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Tune into SAMPLED and check out tommorrow's cultural revolutionaries before they go interstellar.

‘.'./orc:s: Fiona Shepherd

(‘onl‘used by what‘s cool in Britannia'.’ Bombarded by examples oi trendy young things in the media'.’ .\'ot sure who to nameclrop at parties'.’ l‘ear not. or alternatively l‘car a lot. because (‘hannel 4 are adding their tuppence worth to the debate on what and who constitutes “)(ls (‘ool‘ (their phrase) with an evening of programmes prol‘iling the latest movers and shakers in the art. music. design and media world.

Sump/ed is a Soul/1 Bun/c Show for the up-and-coming. Six hall-hour shows spotlight the artist at work in their environment. be it Leila Arab and friends recording in her tiny bedroom studio. (‘hris ()l'ili lashioning 'I‘urner Prize-nominated art l‘rom elephant dung. Julien Macclonald preparing for his London Fashion Week show or the hilarious 'l‘yler Brule pitching ideas for his vacuous style maga/ine Hill/paper.

A further two shows locus on a variety ol~ artists. Soc-rerun looks at visual artists whose work is inspired by l‘ootball. Jeremy Latimer paints abstract canvases while listening to lingland's World (‘up campaign and somewhat inevitably comes up with a dog's dinner. liven more tragically. Alan l)unn tries to

loafer.’ Leila Arab

rewrite history in his artistic interpretation ol‘

Scotland's 1978 World (‘up performance where disaster for Scotland!‘ is transformed into victory and. even more unbelievably. a smile on Ally

'I just sit around, do some music and get stoned. Accidentally I've got attention for being a

Weather girl: Leila Arab

.\lcl.eod‘s lace. Arts [fund looks at groups and individuals on a music/art crossover trip. including experimental noodlers Add X To (X).

in showing what could essentially be a six-part series in one night. (‘hannel 4 are making their own statement on what is state—ol—the-art rather than simply showcasing new talent. However. with the exception ol' darling 'l'yler. the l‘eatured artists are unconcerned with whatever is the latest lil'estyle statement or current trend. instead giving till a ‘we do what we do. and that‘s it’ vibe about their work. ‘I hope that in the future the paintings will l’unction more in terms ol‘ their substance rather than the hype ol’ that time.’ says ()lili.

l.eila Arab agrees. ‘I live in my head a lot. so I couldn‘t give a shit about where we are at in time. I

just sit around here. do some music and get stoned.

This lilm is almost “diary of a successful slacker”. Accidentally I’ve got attention for being a loader. The last thing on my mind is trying to till a gap for now.‘

Arab began her musical career as Bjork‘s keyboard player. but was chosen for Sump/ed because of her acclaimed debut solo album like ll'c'cIl/Ic'r‘. a diverse. atmospheric. modern record which she recorded and produced entirely in her bedroom with vocal contributions from her sister and l‘riends. She is an excellent example oi how to capture the zeitgeist without trying. simply by producing art which pleases yourself.

‘()bviously I‘m a product of the ‘)()s because this is the generation I‘m part of. btit the whole beauty ol‘ music and aesthetics is that they can transcend the time we're in. The problem with being “in” is that you‘re going to have to be "out" sometime. I'd rather stay on the periphery. so I‘ll skirt the hip. il‘ you don't mind.‘

A commendable attitude in these style-obsessed times. .\'ow where did I put my copy ol‘ fl)?

Sampled, Channel 4, Sat 19 Sept,11.30pm.

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Box Pops

Celebrity sofa surfing. This issue: Phill Jupitus

Favourite TV show?

Doctor Katz on the Paramount Channel. Doctor Kat/ is an American stand-up, and this is the most imaginative way I've seen of presenting it on teleVISIon.

Favourite TV snack?

Brooklyn Lager, an American brand that looks like lager but tastes like bitter. I'll eat whatever’s in the fridge, but I do have a habit of eating Crunchy Nut Cornflakes late at night.

When did you last shout at the TV?

| shouted, "Oh, you cunt! " at Davrd Beckham during the World Cup Argentinian game

Who would be on your dream Top Of The Pops?

The Members, Ian Dury, Prince Buster backed by the Skatellites, The Jam, Blondie, Sleeper, Kenickre.

Who is the greatest cartoon character of all time?

Homer Simpson I can really identify With him. Hell, every man born can identify wlth him.

What have you got on top of your TV set?

My surround sound speakers, a Bugs Bunny statue with ’couch potato’ written on it and my ‘diddlers'. That's what I (all remote controls, so if you call and I say, ’l'm playing wrth my clchcher,’ it’s all innocent.

If you could be in any TV show what would it be?

I wouch play a quirky English researcher on [arry Sanders and get a lot of anti- English material thrown at me, as seems to be the norm on American comedy shows these days

Who is your favourite Blue Peter presenter of all time?

John Noakes. There was no other presenter, was there7 He was a complete idiot and I once spoke to him over the telephone and got very excited screaming, ’lt's John Noakesl lt's John Noakes" Forget your music celebs, John Noakes is a superstar What is your most hated advert? Anything that starts with 'Not available in the shops', such as Pan Pipe Music The reason it's not available in the shops is that no fucker wants it

":4 Hull Jup/(us is a team caotaxn In Never M/nd The BU/XCOC/(s, from M TO Sep, 70pm.

it) 2-1 Sea l998 THE lIST 89