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Those publicity shots in full:

'Unlike raving narcissists in other

bands, Belle And Sebastian hate being photographed, preferring surreal press shots of friends that make Dali look like a staunch realist. Clockwise from the infamous portrait of 'toy dog in bush' we move onto the equally baffling ‘boy and dead nun' study. Underage drinking and smoking would seem to be the subject of the next shot but 8&5 reassured fans of their wholesome character by releasing the 'boy next door with a bike' photo. You can read what you like into the 'Stop Children' sign. Are they a menace to society to be halted at all costs or what? Lastly there is the frankly disturbing 'young girl with surgical mask‘ who is obviously feeling sinister. What does it all mean?

All is revealed, almost, in the large

shot above which shows half of 8&5 enjoying a quiet read.

10—24 Sep 1998 THE “8115