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NEW FICTION Casanova ; Andrew Miller (Sceptre £14.99) *‘kt

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aterstone’s in September Edinburgh




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. -. - MON WEST END His name has become a legendary by-word for seduction and sedition, secrets and lies, but Casanova was a historical figure - an 18th century gambler, womaniser and spy forced to wander the decadent streets of 1‘ IVES Europe after fleeing prison in his native Venice. Andrew Miller, author of the celebrated Ingenious Pain, offers a S E TE 1 922-97 H fictionalised account of the anti-hero's misadventures in London as narrated by the geriatric Casanova from a decrepit room in Bohemia. , 7 . PM FREE

Casanova intends to reinvent himself in London, perhaps as a writer, but certainly as a man whose life has more purpose than carving yet another , notch in the bedpost. Sadly, things go pear-shaped when he becomes D QU EEN S HALL

i obsessed with beautiful, young Marie Charpillon but repeatedly fails to get i his gentlemanly leg over. i E g

What follows searches for some kind of insight into the male soul, but u ,, comes over more like Carry On Camping meets Les Liaisons Dangereuse. B M E PA There is surprisingly little sex and, as for historical city squalor, Patrick (Bantam £1 5.99)

Suskind did it much better in Perfume. S E . Still, there are some nice touches. Samuel ’Dictionary’ Johnson is a fully- _— TleEtS 133/51 .50 from 8” branCheS fleshed character, and Miller expertly catches the spirit of an ostensibly 7 ' P M

Christian metropolis which, in the actions of its people, actually worships C mm 500” Bacchus and Mammon. Casanova is readable enough, but really, for a tale 0 g

of sexual intrigue, it's rather limp. (Peter Ross) I

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83 George Street. Edinburgh

class and sex across barriers of class, Continued over page. tel; 0131 225 3436 Iqhuemlgivr'éifincsogzzgg33:23:Sh'Ch '5 ""ms‘il'Xfi‘fiKT‘ifié‘é—“W West End, 128 Princes Street, Edinburgh 7 ' ' ’l' 0131 226 2666 Ruth Rendell is perhaps Our most Sgg'iibée t“ ' . q I accomplished exponent Of the genre n: t Wort a shot East hnd. 13-14 Princes Street. Edinburgh This rim tale of a irl at the mercy of a H Below average . . . .. . .. . ml; ()131 556 3034 5 g g * ,.,_Xeu’xeeeewmsi; WM “blows /

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10—24 Sep 1998 THE “ST 87