V I saw you Bennetts. 9/7/98. Then: you v-shape baseball cap guy. Me. - shy and gave wrong impression with friend at last dance. Us: ? Now: you. lucky but don‘t know it yet. Me: curious to know what I'm missing. Us - . . . ! Box No U/340/l3.

V I saw you Rhiannon King. drama student QMS bored you about Radiohead. Can the two most important female icons of the next decade stay out of touch? Meri rocks on! Box No U/342/l.

V I saw you working at the Tattoo office as receptionist. You; boy. around twenty. shon blond hair. wonderful blue eyes. 185 cm. disappointed me: no tickets. Who are you? German guy wants to get to know you. Box No U/342/2.

V I saw you Finger Doctor. struggling to breath under an obsessive mountain of boxes. I was too shocked for words and u stank so much that I pushed u away. U crashed into my world and wardrobe but I wouldn't have it any other way. Can the Crow feather his nest? Box No U/342/3.

V I saw you Gary in CC Blooms. Sat 22 Aug. then Sun in Momingside kitchen. You: sit- ting on couch smoking my Silk Cut. Me: lens crisis. Surrounded by Festival lovies. Coffee some- time? Pete. U/342/4.

V I saw you Minxy-Jinxy MooMoo all of the time. but only fora brief. fabulous few weeks earlier this year. M-day approach- es. but oh the fun we‘ll have until then. Tiger. Box No U/342/5.

V I saw you I smelt the

rich aroma of Sauza and Lemonade and knew I was sitting next to a discerning drinker. Are you discerning about your taste in women too? If so call me.

V I saw you my darling ‘renarde'. in dreams and soon in the flesh. I'll call - lots. and if you need it I‘ve got the car. We get back together. it'll be muy- der. Box No U/342/6.

V I saw you Delmonicas. l9/8/98. 19.30 ish. You; beard. blue short-sleeved Addidas t- shirt with rucksack and a friend. Me: blue shirt. chinos. We looked. but you left so soon. Can we try again? Box No U/342/7. V I saw you Yimi at West Parliament Square. Was it some- thing I said that tnade you look right through me on Wednesday night? Sorry. I like your accent just as much as I like your music. Very much so. Will you write? Petra. Box No 342/8.

V I saw you Seattle Coffee Co. Union St.. 19/8 - The coffees arrived too quickly. We agreed they should open in Byres Rd. You said you'd see me in there. I‘d love to. Box No 342/9.

V I saw you Remy. Friday 3lst July. Lift at The Vaults. After you spoke to me on the dance floor. You said I was gorgeous and 1 just didn't know how to react. Maybe I can catch up on that. Patricia. Box No 342/10.

V I saw you Costco Glasgow. buying crisps for tea. Suits: you smart blue. skirt and jacket: me dark green. business suit. Some words on our way out. I‘m sure we could do much better. Box No U/342/l l.

V I saw you and your "sister". Pleasance Bar. late Friday 21 Aug. What does your mother look like?! You both ran away. will you roam back? Family fortunes can be fun! Box No L’/342/12. V I saw you Slasher. twob/8/98. 3am. Me: yellow marker pen. suddenly realised you were the highlight of my life. Couldn't sleep. Box No U/342/l3.

V I saw you We saw you. Cher smashin' party. Thank you! Grease is still the word. Will wear flicks to the flicks for ever more! Keep us posted. Take care!

5 Pan's People. Box No t.'/3-I2/I—I. V I saw you Monday 2-1 Feb.

about 5.30pm on Byres Road. Glasgow. You were wearing a denim jacket and had a guitar and white British Airways bag. You are lovely and very familiar. I had blonde hair and caught you eye. Mr Familiar get in touch. U/342/15.

V I saw you At the Festival Revue. You tall. camera guy. Short. dark hair. black denim jacket. nice smile. Your way with that camera sent tne out of focus. U/342/lo.

V I saw you lane. in shock. Your face said it all. Nocom- ment required. No woodworm (or moustaches) - honest. Thanks for the helping hand. Now then. which box contains the gimp? . . . the Finger Doctor. U/342/17.

V I saw you playing giant Connect 4. you laughed at my jokes. Will you remember me tomorrow? You got bugs always. Smally. U/342/l8.

V I saw you in the Living Room. I was having a big argu- ment with my fat producer. You were sitting tall & gorgeous with long black hair. As my old nana used to say..“You're a long time dead. son" or "hen". in your case. Box No U/342/l9.

V I saw you on Sunday 23 Aug. in CCs. You wore black waistcoat (nothing else). You're from Glasgow and work in TV. I was the one laughing with mates. Do you want to laugh? Box No U/342f20. V I saw you Ailean. at The Lime - the birthday bash. We talked a lot and drank a lot. I miss you. and love you. Get in touch pleasell Caroline. Box No U/342121. V I saw you Gareth performing in ‘Cabaret‘ at Southside Courtyard. 30 Aug. Me - sitting in front row near door. dark blue flares. You - blonde hair. nice eyes. cute smile. You bowed in my lap. we exchanged smiles... Fancy doing it again? Box No U/342/22.

i V I saw you sexy boy with dark hair in the Green Tree pub on the ' Cowgate. Edinburgh. 26 Aug.

We exchanged a few words

while sharing the hand-drier.

You. from Glasgow visiting friends. Me. Asian guy who kept looking over at you. Fancy a date? Box No U/3-12/23.

V I saw you Nina ring Brian. Met in Benie's. Fri 28 Aug. Great night. Lost you number. Please get in touch. I‘m now in

London. Box No U/3-12/2-1.

! V I saw you in Glasgow half marathon. No. 8xxx. Black

I Addidas cap. You really are a

racy chick. Box No L’/3-I2/25. V I saw you in Stockbridge walking down Dean Street. We both stared and said hello. l.ets

go fora drink. Box .\'o L'/3-12/2(). . ; V I saw you Aileen. on 19 Aug.

in Bennetts. Missed you on Saturday night. Sorry. Give me a phone. Mairi. Box No L'/3-12/27. V I saw you at Haymarket last Tuesday in your red car and red

plaid shirt. You were/are a sur- prise. l was/am very pleased.

you are my best thing. Box No L'/342/28.

V I saw you je t'ai vn samedi le two9 aout. et le matin apres en ()tago Street. Tti viens de Paris et moi. je suis rising high? ()n a parle pur quelques minutes. mais _ie veux parle un peu pltis... Alors


jeune fille. peut-etre on peut

danser le prochaine fois. peut- etre on peut faire la musique ensemble. Peut-etre au prochaine patty? J‘espere que tu peut repondre plutot. Box No L'/3-I2/29.

V I saw you at Po Nah Nah. Fri 28. You were with a bloke. Told

me to meet at Maison Hector.

8pm Saturday. What happened? Let's do it this time. Box No L'l3-12/30.

I V I saw you on 30 Aug at The

Pleasance. Me Spanish girl. Your

friend took a picture of my

. friends and me but you took my i heart. Let's develop it together. Box No L'/3-12/3l.

; V I saw you at the Book

Festival. 26 Aug. You. goatee

beard. short hair. chinos. mobile phone talking to American teacher. Me. with bouncing

bairn. doing some wishful thinking. Box No L'l3-12/32. . V I saw you Central Station.

3| Aug “)8. 22.35 Glasgow Wemyss Bay train.

You: handsome blonde guy with large holdall. tne: Similar but darker guy with small holdall. We looked but

. never spoke?!

Box No L7/342/33.

V I saw you Debbie from Toronto at Arakataca. You. the Mozart fan. Me. the guy whose heart melted away when you

played the piano.'s meet up.

Box No 1.7/342/34.

V I saw you at Higher Ground

(Honeycomb). 14 August. You: grooving to Stevie Wonder

in the back room. a lean mean dancing machine. Tall with blue eyes and short hair. Did you notice me amongst all the beautiful girls? See you on the l8th‘.’ Box No L'l3-I2/35.

V I saw you Neil. I was

like a drowned rat. You had no

. one to cook for. You made

coffee ~ it was much appreciated. I'd love to chat some more. l.ife doesn't have to be quiet in the country. Box No


V I saw you Divas-brown jack- et girl with unpronounceable name? Fancy a beer sometime? Box No [/342/37.

V I saw you working with

me at the Book Festival. wearing a big elephant and serv-

. ing coffee. You. blond with a lovely smile and talking of

Prague. Me. just realising

why I couldn't sleep for the two weeks. Didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Let's instead buy coffee sometime. Box No L'/3-12/38.

V I saw you Bonnie lass

frotn Wester Ross. on the pavement outside the Festival Ale House. 28 Aug. You. desperately looking for your shirt. Me. big black car. answers to the natne of ‘Taxi’? I fell asleep with all my clothes on. Did you? Or were you

only dreaming. Box .\'o L'/3-12/39.

V I saw you on the last

train to Queen Street. 28 Aug.

, You fell asleep on the * luggage rack. Gorgeous?! \k'onderfulfl but you

absolutely stunk of gin.

See you in the guards

van next week? Box No [.7342/40.

V I saw you sat next to you. financial wizard. Katie (beauti- ful. slim. dark hair) and your

boyfriend lltantlsome plus pony-

tail) at the Goldman Sase Ball in May. Me. the dilly blonde

accessory of another financial

. wizard. Thought you were great. 3 Would love to have asked you

for your number and to stay in

touch/become friends. but felt

silly. Wish I hadn't. How about it now? Box No U/342/41.

V I saw you Kirsty (1’). smiling at me for months. I never have the courage to get further than the weather... Is it all in my

imagination? .Nick. Box No


V I saw you I heard you

ordering Sauza and Lemonade with ice and a slice of lime. The word ‘Sow Sar‘ dripped off your tongue. I love your voice -l love your

drink - I love you!

V I saw you beer swilling Australian Brad of Marchmont at [)H's leaving party. 17/8/98. You left saying it was all old friends (I tried hard to dissuade you). Why don‘t you become one? We

i exchanged road & house nos.

verbally and I forgot. so be in touch? Box No L7/3-I2/43. V I saw you on Sun afternoon

30 Aug in the Metropole cafe. you had dark hair and blue shirt.

quietly making notes in a diary. l was bespectacled guy also in blue shirt with friend at next table. Wow! what a woman. I'd love to meet you. Box No L7/342/4-I.

V I saw you at Uniform

Tackno. You were gorgeous. I was a schoolgirl with blonde

bunches and straw hat. You gave me kissing lessons. There's so

much to learn. Tell me what

planet you're from and help me with my homework? Box No U/3-I2/45.

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