Sinead Lohan

At 27, Srnead Lohan can strll seem a dreamy teenager. But her second album, No Mermaid, rs a mature prece of work that should frnally shake off her ’folkre’ tag ~ a label that probably arose from her :nCluslon rn the mrllron- sellrng comprlatron phenomenon A Woman ’5 Heart II. ’l was rn wrth that bunch of women but I was so dn’ferent,’ she says now. ’l’d hardly played any

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cooler than Coughlan Lohan’s rnoody musmgs are set rn nch rock textures, frltered through the heady New Orleans atmosphere. ’lvlalcolm’s got thrs brg old house, ten grant steps from the French Quarter,’ she recalls. ‘Beautrful burldrngs. Hot. The atmosphere’s on the album »- really lard—back' «Norman Chalmers)

The Sinead Lohan Band p/ay the Cottr'er Theatre, G/asgow on Sat 72 Sep. No Mermaid is out now on Grapevine,

0800 ‘00 $00


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r) I' "‘ “" é”,- therr own songs' Wrth a composer credrt on all twelve tracks, productron by if if? Malcolm Burn (Peter Gabrrel, Iggy Pop, Danrel LdllOISl, and accompanrment by 1? some of LOursrana’s frnest sessron pros, No Merma/d heralds a new vo:ce rn

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Laura Mackie

Wrth an impresslve number of champronshrps already under her belt, Lrvrngston-born gymnast Laura lvlackre rs well placed to become a medalmanner at the forthcomrng Commonwealth Games rn Kuala Lumpur, The frrst Stottrsh gymnast ever to wrn a Brrtrsh charmhonshrp, 16-year—old Laura rs the youngest member of the 1998 Scottrsh team Her routrne wrll comprrse rope, hoop, clubs and rrbbon, performed to a diverse SOIGCUOH of musrc.

«Krrsty Knaggsl

The Commonwea/th Games beg/n on Fr/ 1 I Sep. [.rve coverage commences on BBC] at lZSOp/n

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