not about pastel shadings or feel-good escapism, but the openly displayed anger and sense of injustice at the state of the world arOund him the 'Saraievo’ section, for example, makes a pastiche use of Albinoni’s famous 'Adagio', recast as mock air-raid sirens on Violins -- is balanced by the more genumely lyrical facets of the score. Heath has never been confined to classical music sOurces, and the concert \NlII also reveal his interest in Jazz overtly expressed in works like 'Out of the Cool' or 'Coltrane' - and rock (Kenny Mathieson) I Rage Dave Heath Band (Fringe) ; Assembly Rooms (Venue 3), 37 Aug—5 5 Sep, 8.55pm, [8 ([7).

5 POP PREVIEW 3 The Mutton Birds

Whatever it is that sets apart one

' band playing dark, melodic gUitar

l ballads from another, The Mutton Birds have it aplenty. In their case, it’s

3 probably something to do with lead

singer and songwriter Don

lvchlashan’s multifarious earlier career

in his native New Zealand, which

included stints in punk bands and

theatre groups, as well as writing

inowe sOundtracks. There’s certainly a rich complexny of

experience and penetrating

i observation behind his often oblique but potently evocative lyrics, set to dirty desolate tunes, majestic beauty

\‘Jlill vnlfully discordant IWIsts.

Following the band's relocation to the

t UK in 1995, and the release of two

.; critically feted albums, they achieved the final seal of true credibility when they were dropped by their record

company last year They're now busily

engaged in building their base the

I old-fashioned way, gigging steadily to

; a fast growrng body of fans. A swift return to the Attic, folloWing their superb performance there in May,

offers the chance to check out that

, KiWi je ne sais guoi for yourself.

', (Sue Wilson)

The Mutton Birds, the Attic,

Cowgate, 226 7070, 28-30 Aug,

7.30pm, [6


Born in Eastern Europe, and subsequently evolved and popularised in the early ZOth century American Cities, Klezmer is the uniquely JeWish,

Filli i or Tea

The Mutton Birds: 3 new kind of birdie song

or more specifically Yiddish, blues with the tendency to erupt into relentless danceable cheerfulness at the drop of a bowler hat. The clarinet’s delicacy, coupled With its liquid expression, and its ability to wail away in the upper register, has long been the lead instrument of chOice in Klezmer bands, and in lrith Gabriely, clarinettist and leader of Colalaila, you’ll hear a virtuoso. She studied with Giora Friedman, the ’King of Jewish Soul', and founded the group in Germany in 1986. Accordion, double bass and violin complete the line-up - all great players in an instrumental programme that moves from dense, dissonant texture, to squabbling melodic argument, quotes from the classics, unexpected dance grooves and the moodiest and sweetest of slow airs. (Norman Chalmers)

.fiz’e Colalaila (Fringe) Graffiti (Venue 90) 557 8330, 25 Aug, 7.20pm, £8.50 (£7.50); 26—30 Aug, 8.30pm, £6 (£5); 28—30 Aug, 17.45pm, £70 (£8).


Kenny Young And The Eggplants

Daft lyrics, goofy smiles, comedy songs, a man using plastic children’s hockey sticks as wacky percussion instruments: this is the sort of thing that I normally loathe. So, in between large mouthfuls of humble pie, this is pretty good fun. The self-deprecating Kenny and his two cohorts are so enthusiastic and their boyish sense of humour so infectious that even the most miserable cynic couldn’t fail to get some good natured laughs out of this. As an added bonus, Young gave a straight rendition of The Velvet Underground’s 'Femme Fatale’. Wholesome entertainment for all the family that doesn't make you barf is a rare thing so treat yourself and listen in to these Fringe veterans.

(Jonathan Trew)

e2 Kenny Young And The Eggp/ants‘ (Fringe), Spiege/marquee at Spiege/tent (venue 87) 558 8070, until 29 Aug, 7.30pm; 30 Aug, 70. 75pm, £6 (£4).

SIARRAHNGS *tttt *tti


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tit \\()itli ‘st't'iflti

** Belus'. averagi-

* Ytiii'.e live" attuned

AbAM __oH E N

Nnv3 liLHSfillll. Hnual Concert Hall [till 287 55"



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,& the Blue Moon Orchestra

featuring very special guests

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