Paul Graham: End Of An Age t‘ritil Sat 1‘) Sep. A new series of colour portrait photographs ofyoung people in late- riight bars and clubs by Paul (iraham. PRINTMAKERS' WORKSHOP 23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat l()airi—-6pm.

Contemporary American Prints Until Sat 12 Sep. A selection of screenprints arid lithographs from America including works by .Aridy Warhol and .litn Dine pltis a wide range ofconterirporary etchings. lithographs and screenprints by Scottish artists.


Clerk Street. 667 7776.

Over Seas l'ntil Sat 3 ()ct. A two-person show featuring seascapes and harbour scenes by (‘aitliiress artist Sorias Macleari and prints w ltrcli blend archaeology. geography. form aitd culture by artist/printmaker Sheila Carnduff.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyerleith Row. 552 7171. Carl Andre L'ntil Stiri 4 ()ct. tlnyerleith House: Tue- Sun ltlaju 5pm). American contetnporary sculptor Carl Andre visits Scotland for the first time. creating new works iii situ from Scottish materials. Glass l'titil Sun 27 Sep. ((ilassliouses: daily 10am 5pm). Site-specific contemporary glass works by twelye international artists. inspired by the glasshouses of the garden.

THE ROYAL EDINBURGH HOSPITAL The Link Gallery. Mor‘riirigside Place. 22‘) 3555.

Staff Exhibition And Work t’ntil Mon 26 ()ct. An e\liibition of artworks including photography. needlework. painting and drawing celebrating 51) years of the NllS.


The Pelican Gallery. i Laui'isiori Place. 22‘) 3555.

The Western Approach t'ntil Sat 31 ()ct. An exhibition of work by artists based in West Lotliiaii


Landings (iallery. llltl Princes Street. 225 1501. Daily Illam 6pm.

Mirrors: Adrian Davidson t’nnl l'll 25 Sep. ()rigiiial lTitlIIt‘tl iirti‘i'ors by Northern Irish artist Adrian l)a\ tdsort

ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound. 225 6671. .\lori Sat Illaiir »5pm; Sun 2 5pm. William Gillies Centenary Exhibition Until Sun II Oct. L4 1‘22 1. A major exhibition commemorating the centenary of 211111 century artist. Sir William Gillies. SCOTTISH GALLERY

l6 l)trridas Street. 558 l2t)1). Mon Fri l()am- 6pm; Sat Illam 4pm.

Haig L'ritil\\'cd311Sep. New paintings by liarl llaig in celebration of his 81)th birthday.

Scottish Master Drawings t'nnl \yetl ' 3(1Sep. Drawings by John Bellaity. I).Y. Cameron. .loan liar'dley. Peter llowsoir. Aime Retlpatli and many others. Elizabeth Callinicos t'ntil ‘.\’et1 .‘so Sep. Contemporary jewellery.

Nicola Moss L'iitil Wed 31)Sep. Bron/c sculpture.

THE SOUTHSIDE GALLERY 58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 l‘)66. Mort <Sat ‘).3()am—6piii.

Elizabeth Blackadder and Barbara Rae Until Sat 12 Sep. ()riginal prints and paintings.

STILLS 23 Cockbtir'n Street. 622 62()(). Tue~~Sat l()am—6prii.

Richard Prince I‘lllll Sat 26 Sep. A solo show of work by American artist Richard Prince. lle incorporates found images and appropriated tests into large two— dimeusional works which conjure up a sense of particular eras in Aritei'ica's recent past.


i l.'riiyersity of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 650 22 I l. Mon—Sat l()aiii—~5pm; Sun 2-5pnr

Looking Out To Sea Until Sat 12 Sep. Works frorn the l‘)‘)()s by 1th Meliadyen including new Iidinburgh paintings. Artists In Wartime Until Sat 12 Sep. Vietnamese drawings from the collection of Thu Stern.

TORRANCE GALLERY 36 Dtindas Street. 5566366. Mon ~l‘ri 11am—6pm; Sat It).3()am--4pm.

Iona And Applecross Sat 12 Sat Zn Sep. Recent paintings by Alan R. Anderson.



I42 Canongate. 52‘) 4143. Mon Sat 10am—5pm. Packed with historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of Edinburgh's past and its people.


42 High Street. 52‘) 4142. Mon—Sat 1()arii—5pm. All manner of archive material and old toys relating to childhood through the ages.

Alphabets Until Sat 31 ()ct. A display of ABC books and toys.


I63 Canongate. 52‘) 4057. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. The sights. sounds and even smells of Edinburgh folk from the 18th

. century onwards.

ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 2 Chambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon (Sat l()amr5pm 18pm Tue); Stirr noon 5pm. £3 (£1.50); children free. Art 81 Industry An educational and fun interactive gallery that features everything from air Iilton .lolin stage suit to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh bookcase. The Ivy Wu Gallery This permanent gallery features a superb collection of artworks from China. Japan arid Korea. with costumes. ceratirics. furniture and prints. Chinese Lacquer l'niil 2s .\1;n~ I‘)‘)‘). .-\ display of ('liitiese lacquerware. the earliest of which is more than 2()1)1tyeurs old. Photographic Display Inn) 4 .lait 100‘). Photographs by Niall lleudrie documenting the construction of the Museum of Scotland. Furniture Of The Future t‘ntil Wed 30 Sep. A display of contemporary furniture by Rod Chisholm and Helen .‘ylcCoig. Jewellery Moves t'niil 4 .tun 190‘). An exhibition of innoyatiye conteiripoi‘ary ' jewellery. Making Weaves The Basketmaker Art L’rrtil 4.1au l‘)‘)‘). This eshibition highlights recent innoyations 111 the indigenous Scottish craft of basketrtraking.

SALTIRE COURT 1() Cambridge Street. 473 3‘)3‘). 'I’ue--Sat |()am—5pm; Sun 2-5pm (during the summer). The Scottish Telecom World Of Communications This ftrlly interactive. permanent exhibition looks at the history ofcommunication.


5 Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4‘)t)1. Mon-Sat I()atii—5pm. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.




Main Street. (11877 382873. Daily

1 Iain—5pm (closed Wed & Thu).

Line And Cut L'ntil Stiii 4 ()ct. Ne .y works by a selection of artists including lilizabeth Blackadder. Willie Rodger. Linda Iiir'quharson. Brent Miller and Jim Greer.



Steriton. l-Iast Lothiati. ()1368 850256. Daily (not Thu) noon-5pm.

The Good Red Road Until to Sep. Vibrant paintings and woodcuts by Campbell Sandilands. inspired by his time spent iii Japan.



35 The Stirling Arcade. ()1786 479361. Tue—Sat l(1am—5.3()pm.

Nathan Coley: A Stirling 700 Commission Until Sat 24 Get. A new commission by Nathan Coley who creates large tests. photographs anti sound to address issues of authority and public space. See review.


lectures & events


Decorative Arts Sale wed 23 Sep.

1 lam. Christie‘s Scotland 164-—166 Bath Street. 332 8134. Christie's Scotland will be selling three important lots in their forthcoming sale two oak chairs from the Argyle Street Tearooms and a rare linen panel -- all designed by the Glasgow designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


English Portraits Of The Winter Queen Thu 11) Sep. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. A slide lecture given by Angela ('ox.

The Hon. Mrs Graham Hi 11 Sep. 12.45pm. National (iallery of Scotland. Angela (‘os talks about Thomas (iainsborougli's paitttiiig.

The Feng Shui Journey Sat 12 Sep.

Til e 6293 its



listings ART

lOam—4.30pm. £50 per day (also on Sat 26 Sep). Stills. For booking information contact 226 7888. A three-part course on how to create the successful environment for your home. office or life. led by professional Feng Shui consultant Nicholas Fernee.

The Paolozzi Collection Mon 14 Sep. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Fiona Pearson gives a slide lecture on the work of Paolozzi.

The Palette Of Gillies: Colour & Tone Tue 15 Sep. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. Peter Collins gives a slide lecture on the work of Sir William Gillies.

Sir John Moore Wed 16 Sep. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Susanna Kerr talks about this portrait by James Northcote.

The Winter Queen And Europe Thu 17 Sep. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. A slide lecture given by Julia Lloyd Williams.

Kitchen Gardens At L' Hermitage, Pointoise Fri 18 Sep. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Camille Pissatro‘s painting is discussed by Belinda Thomson.

Hot Air Balloon Making Sat 19 Sep. 10am—4pm. Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop. 25 Hawthomvale. 551 4190. See Kids listings.

Artists Talks Sat 19 Sep. 2pm. Patriothall Gallery (WASPS). A talk by the artists who are currently exhibiting work at the gallery.

Landscape Into Sculpture Mon 21 Sep. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. A slide lecture by Victoria Keller. Gillies And Italy Tue 22 Sep. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. Victoria Keller gives a slide lecture.

Little Sparta Wed 23 Sep. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. A talk by the artist Robin Gillanders.

Power And The Portrait: The Image Of The Queen In The 17th 8: 18th Century Thu 24 Sep. 12.45pm. Royal Scottish Academy. A slide lecture given by Stana Nenadic.


Whether you are loolzing for unusual presents, furnishing your lrome or just treating yourself to something stylish anct special, our events have a reputation for displaying an unequal/eal range of ceramics, jewellery, textiles, glassware, furniture amt

much more.

Come and visit our event at

E DIN B URGH The Assembly Rooms 18th - 20th September Admission £3.00 lOam- 5.30pm

or contact us tor a tree 1998 events programme

Tel: 01373 813333

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10—24 Sep 1998 THE LIST73