into the mainstream. starring opposite l-‘ricnds star Jennifer Aniston in 5/1er The One and stealing the picture from Julia Roberts in My lies! Friend's

“Pr/dilly. ()h. and performing Bobby Darin's 'Beyond The Sea‘ with liwan .\lc(iregor in Danny Boyle’s :\ Life Less ()rdinmjv.

'We immediately just fit.’ she says of Crieff's own love-god. 'We went straight into a dance rehearsal for four days. so we got very close. very fast.’ Future roles

include playing the part of a bride opposite Christian Slater in Very Bad Things and then she‘s starring with Al Pacino in Any Given Sum/av. an Oliver Stone movie about American football.

All this sophisticated celeb behaviour should. by rights. have turned Diaz into a diet-watching. spirituality-seeking. bland Hollywood health-head by now. but. thankfully. she seems to have

the same crap taste as the rest of

us. 'I love grease.‘ she laughs.



‘l'm a cheeseburger junkie. And I love heavy metal. Anything softer than Alice In Chains makes my skin crawl.‘

Cameron Diaz is a movie star for the junk food generation. an idler’s idol she‘s into booze. burgers and big. sweaty bands. Hell. she probably even smokes cigars.

There’s Something About Mary is on general release from Fri 25 Sep.

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English co-star Lee Evans on getting down to earth with Cameron and Matt.

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l .4. .

Cameron Diaz, Matt Dillon and Ben Stiller may bring Hollywood glamour to There’s Something About Mary, but there‘s a small corner of the Farrelly brothers' screwball movie that is forever England that small corner is Lee Evans.

The leaping, Iolloping. laugh-machine from Southend came to the attention of Pete and Bobby Farrelly through his work on Mousehunt and Funny Bones. They snapped up the oh-so-physical comic for their dumbed-up film in which he plays Mary's friend Tucker, a fraudulent architect who secretly fancies her.

'We wanted to take advantage of Lee's physicality,‘ says Peter Farrelly. ‘We ended up putting him on crutches and he did a couple of hilarious bits with it.’

As for Evans, he's remarkably unphased by all this Tinseltown attentidn. On Matt Dillon, who he has a massive scrap with in the film, he says, ‘Good bloke. Top man. Matt's very down to earth. We went out for a beer, y'know?’

Working with a sex symbol like Diaz, however, caused a bit more of a stir down his local boozer. 'I've still got the same mates I've always had,’ he says. 'And they were going "What was she like? Cameron Diaz oh, blimey!" But she was actually a really nice person, there was none of this "My trailer's not big enough!" crap. I got on well with her, actually. We had a right Iaugh.’ (Peter Ross)

24 Sep—8 Oct 1998 THE UST9