glass and ceramics by new graduates and established designers.

FIFTY TWO DUBLIN STREET 53 Dublin Street. 557 3735. 'l‘ue--l5ri llam 5.30pm: Sat I330 »-lpm. Kirsty Aitken l’ntil Wed 30 Sep. An exhibition ol’ screens and lights for interiors.

FIRTH GALLERY 35 William Street. 335 3l‘)(i. .\lon~l-‘ri llanr- ()pm; Sat & Strrr llam- me. Robert lnnes linlil .\lon 3| Aug. New paintings.


(ia Dundas Street. 558 0363. Mon l0anr-opm.

EthelWaIker Mon il Aug Sat 5 Sep. New paintings.



45 Market Street. 335 3383 .\|on-»Sat l0am-(i rm: Suit noon ~5pnr.

Hooded. Bared. l'ntil 'l‘ue l5 Sep. A major exhibition ot' new work by Smith/Stew art who use their own bodies to create large-scale \ ideo installations. GALLERI KUNST

.‘\(3 St Stephen Street. 33o 0355. Mon Sal noon-«opnr.

Halla Haraldsdottir l'ntrl Sat 2‘) Aug. New work by this Icelandic artist. GALLERY MACCOLL

|l7 (‘omiston Road. 453 8580. Mon Sat Ilium—Japan.

La Cultura l'ntil Sat 3‘) Aug. (‘ollage and asserrrblage on the theme of hue. loss and humankind by contemporary artists lioghann \lac(‘oll and ('arlos

l)a\ rd.


(irassmarket No l.b3«l 0003. Daily ltlam—o m.

Festiva Exhibition l’ntrl .\|on 5| Aug. ()rtginal paintings. lrrrnted edition prints and photographs for sale.


3| Rutland Square. 33l 9377. Thu |3.30pnr~ lpnr. 5-(iptnzl‘rt 38 9.30am—(ipni.

When Culutures Collide. L'nul tn :3 Attg. .lulie Read exhibits from her artists" book concerning issues of destruction and loss. optirnrsrrr and humanity in Bosnia.

HANOVER FINE ARTS 33a l)undas Street. 556 3 IS I. Mon Fri l0..‘~0am—(ipm; Sat l0am—-5prn.

Art From The Ukraine t'ntil Sat 5 Sep. A selection ot~ works by established artists including l'kr'arnian rural and industrial landscapes. still life. llowers and liguratiy e work.

Scottish And Other Gallery Artists L'ntil Sat 5 Sep. A wide range of paintings. prints. jewellery. wooden boxes and sculpture by yarious artists.


(i Carlton Terrace. 556 4-14 I. Mon—Sat l()am—<(i m.

Howar Hodgkin Until Sat l3 Sep. Hand-coloured etchings and lithographs by Howard Hodgkin. his first show in Scotland since |‘)‘)0.


38 Howe Street. 335 3888. Mon—Sat 0.30ani—6 in; Sun noon-5pm.

Designe By Architects Part 2 Until Mon 3| Aug. Over 30 exhibits. all currently in prtxluction. from furniture to lighting. plus architectural drawings.

INK TANK 38 St Stephen Street. 336 544‘). Mon~l—ti 8am—8pm1Sat lt)am~lpm.

Blown Away Until Sun l3 Sep. Hand- blown glass \‘c‘sseIS and tiles by lrrgrid Phillips. l2 (it) Cumberland Street. 558 9873. Mon-l‘ri ltlatii-(ipnr; Sat l0am-«lpm. Modern European Prints t’ntil Wed 30 Sep. An exhibition of prints t’eaturing

artists Chagall. Picasso. Miro. Hockney.

Hellany and Warhol. Contemporary Applied Arts t'ntil Wed 30 Sep. Applied arts by \arious

couterrrporary artists.

KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Nortliumberland Street l.ane. 557 545-1. l)aily Ham—4.30pm.

Edinburgh Festival Exhibition lfntil l‘rr -1 Sep. Paintings by Robert Kelsey. ceramics and glass by Moray Miller and sculpture in wood by ('hristopher Hailey.


4‘) Bernard Street. I.eilIt. 467 7393.

Tue rm 1 lam bpm; Sal (k Strn Ham-5.30pm.

Adam And Eve's t'ntit Mon .‘sl Aug. Paintings by Adrian Pltrrrrb.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntrl .\lon .‘sl Aug. A mixed exhibition ol' work by new graduates.

Mixed Contemporary Art Exhibition The l~Wed 30 Sep. A mixed exlribitron including rnetalwork. sketches and paintings by various artists.


()5 The Show. 55.5 5355. Mon 4..” llam-«(i int; Sat llam 4pm.

Festiva People Until Sat I‘) Sep. l-iguratiye work by yarious artists including lain l‘aulkner. Jack Morrocco. Kirsty Withers and Jennifer Smith. Hamish Gilchrist t'ntil Sat 1‘) Sep. Metal shoe sculptures.

Lucxensoorn's GARDEN 6mm ll lnyerleith Place Lane. 553 3303. Daily l0am—4pm.

. New Glass Contemporary & Traditional

L'ntil Sun 30 Aug. A selling exhibition of

established artists working rti glass.


4 l)undas Street. 558 ()5-1-1/5. Mon—Fri ltlarri-(ipni; Sat l0ani— I put.

The Scottish Panorama Until Sat 2‘) Aug. Selected l9th and 30th century oil paintings and watercolours.


39 Albany Street. 487 7050. Mon—Sat |0am-5pm.

Remaining Human Until Sat 5 Sep. Photographs of people suffering from cancer by (‘olin Dickson.

THE MERCHANT COMPANY 33 Hanover Street. 335 7303. \lorr~Sat |0..‘~0am—() int.

Fearless Vigour l‘ntil Sat 2‘) Aug. Pictures. sculpture and graphics by lidith Simon.


5 St Stephen Street. 335 339-1. Sat noon-6pm (and by appointment). Small Miracles Until Strri () Sep. Small

Art listings

Image from the artists book 'When Cultures collide' by Julie Read on show at Gallery 21 until Fri 28 Aug

works by six artists including Annie C‘attrell. Mikey Cuddiby and Edward Fellows.


35 St Stephen Street. 330 (i877. Mon—Sat l().30anr—lpni & 3—5pm; Sun 3~5 in.

Vanity Until Mon 3| Aug. A display of powder compacts and vanity cases from I 900— l‘)()().

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belt'ord Road. 634 (i300. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun Ham—5pm.

Mona Hatoum Until Sun 25 ()et. £2.50 (£1.50). A survey of the work of Lebanese-born Palestinian artist. Mona Ilatoum. The show includes some 40 pieces ranging from photographs and yideos to sculptures made from materials as diverse as hair. wax. razor blades and pins.

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'IQH'H t'XIliIriIitms for [lie

I‘:tIilIIIlll‘;_'Il Festival

.Ioek .‘IeFatIyt-nis paintings from the 1900‘s explore his surroundings iii

London aan I'itliulrut‘glt in...

“LOOKING ()l'T 'l‘t) SEA”


’I‘Illl Stern‘s unique ('HIIt‘t‘IIHll of drawings from the Vietnam \Vat'...


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