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glth Introductions

The unique introduction seruirefor Business. Professional 6" Aspirarimml people.

9 Yoti enjoy your job 9 You read The List

9 Yoti liuy (ills

9 Yoti like Movies

9 You relish eating otit

9 You live clay to t

9 You want more

You are alone and would like to


share these and other things.

If you are serious about a long

term relationship. lake control.

(Iall lilite and meet genuine people. who want to meet

someone. just like vou. Alter ‘) years and with 3 offices in (:entral btotlantl. it works.

l'ilitt‘ Introductions.

It‘s as logical .ts Mr Spock.

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()I/ft‘t’a‘ ilt'mss the UK [Ii/[v

I Attractive, assertive adventurous. amusing. active. academic. athletic. artistic. articulate. aware. affluent. amorous Itall. slim. single forties professional man). anxiously awaits assignation avec (apologies! ). slim. pretty. spontaneous. confident. younger woman with a real zest for life to spoil and laugh with. Box No 342/].

I Search high and low Fed up with climbing every mountain'.’ Still searching for that ski-lift to contentment"? Why not let me be your guitle’.’ l'm small and white. clean and bright (well. most of the above! ) and I'll be happy to meet you. Mr Ii Weiss. (PS. .\lale ‘Ionely goatherds' please remain with your flocks?) Hos \o 342/2.

I Tall, dark, artistic guy (37). attractive and good natured. seeks and attractive female with interest in the visual arts and outdoor pursuits. Photo apprecialted. Box No 342/3.

I Vivacious blonde, 31 very attractive and intelligent with positive outlook. WLTM male with similar attitude to share enjoyment of life including; food. wine. hooks. conversation. (ilasgow area. Photo appreciated. Ilm .\'o 342/4.

I Edinburgh early 405 male cooking foi' female loy er to enioy all life has to offer. cinema. drinks. good food and passion Ill a mutually satisfying relationship. Photo if possible please. Ilo\ .\'o 342/5.

PROFESSIONAL EDINBURGH MALE 35. open. warm. who is partly deaf. seeks female to share friendship and fun! Interested in lazy coffee afternoons. Any nationality. A photo please‘.’ Box No 342/6.

I Thirty something Glasgow male. seeks attractive female with Asian/Oriental appearance. who likes the theatre. GET. festival. etc. Somebody who is creative. artistic or musical preferred btit not essential. Box No 342/7.

I Dry land again! Irish professional male. new to Edinburgh. Loves foreign travel. adventure and sponteniety in the great outdoors. GSOH. active. charming. Enjoy excitement? Then this ad is calling you. Box No 342/8.

I Glasgow male teacher. 6 ft. 42. Interests; Movies (GI-T). theatre. progressive rock - seeks vivacious slitn (ish) lady for secure romance - a future! in smoke-free. kid-free zone. Photo appreciated. Box No 342/9.

I Glasgow male 28. 6ft. slim. sincere and genuine. loves music. pop. rock. indie. whatever. plus gigs. cinema travel. adventure. WLTM a female. 20—30. for good times and romance. Box No 342/10. I Tall professional male 28. into clubs etc. Enjoys Siouxsie. Hellfire. Lovecraft. Opera. Theatre and the Arts. Seeks an intelligent female. with a curious nature and a love of the dark. Box No 342/11.

I Close your eyes imagine a kiss. something different. something new. 36. American male. into music. cooking. gym. songwriting. computers. seeks SW’F. attractive 2l to 3l to share new places genuine relationship only. Box No 342/12.

I Sincere professional male, non-smoker. loves strong legs. seeks Amazonian adventuress. 38+. masterful but not bitch. for fulfilling relationship. No hang- tips or single parents please. Photo appreciated. Box No 342/l3.

I Guy, EH1, 186/28/70 into cycling. swimming. gym. l.T.. travelling. beaches. seeks tall. slim. reliable. genuine. sincere & honest guy. l‘)— 24. for nights iii/weekends. Photo appreciated. Box No 340/53.

I Bi-sexual Oriental female (26). Glasgow area. Seeks attractive and friendly vixens for fun. frolics and friendship. l'm femme. short hair. medium build and 5'5". Please include photo and telephone number. Box No 340/55.

I Gay female, attractive (allegedly). early 30s. professional. WITM similar. (ilasgow or surrounding area. Photo appreciated. Box No 340/56.

I Still incurable romantic. A gentle. caring Glasgow male. forties. slitn. sensual. good body. ok looks. reasonably sorted; a lover of music. architecture. books and life; seeks fairly similar. educated. sensitive. light-hearted man prepared to make a try at sharing life‘s sunshine and shadows. Box No 340/57.

I Edinburgh male, 30s, partially out. quiet and down to earth. Interests include football.

cycling. cinema and socialising.

WLTM ordinary guy. 30—45. who is interested in friendship/relationship. Box No 340/58.

I Gay man, professional 4t). seeks genuine. sincere. reliable guy for friendship/relationship. Must be n/s. s/a. s/l. 30—45. Edinburgh. Box No 34l/50.

I Fun-loving and friendly, female. (30). gay. sensitive and intelligent. Enjoys good food foreign cultures. art. meeting new people. discovering new places. WLTM. similar women for friendship. interesting conversation and laughter. Box No 34 U5 l.

I Gay professional female 40. seeks new friends to energize antl revitalise her. lnto books. music. people. personal growth. ALA. Box No 340/54. I Imaginative sensitive Glasgow gay woman. 3‘). into hill walking. talking. cycling and Fermat's Last Theorem. seeks alternative non-scene woman for expansion of social. intellectual and geographical circle. Box No 342/50.

I I'm 21 male. a graduate iii Edinburgh. like Maya Angelou.

Sarah McLachan. Smiths. pizza.

beer. movies. snow. hummus - All I want is you: different. similar. unknown. male. under 25. soon. Box No 342/51.

I Edinburgh guy 24, into cinema. eating out. pubs and clttbs and generally having a good time. seeks and honest caring guy for friendship and hopefully more. Photo appreciated. Write soon. 342/52. I Edinburgh area gay male. (38). intelligent. s/a. reliable. fit. attractive. GS()H. seeks guy. l8-38. for fun. friendship intimate relationship. TLC. Likes: good conversation. walks. cinema. music. travel companionship. Photo appreciated. Box No 342/54.

I He is 32 gay and shy. A romantic idealist seeking honesty. respect. humanity and 3-[) conversation. For men of character. offering genuine friendship/not one night stands. Ayi'sltire/Glasgow. Box No 342/55.


I Gay Edinburgh male 35. friendly. honest. genuine. likes usual I.i.\'!\' things. WLTM. similar for friendship and/or relationship. Go on. take a chance on me. Nothing ventured. nothing gainedll ALA. Box No 342/56.

I Gay Glasgow doctor mid 20s. recently out and not a scene person. Enjoys wine. tlining out. cinema. music. theatre and having fun. Seeks similar professional guys for friendship. Box No 342/57.

I Gig loving indie dyke. 28. dynamic and direct. into music. movies and marial arts. WLTM. cool. sorted. honest woman for vibrant relationship. (Glasgow). ALAWP. Box No 342/58.

I Guy, 31, out. plenty straight friends. Would like to meet guys for socialising on/off scene in Glasgow. I'm good looking. intelligent and looking for genuine responses. not a relationship. Box No 342/59.

I Good-looking, lnverclyde male. 3 l. s/a. s/l. non-smoker. GS()H. honest and genuine. seeks similar fit guys for friendship or possible relationship. Area not relevant. sincerity is. Box No 342/60.

I Glasgow, bi-female early 30s. looking fora plaything to help me ptit a bit of ftiti back into my life. If you think this is yoti. write now. All letters answered. Box No 342/6l.

I Gay male, 35 Mr average. non-scene. straight acting. likes 'I'lie (hum/fun. The Simpsons (Homer's my hero). pubs. computers. conversation. seeks friends or possible soulmate. Photo appreciated. Edinburgh. Box No 342/62.

I Looking for a diamond in a sea of (Winnie The) Pooh (into brown then). Glasgow professional. gay male. 33 (dog ears). Average height. build. looks. I'm a romantic communicative. convivial. rational. normal (aargh). humanitarian (so was Peron). non-scene (disco queen ). cryptic sense of humour (it'll kill ya). Gay guy. 30—40 (not dog ears). intelligent. interesting. intestinal. evolved with GS()H. sought. ALAWP. yeh right. Box No 342/63.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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