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26 THE lIST 10— M Set) l998

Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Miles Fielder.

Anastasia (U) (Don Bluth/(iary (ioldman. US. 1997) Voices of Meg Ryan. Christopher Lloyd. John Cusack. 94 mins. With this widescreen romantic musical adventure. animator Don Bluth offers a film that rivals Disney. Rewriting history somewhat. evil magician Rasputin puts a curse on the Tsar‘s family and causes the l9l7 Revolution. The child princess Anastasia survives. btit grows as an orphan. unable to remember her past. With extraordinary action sequences. exquisite characterisations and beautiful songs. Glasgow: (irosvenor. Odeon Quay. The Apostle (l3) (Robert Duvall. US. I997) Robert Duvall. l‘arrah l-‘awcett. Miranda Richardson. I48 mins. Actor Duvall turns writer-director for this gently absorbing tale of a charismatic Pentecostal preacher's fall from grace and search for redemption. Duvall's acknowledged inspiration is Ken l.oacii. with whose work this shares a generous. non-judgementa| naturalism. Slightly ov crlong. btit moving and thought-provokirig nonetheless. (ilasgow: (ii-T

Armageddon ( 13) (.‘slichacl Bay. US. I983) Bruce Willis. Billy Bob Thornton. Steve Buscemi. H4 mins. Billed as "/‘/i(' Dirty Dore/i in space‘. Michael Bay’s sci-fi movie delivers what this year’s other event movies Dec/i [HI/NIH. (int/:i/lu. Lost In Space « only promised: SI 25 million worth of relentless, retina-scorching. high- testosteroneaction. Bruce Willis leads a team of roughneck oil drillers who must save the world from an asteroid the size of Texas that's on collision course with liarth. We are not talking reality here; we are talking superior formula film-making. (ieneral release

The Avengers 1 1)) (Jeremiah (‘tic-cliik. US. I998) Ralph l5ienncs. l7ma 'l‘hurnian. Sean Connery. 9t) niins. A camp "(1' kitsch l()()()\ and 70s television show with a strong cult following. The xlvcliecrs might seem like prime material for adaptation to the big screen. (‘ertainly the casting is inspired with heartthrobs Themes and 'l‘hurman replacing Patrick MacNee and Diana Rigg as John Steed and limma Peel. Furthermore. we get to see the future King of Scotland play a dastardly villain hell-bent on world destruction and Mrs Peel's seduction. Irvine: Magnum. Largs: Bainields.

Barney's Great Adventure (to 73 mins A kids TV phenomenon. Barney the purple dinosaur's big screen debtit liiids him down on a farm with a trio of kids in search of a magic The all singin‘. all dancin' Barney struts his way through the simple story with regular singalongs. making the film perfect for under-fives. (ilasgow. Show case. l‘(’l ('lydebank. lidinburgh. l7('l. [Cast Kilbritle‘ l'(‘l

Basquiat ( 1.5) (Julian Schnabel. l'S. I990) Jeffrey Wright. David Bowie. Michael \Vincott, lllb nuns. Schnabel‘s biopic of his

Latin American Film Festival \



(i .’ l‘wi; J ['It 3": ':ln-

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6-17 September 1998

1-30 September 1998


friend Jean-Michel Basquiat truly captures the whim of the 80s New Yorl art scene. where hype mattered more than talent. Wright takes Basquiat from graffiti artist to overnight star to drug overdose victim and conveys his charm and artistic vision. The film is packed with cameos and larger roles by celebs - notably Bowie‘s turn as Andy Warhol - making it as much a film about hangers-on as its subject matter. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Bean (PG) (Mel Smith. UK. I997) Rowan Atkinson. Peter MacNicol. Pamela Reed. 97 mins. Bt’tlll the movie makes an attempt to broaden the range of Atkinson's tremendously successful TV sight-gag character by sending him off to California to be mistaken for an art expert. Most gags are agreeably daft; several are tiresomer lavatorial: eventually. however. the film upholds family values and true blue American schmaltz. You‘ll like it if you like the TV show. Real grown-ups should stay away. Ayr: ()deon.

Belly Up (18) (Beto Brant. Brazil. 1997) 90 mins. Stylish gangster movie. unfolding in a series of flashbacks. in which an ageing hit— man tells a young car thief the tale of Mucio. a legendary Parguayan assassin. who tangles with a mob boss. his wife and their bodyguards. Part of the Latin American Film l’estival. (ilasgow: (ii-T.

The Big Lebowski ( 18) (Joel Coca. US. I997) Jeff Bridges. John (ioodman. Steve Buscemi. ll} mins. 'lhe (‘oen brothers give their unique twist to a (’handler-esque LA noir. as 7lls hippy throwback Jeff 'The Dude' Lebowski (Bridges) is drawn into the sordid affairs of his millionaire namesake. Suddenly he has to sleuth his way through disorganised crime. 'l'rademark oddball characters. surreal imagery and excellent performances grace this virtuoso comedy. lidinburgh: Cariieo.

Bocage, The Triumph Of Love (18) (Djalma Limonga Batista. Brazil. I997) Victor Wagner. l‘rancisco liarinelli. Vietia Rocha. SS mins. Biography of the lSth century Portuguese poet. Manuel Maria dti Bocage. tracing his life in exile and his travels abroad in search of love. Brigida Pastor. lecturer in Hispanic Studies at the University of (ilasgow. introduces the screening. Part of the Latin American l-‘ilm l‘estival. (ilasgow: (il’l'.

Le Bossu ( I5) (Philippe De Broca. l-‘rancc. l997) Daniel Auteuil. Vincent Perez. l-‘abrice l.uchinii llb' mins. ()riginally written in the form of a nineteenth century serialised novel. I.(' has an abundance of plot. with the action centering on the exposure of an aristocrat's dastardly bastard brother. and the restoration to wealth of art heiress. It's never easy to engage with characters who have less dimensionality than a Walt Disney cartoon - only an untlemanding audience would let this go and be satisfied with the film overall. lidinburgh: l-ilnihouse.

Caravaggio ( 18) (Derek Jarman. UK. 1986) Nigel 'l‘erry. Sean Bean. Tilda Swinton. 9t) iiiins. Jarinan's biographical study of the brilliant ltalian Renaissance painter centres on the artist‘s triangular relationship with a low-life gaiiiblei' and his prostitute lover. a passion that is to result in murder. Ambitious and accessible work that finds a delicate.