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Julian Clary

As Donald Duck sard to hrs plastrc surgeon, some bulls are worth shetlrng out for. Such quackery rs certarnly true of the forthcomrng benefit nrght for Crusard and The Food Chain whrch boasts a galaxy of comedy stars .- Julran Clary, Jo Brand, Dylan Moran, chh Hall, Brll Barley, Phrll Juprtus, Peter Kay, Lrly Savage and Junror Srmpson. A number of these comics have recerved glowmg revrews at thrs year’s Festival, whrle others ~ like Julran Clary are makrng thrs therr only Frrnge performance. Crusard rs Scotland's natronal fundraiser for those sufferrng from HIV and AIDS, whrle The Food Charn provrde hrgh-nutrrtron meals to sufferers. Such benefrt nrghts have been a Frrnge hrghlrght for the past ten years. Julran Clary IS typically saucy about hrs appearance at the Playhouse grg: ’I’m thrrlled to the marrow to perform on the largest erectron In Edinburgh for such a spendrd cause.’

Jo Brand, Julian Clary, Phi// Jupitus, Bill Bar/ey & Guests (Fringe) Off The Kerb Productions, Edinburgh P/ayhouse (Venue 59; 557 2950, 29 Aug, 17.30pm, [MSG/[73.50.




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Celebrating Fcllnburqh’s qrowrng multicultural communities (Witness the lor'tg—awatted completion of the city’s mosque last month), the annual Mela has now become br— annual. Thrs mint—festlval Inc Iutles a huge varrety of musrc, theatre and dance performances: amongst the hrghlrghts are best-selling bhangra hand The Saltotas Sat, 8pm, £10(f.6) and a Multicultural Fashion Show Sun, 1pm, {2 ([1). There are also workshops In all kinds of crafts and the opportunity to sample some (‘X()Il( clelrghts of global cuisine. Go sprce up your lute.

Edinburgh Mela, Meadowbank Sports Centre (Venue 157) 667 535] (tickets a information: 668 4 700/668 2256), 29 (8’: 30 Aug, noon I Ip/n (ba/aar open until 9pm), admission 50p (children free); tickets for some events are priced [3 [/0 ((1.50 [6).

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