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Abe' Exoddus: bondage game

It was the classic that should never have been. Abe's Oddysee rocked the world of many a PlayStation gamer last year, no mean feat for a 20 platformer about a flatulent alien called Abe.

ln Oddysee, Abe - a member of a gentle race called Mudokons enslaved r by those stogie-smokin' tyrants the Glukkons rescued 200 of his people UFO Abduction Insurance from Rupture Farms, so saving them from being turned into pies. http:/AAH'VU’lUfOZOO1‘Com/ Exoddus picks up where Oddysee left off. Abe is being hailed as a hero by .,. Offls'm) :0 K, $0.. ,0; .63“..- (Haj Cy a . 9.8 ._,m6, $9,915 nee, 099,. a his Mudokon pals when he is accidentally knocked unconscious. While in 00...... . .0 .11.... ; w.“ a 1' (09,93 .0, 350 aooucmp Ts. S S a $1.8 genume seam, the Land of Nod, he receives a vision. Three spirits reveal that those evil :,. my) 1. I “9&3 ,3 INS. were.) as Maytag 98.. fig

Glukkons are exhuming Mudokon corpses and using them as the secret ingredient in the fizzy pop, SoulStorm Brew. Another ingredient is Mudokon tears, which the Glukkons are forcing the captured creatures to weep on pain of massive electrical shocks to the brain. Abe must shut down SoulStorm and rescue his sobbing buddies.

Abe’s Exoddus is unlikely to be a radical departure from its predecessor. The developers, Oddworld Inhabitants, have a vision of five Oddworld games. Oddysee was the first, but Exoddus is more of a bonus than a sequel. The remaining four titles will be released on the next generation PlayStation when it becomes available in 1999.

The look of the game is the same as Oddysee beautifully drawn ZD arenas with 3D animations which blend smoothly into the action. The main differences seem to be a series of new locations including the SoulStorm Brewery and a selection of new enemies such as the hideous sounding

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If you enjoyed Oddysee then the chances are that you’ll just love Exoddus. If only all games had half the imagination of this ‘stop-gap’. Abe’s Exoddus lS re/eased on 67‘ Interact/x3 mxd No.4 around [40

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