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FILM INDEX continued marvellous as ever. btrt by this stage the partnership was beginning to repeat itself. Still tiice to see it up on the big screen where it belongs. It also bears the distitiction of being the first film shown iri Bathgate. over 50 years ago. Stirling: MacRohert.

Sliding Doors t 15) (Peter llowitt. UK. 1998) (iwyneth Paltrow. Jolitt llantiah. John Lynch. 99 mitts. Motisy-haired PR esectttive Helen gets tired and discovers her handsome lrisli boyfriend is a two—tittier. Blotide PR woman Helen is more sttccessi'ttl arid dates a handsome Scot. This sharply observed romantic coitredy splits lleletr's liie in two when she misses/catches a tribe train.

l'tterly entertaining. and otte oi the best British movies oi I998. (ilasgow: ()deon ()ttay.

Sling Blade t l5) tBtlly Bob 'l horriton. liS. 1996) Billy Bob 'lliortiton. Dwight Yoakum. Jil". Walsh. l'l.‘ lililis \N'rilet-director-star .l'lit‘i‘liltili.\ ()scar-w timer ti‘or Best

Secret Defense tP(ii (Jacques Rivette. l~'t‘atice. W98) Sandrine Bonnaire. (iregoire (.‘oliti. Jer/y Rad/.iwiltmicz. I70 mitts. With the world moving ever faster. Rivette believes it is art cinema's purpose to slow the world down. whiclt he does with the thriller genre in Secret Defense - the genre thrills replaced by deeply entrenched motiye. Bonnaire‘s Parisian research scientist is apparently too intolved iii her own life to worry abotit anybody else‘s. 'l‘hat begins to change w hen her brother shows her a picture implicating their dead i‘ather‘s business partner tti their father’s death. Putting her own lite on hold. she sets out to discover the secret till his demise >- and also oi' his esistence. See review. lidinhurgh. l’ilmhouse.

Sex In A Cold Climate (h'ganised iii collaboration with “re Women's Support Project to mark the (.‘hild Sexual Abuse Awareness Month. this is the story oi the "fallen women” who were sent to Ireland‘s triagdalene homes where they were caught tip in a cycle oi~ abuse iii the regimnes run by titrtis arid priests. Session includes debate i'ollow film screening. (ilas‘gow; (il’l‘. Shallow Grave rsr tl)anny Boy le. l‘K. 1994i Kerr} l'os. llwan .\lc(it'egor. (‘ht‘istoplier l‘celeston 9” mitts. 'l‘iit'ee l-idinbtri‘gh i‘latrirates iirrd their new co- habitatit dead with a stack oi money under his bed. so .iiter per loz‘tirrrig a little lllY otr tltc corpse. the} reckon all their worries are os er. Btrt the cops are closing iti. there are two thttgs alter the money. arid the psychological tension is beginning to show. l-‘illed with dark humour and c_\ trical one- linet's. this Scottish thriller is bloody aiid intelligent enough to please the cult audience while remaining accessible enough to be a mainstream hit. lfdiribtit‘gh: (Kittieo. Shall We Dance? t.\l.trk Saridrich. ['S. I917) l'it'ed Astaire. (iitigcr Rogers. llo tiittis. ()tie oi the later eilot'ts iii the .-\stait'e/ls’ogers series at ls’Kl i. with the duo playing dancing partners who pretend to be

Screenplay) is nrwthere near as maw ktsh as It’tim Mun or lit/test tinny/i, 'l ltot‘tiion play s a slightly retarded man just otit oi prison. who returns to his small Southern hometow it only to witness the same pattern of abuse that triggered his earlier murderous attack. .‘sloving without being sentimental. w itli a morality that‘s iat' i'rom sittiple-tiittrded. Kirkcaldy: .-\dam Stiittlt

The Spanish Prisoner t I M ‘l).l\ ltl .‘siatttet. l'S. l99b‘i (’ampbell Scott. lx’ebecea l’idegeon. Ste\e Martin I l l tririis. \latrietK lll'\l lillii ;l\ tlii'c‘clt'l'. Home ()i (iii/Ht \. \\.l\ a cle\ei'. cold study oi the art oi the

eoni'idetice trick: his latest ctwei's similar territory. 'l'o write about the plot would be to give too much away. because. i'or rtttrch oi the iilm's running time. it‘s unclear who is conning who. Cryptic .ttid playitrl. \lamet's writing. which has been compared to that oi Harold Pinter. is per'iiectl} suited to the illtisiotiat‘} naitrre tithe con, lite insubstantialin oi t‘\t‘i:sllili‘i}f rs tlL'llc'lt'lhl} triaddenitig. (ilasgow. .-\B(‘ (it). (‘etitte lfdinbtii'gh; (‘ameo l‘ast Kilbr'rde: l't‘l Star Kid tl’(ii t.\l;itiri} (Kite. liS. liisi": Joseph \lal/ello. Richard (itllrlarid. ('t-r'rritie

married but are not 'I he dancing is as Boliret' lilt) liilils Shy. btrllred Spencer


3 o_ct.~,.~7.30pm‘

yb ig‘d

stov Balalaflca Folk Ensemble

solo concert by icicle Works front-man

1'6 Oct @ 7.30pm '

Cottier Theatre ' -.

Tick lts

Hyndland Street, Glasgow out 287 :55c t

30 IHELIST so #1 to 1 Hr?

Ian McNa. g

clitorwt l’rrrA's \la/zelloi discovers ati alien ('y berstitt a voice and personality of its ow ll, (‘littrbing inside. he gets back at his school nemisrs. bttt iitids himself tip against a deadlier i'oe w hen he faces intergalactic tough nuts. the Broodwarriors‘. Clearly aimed at pie-adolescent boys who want to iill otit their underdog fantasies. Slur Kit/ is .i better than ayerage kids movie. iidinbttrgh: (ideoit l’alkrrk' l'lll.

A Streetcar Named Desire tt’tii ti-liiz. ls;i/ati. l‘S. l‘i‘l i \'i\ien leigh. Marlon Brando. Kim lltttiter. l33 liiins. Brando takes the .tctttig honours and. with this iilm. set the style iot method acting iot‘ years to

Sail into history: Kate Winslet in Titanic

come. ’l'ennessee Williams‘ steamy sex rotnp seems a little tame by today standards. but the realism of the drama remains in tact and the performances are to be savourcd. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

A Taste Of Cherry (l5) Abbas Kiarostami. lran. I995) 95 mins. Karostami's I997 Cannes Film Festival Palmc d'Or winner features a devastating premise: a man drives through the landscape of Tehran. looking for someone to assist him with his planned suicide. Fascinating. chilling. touching. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

There's Something About Mary (15) (Peter and Bobby Farrelly. US. I998)



Experience it live!

Discovery Series

0 Artistic Director: James MacMillan

i Explore a new world of music and “7'0"” “mm” .3 surprise yourself at what you find...

Eclairs sur l’Au-Dela

An awesome late twentieth century work featuring a massive orchestra of over l20 musicians I3 of them percussionists.

Never performed in Scotland before.

Frederic Chaslin Conductor

Tickets: £2.00 to £ |2.50

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Thursday l5 October I998 7pm includes introductory session with james MacMillan.

BOX OFFICE: OI4I 287 55“