Secrets Of Makaleng

The Makaleng is a mighty tree in Africa, with a mystical tradition of attracting social and religious gatherings. This

brand new show by London-based * I '. , Adzido Pan-African Dance Ensemble is a - celebration of Africa's ancient history in V'.‘ . ‘2 ten traditionally based dances with live . drumming. 'lvlighty trees like the 5;“. r

Makaleng have borne silent witness to centuries of ritual, story-telling, conflict and celebration,’ explains artistic director Geoprge Dzikunu. 'Their shade has provided a place to shelter, socialise, worship and share secrets. Adzido is now bringing those secrets out of the shadows cast by the Makaleng.’

Secrets Of Makaleng has its world premiere at Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Thu 8—Sat 70 Oct; then tours Scotland.



No tricky second—album blues for Mansun. When the Chester four- piece first started kicking about, they seemed to be experimenting with different musical styles with as much enthusiasm as Keith Richards investigated the world of pharmaceuticals. With the release of the new album Six, Mansun have refused to settle for any one sound and mixed up all, their favourite bits from the last three decades. Pundits have so far been moved to describe it as prog, punk, progpunk, serious rock, playful rock, unfathomable and a work of incomparable genius. Six -- which spookin entered the charts at Number Six —— takes its name from the 605 TV show The Prisoner, and features samples from The Sugar Plum Fairy and a spokenword interlude from former Dr Who Tom Baker. Any the wiser? Mansun play Glasgow Barrow/and, Sat 3 Oct. Six is out now.

The best places for people to usefully spend their leisure time this fortnight. Believe it.

Dance: Essentially Phoenix One of the UK’s premiere contemporary dance companies, Phoenix returns to Scotland after ViSiting Edinburgh earlier in the year. Under the new artistic directorship of Thea Nerissa Barnes, the troupe offers an inVigorating programme of four pieces by various choreographers, including lvlark Baldwin and company member Stephen Derrick. See New Shows, page 57. Stirling: MacRobert Arts Centre, Fri 25 & Sat 26 Sep.

Book: Happy Like Murderers Gordon Burn’s examination of the lives and deaths of the Wests is a gruesome but compelling book. The matter of fact style makes the horror of their crimes all the more grotesque. Not an easy read but perhaps a necessary one to ever understand what happened at 25 Cromwell Street. See reView, page 94 Faber, £76.99. Out now

Art: Slipstream This group show, which has been curated by Toby Webster, explores the psychology of perception, looking at how the mind works and how qwckly it can accelerate and decelerate. See preView, page 75. Glasgow: CCA, Sat 26 Sep—Fri 23 Oct.

Books: The Bible Already the best selling book in the world, Canongate publishers have deeded to add to the total number of Bibles in existence by publishing a series of pocket-sized books of the Bible. They are calling them Pocket Canons. Each one is prefaced by a writer who has looked at each book as a work of literature rather than a holy script. Will Self did the book of Revelation, obviously. See feature, page 12. Pocket Canons are published on Thu 7 Oct.

Music: Eels The follow-up to Beautiful Freaks finds the Eels yet more maudlin. Electro-Shock Blues is lead Singer E's tribute to his Sister who committed suiCide as well as being his attempt to make sense of it all. See feature, page 17. Glasgow Fri 25 Sep.

24 Sea—8 Oct 1998 THE LIST 3