Releasing the underground

After working on behalf of the Edinburgh scene for years, BLACKA’NIZED’s two new releases promise to give them the recognition that they deserve.

Two local releases, due out in September, will put the focus once again on hip hop act Blacka’nized. Having been picked up by Keith Cooper's Response label, their ’All New Adventures Of Blacka’nized EP' will definitely receive attention.

The group have also decided to release a third album on their own Yush! label called Underground Sound Of Edinburgh, which will feature the sounds of MC Mello, Debalah Rankin, MC Matick, TNT, Kulu and DJs Eh? Wunl and Joseph Malik.

’Before we made any new music, Al wanted to clear the back catalogue that we've been sitting on,’ explains Malik. ’Yushl is our own home-grown family thing that we do locally. It’s the foundations of the East Coast Project set-up and, because of this deal we now have with the Response label, we have the freedom to put out all the more underground stuff that we do ourselves.’

Blacka'nized's AJ cites frustration as a key motivator to start up Yush!



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'We were not able to get recognition from anyone else, which I see as a serious problem,’ he says. ‘We always get told that we are geographically in the wrong place and nobody gives a shit.’

He raises his voice as he continues. ’People seem to think that you have to live in some shitty city to do anything. On top of this, people in Edinburgh are not taking care of their own business and looking after what is coming out of their city. They should be supporting it instead of ignoring it just because it’s not

adds that they hope to get as many local acts as possible to play in a bid to continue their support of local musicians.

Next year will see Blacka'nized recording an album for Response and compiling a Best Of Yush! CD. The evidence of their dedication to the Edinburgh music scene speaks for itself: they need no hype to sell their records or tickets to their gigs. Having given a break to so many, their big break is not only justified, it is truly deserved. (Simone Baird)

from London or Glasgow.’

Blacka'nized will continue to play at the Lizzard Lounge until its closure at the end of the year. Malik

3525 Blacka’ni/ed’s Yush! Vol 3 out on 75 Sep, The All New

Paul van Dyk *

Returnrncj for his fourth date wrth Sublime, German trance DJ and producer Paul van Dyk is rear” to play one of his ldVO'lfllt' clubs.

'Subllme rs delrmtely one of the best clubs In the UK,’ he says 'The people are really up for it and (pen-mmded about the music. They owe so much back to the DJ and It Isn’t very often that It's lll<(.‘ that.’

Hrs 'For An Anoel '98 sintjle, released on 24 Aug, looks likely to llll the charts ill the UK, somethuro which doesn't seem to overly concern van Dyk 'l’m not really into the whole chart system. If It means lots of people are listening to my music, then that's cool '

Prevrous releases have done well on the charts, With ’Words' reaching Number 43. Whilst other producers are anxrous tor a hit, van Dyk Isn't

Adventures EP is out on Response on 27 Sep. They play the Lizzard Lounge at Cafe Graffiti every Saturday.

bothered by immanent chart success. ’As long as I can play the clubs and do the lTlUSl’, that I like and have a good time, then It's frne.’

The next six months sees him lrnrshrno off lus next album, tltled Avenues of Stars (to be released April 1999), and working on his new label in Germany. 'We are setting up a new label which wrll concentrate on licensing records from the UK into the German market,’ he explains. 'We have the first signings and remixes ready but we are waiting for the right name. Do you want to run a competition about the best name?’

With so many plans for the future, chances are he wrll come across his inspiration soon, (Simone Baird)

‘623 Paul van Dyk plays at Sublime,

Wi/kie House, Fri 7 I Sep. ’For An Angel ’98’ is available now on Deviant Records.

Club News

Taking club culture beyond the Fringe.

AHH, SEPTEMBER ROLLS in and that means the Festival insanity will gradually become a distant memory (perhaps quite quickly on second thoughts). Clubs will return to their normal venues and hours - 33m is much more sensible, isn't it? Promoters have already started clamouring to get their new season of exciting ventures underway (calling all listings!) and a new term of students are about to descend into our fair city. Let's hope that summer was late and we enjoy the sunniest autumn known to mankind. As if.

THIS WEEK'S KILO of brie award goes to bar-club N03 for the guy they have plastered onto their Club Fondue flier. This guy scares us. Check it out at your own risk. WITH THE PRE-CLUB bar now firmly established in our psyche, and every local watering-hole putting on Dis, standing out from the crowd is an ambitious task. The very sleek Monboddo Bar and Grill has been cautious in jumping onto the bandwagon, despite being open since March ’98. Monboddo has now collaborated with Journeys By DJ to provide a quality end-of-the-week night starting Sun 30 Aug. 015 like Gareth Sommerville, Stuart Duncan and Colin Cook will offer 'deep sensual basslines, whispered vocals, lush rushing strings a fresh cocktail of good vibes flooding warmly back from the night before,’ according to the Sales and Marketing Manager Kirsty Kondol’s press statement. With the DJ booth being well positioned next to the ceiling-to- floor windows, the night looks set to be a quality pick from the crowd.

And now for something to spice up your life two nights of Club Latino at the Assembly Rooms. Catch the excellent line-up on Fri 28 and Sat 29 Aug. Tickets are £9 (£7). Phone 226 2428 or buy at the

.. Stuart Duncan: offering deep sensual basslines at Monboddo from Sun 30 Aug

27 Aug-10 Sep 1998 THE usr 57