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“Tinseltown, This may o T V: roles in lorthcorning " ~. lith Desert Blue and John Waters‘ Pecknr or last 5‘ performances as a sexually-awakening teen in Any Lee’s" "‘ . which she indulges in heavy petting while wearing a rubber ' ask. Along with Chlné Sevigny, she’s rapidly becoming an it 9 _~ generation who found Generation X too idealistic. ‘-'-'I used to bind my breasts lrom the time when I was twclv “liimn. You I: «It.

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j If poop“ don't think that their teenagers are having sex they’ve ' 1 ly got their heads in the clouds; she argues, 'It would be different L h it I was having sex with knives or being raped in every movie I did; .. then marbe I’d be a littIe bit concerned. My charqu mm realistic

to me? '

Perhaps loss mimic is Rica's ultimate weer Working with her role model, Ionic Foster? Nope, Being cut byhcr {flaunts directorGus Van Sant? Much. "

’I want to be Denis Leary when I grow up,’ she laughs.

Well, she can aiways drum.

55 is at “WW T "gram ' ' “138%? page. 23‘.

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