished confidence in safari suits, yet seems almost uneasy with his female sidekick who changes costumes every song. Pastel Vespa almost steals the show with her exaggerated renditions of tunes accompanied by a backing band, appropriately named The Millionaires.

After the show don’t be surprised to hear yourself humming ’Windmills of Your Mind’ whilst hunting around shops for that perfect tight-fitting suit. A favourite with Antipodeans, his humour can be lost on those who aren‘t fans of all things cheesy. (Tracy Griffen)

2522:“: Million Sellers infringe) Bob Liar-tine. (Ia/dens Gilded Balloon at The Palladium (Venue 26) 226 2157, until}? Aug, 70.30pm. 28v~30 Aug, ll. 750m, £70 (£8).

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