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graced the first List cover of 1997 and the dark. close-cut fringe she favours today she‘s something of a cinema chameleon.

She‘s equally versatile when it comes to choosing her various roles. Her search for new challenges has taken her onto the stage of the Old Vic for Hurlvhiu'ly and across the Atlantic for a couple of American independent movies. The pace of her life might be speeding up. but her family and friends in Glasgow still act as an anchor when the going gets rough.

‘Any excuse and I‘m back.‘ Kelly admits. ‘I get back to Glasgow all the time. btit I‘m really had I stay with friends and my mum has to drive into the city to see me and have lunch. Actually. I'm not out on the town very much. I usually stick to people’s flats. It‘s nice if I go out for some food and someone says. "()h. 1 saw you in 'I'rainsputting and I really liked it". And it‘s a nice feeling when they leave it at that.‘

Soon. those fans will have more to talk to her about than the one movie. Kelly Macdonald will be looking fresh long after the corners have crumpled on every Diane poster in the land.

Cousin Bette goes on general release on Fri 11 Sep. See review.


Changing faces (left to right): Kelly Macdonald in Cousin Bette, Trainspotting and Stella Does Tricks


After Cousin Bette, Kelly Macdonald has a stack of other movies ready for release. have no idea what it’s really them, and all three eventually live together.

Due for release: 1999.


Director: Phil Joanou. Co-stars: U2, Stephen Dorff, Lauren Holly.

Plot: A (iOCUlTlOllit—lfy director suffers a breakdown while following U2's Popmart tour. Due for release: Late 1999.


Director: Shekhar Kapur dbOU‘t.' Co-stars: Cate Blanchett, Due fo' '9'93591 1999'

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Plot: Queen Elizabeth I must Di'eCtori Gm99 Aral“- Weigh politics and d.piomacy Co-stars: Jonathon Schaech, against her love for the eXiled Kathie-‘9‘ RObOllSO'l-

Robert Dudley. Plot: LA girl is persuaded by

Due for rehase; 23 Oct. English art student friend to go

to party, where she meets two MY guys, goes out With both Of Director: Hugh Hudson. Co-stars: Colin Firth, Irene Jacob, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. Plot: A young boy growmg up in Scotland receives lessons in adulthood from a SOphisticated French woman. Due for release: Early 1999.


Co-stars: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Julian Sands, Bernard Hill.

Plot: Experimental filin With pared-down dialogue. Kelly: ’l


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