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PAT REACHOUT has been there, done that. worn the T- shirt. And it was the T-shirt which got him where he is today.

It just happens Pat Reachout was chilling out in uptown Manhattan four years back for the anniversary of seminal break dance crew, Rock Steady, when he went into the local pizzeria wearing a Zulu Nation T- shirt. Now, the Zulu Nation is a serious phenomenon in hip hop circles: it was the first big grouping organised by a certain Afrika Bambattaa at the beginning of hip hop, as an alternative to the gangs which predominated then.

So there's this lanky, white nineteen-year-old, goofing around when the head of the local Chapter of the Nation just happens to be in for pizza too. One 'Yo, Aki' later, and young Reachout is busy explaining himself and Scotland before being whisked off up the Bronx to meet the man Bambattaa himself.

'The experience changed me completely,’ says a misty- eyed Reachout. ‘Before, I was more interested in the material side, the trainspotter aspects of hip hop. But


Pat Reachout: not just Seen, but also heard

after that experience I became more concerned with my community and my culture, like spreading a positive vibe.’

And the vibes have been pretty positive, it must be said. First up there was Seen, Edinburgh's monthly hip hop outing which will have been running for four years come October. He's kept in contact with the Nation around the world. And now he's got a record out: 'Everything U Knew’, produced by Mr Wiz of Krispy. It's a nicely funked-up wee track, but it's the words which Reachout says are important.

‘lt’s about a global family,’ he says. ‘About holding on to that belief that you are always going to see each other and, even when you don't see each other in the flesh, you are still going to be thinking of each other and listening to the same music. The lyric is me writing a letter to my friends everywhere across the world, saying 'l'll see you soon"! (Thom Dibdin)

a Pat Reachout is at 2 by 2, Thursdays, 70pm—3am, The Lane, Edinburgh; and Seen, Fri 25 Sep and monthly The Honeycomb, Blair Street, Edinburgh. ’Everything U Knew’ is out now on Oh Eye Records.



Judge Jules: booked to play at Revolution The old party mecca for Ralph Lauren shirts and lycra skirts that was Century 2000 reopens after a two-month refurbishment under its new name, Revolution. Owned by brewery giants Scottish & Newcastle, the venue has undergone the most hefty of facelifts to the tune of £1 .5 million. While most clubs are anxious to wow the punters with their sound and

80 THEUST 10—24 Sep 1998

lighting specifics, Revolution has kept its details secret, only letting on that the lights will be made brighter with the help of a £350, 000 laser and lighting rig. Expect to be impressed by smaller details like in-house hairdressers, shoepolishers, a team of professional dancers and 3 Rolls Royce which will not only ferry around the VIPs, but will collect lucky clubbers for a special treat. Capacity has doubled and the venue will now hold over 1,800 people.

The music policy aims to spotlight local residents rather than big name guests, the roster holding names like Alan Key, Adrian Luvdup and Kevin Jones. Confirmed ’name' bookings include Judge Jules, Dannii Minogue, Stetch 'N' Vern, Boy George, Lisa Pinup and John Kelly, who will be sure to appeal to a wide audience.

Revolution will hold five different clubs, each appealing to a slightly different group. Wednesday sees a student night called Resistance with the appropriate drinks promos. Thursday night is also aimed at students, with obligatory 705 kitsch night, The Funky Underground. Friday is the deliberately commercial Frontier;

while Saturday's affair will be the strictly over-215 The Party, a traditional party night with slower songs at the end. The week closes with AWOL, aimed at the ’old school crowd who used to go clubbing years ago, when it used to be really good,’ according to PR rep Kellee Quinn.

While Quinn is adamant that Revolution will not simply be a revamped Century 2000, the different club nights will remain easily accessible to the mainstream. In line with aiming to be 'Scotland’s first superclub’, there will be oodles of merchandise to purchase: try for size leather bomber jackets, hats, brooches, tie-pins, watches, DJ mats and record bags, all with the Revolution logo.

Revolution will not be charting any new territory in the clubbing world; it will, however, offer a much needed quality large venue for the commercial clubbing population in Edinburgh. And it will provide a thorough night’s entertainment without the usual 'superclub’ cover-charge, which is always a good thing. (Simone Baird)

l Revolution, at 31 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, opens with Frontier on Fri 18 Sep. See listings for more details.

Club news

Get your tickets now for the Glasgow take on ‘Under The Duvet', the fund raiser for the Names Project, aiming to increase awareness of AIDS and HIV issues. The event in Edinburgh at the GPO in Easter was a stormer, and with the likes of Micheal Kilkie, Colin Tevendale, the Taste boys and Joy lending their support, the night to be held at the Briggait on 26 Sep looks like going the same way. Tickets from Virgin and Fopp (Edinburgh and Glasgow), Clone Zone, Blue Moon Cafe, Ripping Records and PJs.

Archaos is closing on 6 Sep. Hold your boos (or cheers) as it will reopen having undergone a complete refurb including some hefty structural work on 18 Sep. Until then all nights will continue in Betty's Mayonnaise which has already had its facelift. Look out for the opening of Yang below Archaos next issue too.

Following their success with the International Club Festival at Teviot Row, Potterrow reopens in early October. Although unconfirmed, it seems monthly nights will be hosted by Cream, The Ministry of Sound, Sublime, Uber Disko and Voodoo. Capacity is rumoured to be well over 1000. More details as we get them.

EL NINO is a new monthly Thursday's club due to open on the top floor of The Venue on 15 Oct. Christening the club will be the awesome Jengaheads. Hopefully we will see a residency out of this? Fingers crossed!

Another new night, Defcon One starts at La Belle Angele on 16 Oct. The music policy is big beat, glorious big beat and the launch night guests will be The Dub Pistols and Supercharger. Resident DJ will be Colin Millar.

Supercharger: joing The Dub Pistols at launch of Defcon One