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Salon Mexico ( 15) (Jose Luis (iarcia Agraz. Mexico. l995) Demian Bichir. Maria Rojo. Alberto listrella. l 10mins. Murder mystery centering around a fight between Mercedes and her lover Paco. which results it) a double homocide. Part of the Latin American Film Festival. (ilasgovv: (il-‘l‘. Saving Private Ryan (15) (Steven Spielberg. CS. 1098) Tom Hanks. 'l‘om Sizemore. Matt Damon. l7() mins. Like no film in recent memory. Saving Private Ryan focuses its attention squarely on the brutalities endured by American soldiers iii World War II. Central to this impact is the already legendary opening half hour. detailing with remorseless brilliance the carnage of the D-Day landings. Understandably enough. Spielberg: finds it hard to follow up this bravura introduction. The actual meat of the story. in which Hanks is sent off with the remnants of his tiiiit to locate the eponymous Ryan. is built on rugged rather than subtle lines. Nevertheless. this is a landmark piece of moviemaking. See preview and review. (ieneral release.

Seven Samurai (PG) (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. 1954) 'l‘oshiro Mifune. ’l'akahashi Simura. 300 mins. A group of timid villagers seek protection against the excesses of a brutal warlord by hiring: seven heroic samurai. Seminal Japanese action picture. vvitl) a slow-building dignity matching the best ol .lohn l-"ord. and in its stylisth aesthetic handling: of screen violence a profound influence on the likes of Sam Peckinpah. Highly recommended. (ilasgow. (ll-'l‘.

Sid and Nancy ( ls‘) (Alex Cox. L‘K. 1986) (iary ()ldman. Chloe Webb. David Hayman. 1 l0 mins. The story of Sex Pistols‘ bassist and his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen from their gung-ho days as puppy superstars and future rock legends to their final hours it) New York's Chelsea Hotel and a losing battle with the big H. For the most part a breathlessly enioyable biopic. Cox‘s follow- tip to Re/m .l/mi gets bogged down in an

interminable last half-hour. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

Six Days. Seven Nights ( )2) (Ivan Reitman. US. 1998) Harrison l-‘ord. Anne Heche. David Schwimmer. l()2 mins. Ford is a dissolute pilot. content with island- hopping jobs in the south Pacific; Heche is the single-minded magazine editor with whom he unexpectedly ends up stranded on a desert island. Will bitchy comments and knockabout humour lead to romance'.’ 'lhe stars make a winning screen couple. although the film itself settles for easier comedic options and light-hearted adventure. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

Sons Of The Desert (U) (Willian A Seiter. L'S. l933l Stan Laurel. ()liver Hardy. Charley Chase. ()9 mins. ()ne of the finest of the Laurel and Hardy features sees the pair as henpecked husbands who attend a fraternal convention behind their w ives' backs. Nothing goes to plan of course. not least because Stanley is botitid to foul tip his friends best laid plans. 'lhe title of this film was adopted by the boys‘ international fan club for those who need to know. Edinburgh: l-ilmhouse.

Space Jam (U) (Joe Pytka. L'S. 19%) Michael Jordan. Bugs Bunny. Wayne Knight. S7 mins. Nasty alien cartoons have captured Btigs Bunny and are going: to enslave the Looney Tunes in their amusement park on Moron Mountain. but Btigs has the brainwave of challenging them to a basketball game and enlisting the talents of Michael Jordan for his team. Lacking the class of Who I'i'iinit't/ lv’uet'i' Rti/i/ul.’ and the pace of a real basketball game. Spin (' ./(IHI should divert the kids on Saturday mornings. even though the jokes and effects are tired from over-use. Ayr: ()deon.

The Spanish Prisoner ( IS) (David Mamet. US. 1998) Catnpbell Scott. Rebecca Pidegeon. Steve Martin. i ll mins. Mamet's first film as director. Home ()Hiuiiit-v, was a clever. cold study of the art of the confidence trick; his latest covers similar territory. To write about the plot would be to give too much away. because. for much of the film‘s running time. it's unclear who is coiitiiiig who. Cryptic arid playful. Mamet‘s

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writing. which has been compared to that of Harold Pinter. is perfectly suited to the illtisionary nature of the con. 'l‘he insubstantiality of everything is deliciously maddening. (ilas‘govv: ABC City Centre. (ii-'l‘. ()deon Quay. lidinburgh: Cameo. Species 2 ( 18) (Peter Medak. t’S. loos) Natasha Henstridge. Justin Lazard. Michael Madsen. 03 tiiiiis. .\’-l’ilr'.v scrithriter Chris Brancan deserves credit for developing. rather than replicating. the original films mythology; btit despite its attention- grabbing set-tip, his script delivers the goods far too early. then quickly runs otit of steam. the remainder of the filtii is merely a showcase for imaginatively disgusting alien effects sequences. (ieneral release

Star Kid (P(i) (Manny Coto. l'S. l‘)‘)7) Joseph Mauello. Richard (iilliland. Corinne Bohrer. 100 mins. Shy. bullied Spencer (Jurassic I’urk‘s Mauello) discovers an alien Cybersuit a voice and personality of its own. Climbing inside. he gets back at his school nemisis. btit finds himself tip against a deadlier foe when he faces intergalactic tough nuts. the Broodwatriors. Clearly aimed at pre-adolescent boys who want to fill otit their underdog fantasies. Slur Kid is a better than average kids movie. (ialas‘hiels: Pavilion.

There's Something About Mary ( (5) (Peter and Bobby Pat‘i'elly. l'S. I‘NS) Cameron Dial. Matt Dilloti. Ben Stiller. I IS mins. The third Pat'i'elly' brothers movie. follow trig their supremely fun. btit dumb debut. Dtiiiib And Dumber and bad taste extravaganza. Kingpin. with an even more outrageous comedy. The conceit say s it all: Small town geek 'l‘ed never makes it to the high school prom with gorgeous Mary. because he '/ip.s himself up.’ Years later arid all g:rovv n tip. 'l'ed remains obsessed with the date that never was. 'l‘hursday preview only. Edinburgh: Cameo.

Things Change (PG) (David Mamet. tTS. l‘iSS) Dot) Ameche. .loe Mantegna. Robert Prosky. l()() mins. Ameche play s an ageing slioeshine man who takes the rap for a Mafia murder it) return for a large fee. Mantegna is his perfect foil as the incompetent minder assigned to him before the trial. He breaks the rules to take his charge on a final holiday - to the remote hotel where top Mafiosi are meeting. Confusion predictably ensues and the Mob turns nasty. l’irst-rate stage and screen writer Mamet (here directing his second mov ie) prov ides spicy dialogue and a sentimental ending for this easy-going comedy. (ilasgovv; (il’l‘.

A Thousand Acres ( I 5) (.locelyn Moorhouse. US. l‘)‘)7) Jessica Lange. Michelle Pfeiffer. Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jason Robards. IOS mins. An elderly father decides to sigti over the estate to his three daughters. btit when the youngest turns down the offer. the family begin fighting amongst themselves. King Lear meets 'l'erniv ()f'liiit/t'tii'liit'iil on Walton Mountain. with the three key actresses all doing 'disti'essed' very well. but the film overall is sodden with schmaltz. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

Tin Tin And The Mystery 0f Shark Lake il') (Belgium. l‘)73)'l‘lie youthful hero and his companions. Snowy the dog and Captain Haddock journey to a Balkan country to guard at) absent-minded professor from a criminal mastermind. Screening accompanied by the Scratch Animation workshop. (ilasgow: (ll-'l‘.

Ulee's Gold (l5) (Victor NtiiieI. l'S. I‘M?) Peter l-‘onda. Patricia Richardson. 'l‘om Wood. l l l mins. lionda proves himself back on form with this film about a bee-keeping widower and Vietnam vet who is yanked otit of his solitary existence to search for the missing wife of his imprisoned son. While atmospheric photography reinforces the overall mood. a gripping crime intrigue plot drives the story along. Fonda's admirable performance is also both mov mg and honest. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

La Vie De Jesus ( l 8) (Bruno Dumont. France. l‘)‘)7) ()6 mins. Dtimont's marvellous film. [1! He De ./(’\!I\. asks its to see what unemployment. iii all its manifestations. actually lee/s like. It has as its focus twenty-year-old l’reddy. an epileptic living with his mum iii the small northern town of Bailleul near Lille. 'lhere are wonderfully rendered moments here the widescreen vistas of the brooding Nord landscape. an explicit sexual encounter in a

field quite as breathtaking as any in recent cinema. See review. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘. lidinburgh: l-ilmhouse.

Washington Square (PU) (Agnieszka Hollatid. US. 1998) Jennifer Jason Leigh. Albert l-‘inney'. Ben Chaplin. llSmins. 'l'hroughout her life. Catherine Sloper (Leigh) has tried to win the affection of her stern father (l-"inneyi; when impoverished Morris 'l'ow nsend (Chapliti) comes along. their love leaves her threatened with disinheritance. Holland's film has a style virtually interchangeable w ith arty of the better 'l‘\' adaptaions of this sort of sttiff albeit with a tnore generous budget. fairly exquisite lighting and a remarkable cast. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith. Stirling: \ltlc‘Rtiliet‘L

Way Out West (ll) (James Home. US. 1937) Stan Laurel. ()liver Hardy. James l‘inlayson. (so mins. ’liie comic duo find themselves '()n The Trail ()f'l‘he Lonesome Pine' as they head otit to hand over a gold- iiiitie deed. Plenty of good gags in this fast- paced western spoof. lidinburgh: l-ilmhouse. The Wedding Singer ( l3) (l‘rank Coraci. t'S. I‘N7) Drew Barrymore. Adam Sandler. Christine 'l'aylor. ()7 mins. After his bride dumps him at the altar. Robbie (Sandler) ptits oii a happy face at his day job singing at other people's weddings. When his waitress friend (Barrymore) also suffers atiptual disappointment. an unexpected romance blossoms. Packed with a sublime .s‘tis soundtrack. arid featuring some of the most amusing fashions since Boogie Nights. this is a genuine otit-of-nowhere delight. (ilasgow; ()deon ()uay. Show case. UCI Clydebaiik. Paisley; Show case.

The Wicker Man i )8) (Robin Hardy. UK. W73) lidward Woodward. Britt likland. Diane Cilento. lngrid Pitt. Christopher Lee. |()2 mins. A devoutly celibate policeman (Woodward) arrives at a remote Seottish island to investigate a schoolgirl disappearance and becomes involved in local pagan rituals. A Hammer classic. with some extremely scary and erotic moments. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Woodstock ( IF) (Michael Wadleigli. US. l()7()) 334 iiiitis. Some may wallow in remembrance. younger viewers may appreciate the revival; bill for others. there will always be something significant about .liiiii deconstructing "l'he Star-Spangled Banner" to an ever-depleting crowd. lidinburgh: l’iltiihouse.

Writing For The Screen follow-up to the (iaclic Broadcasting Debate. held earlier this month. At) opportunity to meet Norman .‘ylaclean. whose writing employs the (iaelic language in both books and film. livent includes a screening of his short lilm. Kino. (ilasgow: (il-‘Li

The X-Files: Fight The Future ( )5) (Rob Bowman. l’S. l‘JQS) David Duchovny. (iillian .»\nderson. Martin Landau. lll mins. 'lransfet'ring the most culturally significant TV show of recent times to the big screen was always going to be a risk. However. lie/i! Hit' lit/tire is basically a really. really good episode of NH" .\’—/"I.’t'\ complete with almost incomprehensible plot. With a number oi scenes of almost unbearable tension. some incredible effects arid a deepening of the Mulder/Scully relationship. this is a thrilling movie which can be

enioy ed by the X-phile and novice alike. (ieiiei'al release.

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