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Britannia Rules Liz Lochhead scores a

second hit in two months with a new play centring on four young people at the start of the war and fourteen years later. See review, page 58. Royal Flying the flag for musicals on a grand scale: Les Miserables at the Playhouse, Edinburgh Lyceum Theatre, until Sat 70 Oct.

Les Miserables The rip-roaring, no-

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: available). The smash-hit musical. Time WillfiMark You Thu 24 Sep. them down their very different paths in holds_barred musical version of the originally produced in l‘)7 l. returns to 7.30pm.}... Ales Riggs exploratory lile. Victor Hugo novel ha back. Edinburgh Scotland with a large-scale performance. series of ailtohiographical passages ————---————- -- —— ~ r- - -— —-» ----—-—— s- - . starring Luke (ioss‘ as Danny luko. written for dancers. live music and PLAYHOUSE THEATRE Playhouse um” 58! 72 Dec . -____.__._- . _-_.___ sculpture. (ireeiiside Place. 557 2590. {Accessz R. Smells 8. Bells A Scottish cardinal E Candldacy to become pope New sir-eel. Paisley. 887 l()l(). [Accesst es isera es Until Sat 12 Dec. - l’l’A. l.. R. l‘acilities: we. was. H. G. C. Enmaum" DRAMA . 7.30pm. Wed & sui mills 2.30pm. threatened by a V'deo dep'Ctm a gay Help: A. AA] BEDLAM THEATRE £7.50—czaso. Call for details of \'al'ious 59" 3“ TOD'Ca' b‘aCk comedy by gay I Two L‘ntil Sat 26 Sep. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). 2a Forrest Road. 225 9893. [Access: ST. concessions. Triumphal return to Glaswega'n company MCT- 599 See Touring. Facilities: WS. (3. C‘. Help: AA] lidinhurgh for Cailleroii Mackintosh's preview, page 55. Touring. Transatlantic Tue 2‘) & Wed 30 Sep. The Insect Tue 6-Fri ‘)_()ct (not Wed 7); lavish touring musical. based on a novel Men Shoum weep Ena Lamont /.3()pm. £6 (£2). See Touring. Tue 6 & Thu 8 ()ct 3. lfipm; Hi 9 ()ct by Victor Hugo. iii w inch :1 paroled S , . b d f Smells And Bells Wed 7 ()ct. 7.30pm. 5pm. £2. Ben Street’s debut as writer and prisoner disappears and reinvents himself tewart S 9”")! Ut me Stu y 0 £6 (£2). See Touring and New Shows. director >— well received at lidinhurgh as a pillar of society. (‘ulminates tenement I'fe m 305 Glasgow 599 page 55. University's Fehfest season of new colourfullv in the streets of post- prEView, page 55. Glasgow: Cit/‘zens’ E OY —s-- : writing -- receives a revival. A Revolutionary Paris. Theatre, Fr,‘ 25 Sep-55t 17 Oct . THE TR R AL l coiiirilendahlv sickening ex tloration of ~ —. -_-.—.—~-- —_——-_— ——— .. m -— .— ——-— . . . Herc Sum. 33: ‘)l)()(). 'l'f. lAccess: ; child abuse. I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE 03'“ 5‘59""3'” "‘“n'x The l’l’A. ST. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. W8. ll. (3. (I i - ._ _. ._ . . . . _ _ (militia). Sm“. 339969111" (AL-Wee; contemporary dance powerhouse HelpiAAl i BRUNTON THEATRE l’. l.. l-‘aeiliiies: WC. W8. H. (l. (‘. 'l‘ returns Wllh this hit show. See revrew, The Magic Flute Sat 26 & Tue 2‘) Sep. l Musselhurgh. 665 2240. [Au-Lg“; [__ 5']: IILZIP: ,\_.,\,\]. (‘Iosetl'siiiie page 56 Stir/mg MacRobgn Arts Thu l & Bat .s ()ct.g7.. Ifipm (Sat 26 .Sep I R. i-aclltties: \\( .\\ 8. H. (l.( . l I. Britannia Rules l litil Sat .‘ ()cl. Centre, Fr, 25 8/ 3M 26 Sep _.l>pml. See ( lassical (k ()pela listings. I Help: AA] 7.45pm. iiiat Sat 3 ()ct. 2.30pm. ' The Price Hi 25 Sep Sat ll) ()et. £7- £l6 (U U | .50). Touch-tour and Dance: swan Lake RUSS'dn ballet W'th l 7.30pm; mat Sat 3 ()ct. 2.30pm. £7.50 audio-described performance. Thu 2-1 RtlSSIan mUSlC done by RUSSIanS. The ! (£3.50). mat £4.50 (£3.50). David Mark Sep. 5.45pm. Audio-described real Mayakovskl. See review, page 59. GALLERY OF MODERN ART. I v Thomson directs Arthur Miller's rarer pei'loi'iiiance. Sat 3 ()ct. 2.3(lpiii. Edinburgh Festive] Theatre! Mon 28 Queen Street. 22‘) WW). Booking: lickel I performed l()68 play for the Bruntoli l-ollowing the huge success of [.11 Se _Sat 3 Oct Centre. (‘andleriggs see Ticket Link 5 company. Centring on two hrothers. it p ' details above. l explores the dark secrets that have led Continued over page

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday1 ' Friday2 'Saturday3 ' Sunday4 ' Mondays .TuesdayG hWednesday7- Thursday8

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.\len Should weep . \len Should Weep ifs‘len'Should-weepi I - i - . .\len Should lWeep . Men Should Weep i lit; ( )l Ilouvei ll (kl-ei- l.lll i )l liloue- ( ll l \l‘lc'l- all (ill-louseIi-il (slice-M . l-I” l' “"‘N l' l-i‘h” . '6‘” i” “INF. (ll lii‘ht'I'. Tu” m “m”. ()Iili‘h‘lr‘

Rameau's Nephew Rameau's Nephew Rameau's Nephew I Rameau's Nephew Rameau's Nephew r Rameuu's Nephew l

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The Magic lzllllt‘ The Magic i'ltllt' - ' ' i

Ill; lane The Pot.- The inlet- Ilzc PM W l’Hu' “‘V "W's T"“ ""‘W BfUfltOfl ;-\I:.,‘i,.,t.. S\\.in l...te Swan Lure Rsxo—uw “in” m r mm «H w“ 1‘ "-1" A Secrvl<<>f5hkalcnei FCStival m l \lrseial‘les' l “milieu-v l \llveliixle‘ - u i i l \liscsa'f‘ics. . h l N i l Visits—lilo I“ M'W'dh's“ Playhouse * “W ' ' " ' " ' i Queen's Hall norm”... Rules tantalum Rules “noun... Rules mi” i w w”- - ' Royal Lyceum _ came.“ Sitar " ill—Sindenial—"iH m i m U l Traverse 1 item .ina'l'iieseliim - - - - ' Traverse 2

24 Sep—8 Oct 1998 THE LIST 61