Ocean Colour Scene

l'nrrt/ thousand peOple .‘.’|H doSCOIKl on Stlrlrng Castle orer the v.'./eer'en(l uhn‘lmq Fnda/ 28 ALIQLIS! to Shake therr booty t< the rerarnpetl R628 of Ocean Colour Scene. For three ltIQlllS In a row, the [xx/loseley Shoal» pop .‘nll he rodent; the ramparts and l‘dlSHtt) the Mod flag o .rer the heart of

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Its been a fantastli /ear for OCS. Following on from the SUCCUS‘, of therr

la {bl a burn /"./la/'ch/n’ Already {they're JUSI a tarhlsker off the (lotrp e platrnnrn dam) of 600,000 :opIer, sold), they spent the early part of HMS /ear playing a We .veek utatlrtun tour to 200,000 fans acront, the UK, Srnie tnen the/He peen getting down to wrrtlng norne new rnatenal for

119 THE LIST 2'; r; 3.3;) 1992;

their next alhnrn antl have contnhnteo to a (onple of tra< ks on a forthcoming Paul Weller trrhnte alhnrn

Nonx, 30,000 people :3 a lot of fans, In far t, rt mll JUSI about double the population of Stirling, At least part of Oman (‘olonr Swne’s muedrhle popularity In Scotland (an he attnhnterl to the fa<t that they were one of the few hands, Who extenswely toured the Central Belt while many others u'x'ere (ontent jtlSI to <le Ill anrl on! of the larger (IIIOS The hard work has partl off nantlyornely.

Support (omen tron: {lltSlQltOd hand lhe Bree/e and old favourites The Supernatural» C(ean Co/ot/r .S'_ ene Stir/mg Fast/e Stu/mg, HI 28 Sun 30 Aug, 7pm. SOL!) O’Jf