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The judging of Now ll'orlts, Performed by Dancers from Swift's/r Balletuml Created By STEPHEN HUGHES JANE JEWELL


SATURDAY OCTOBER 3RD 1998, 7.30m MITCHELL THEATRE, Gmsoow TitrkE’rs .5512 FROM THE TltIKE'l‘ CENTRE, CANDLERIUUS, GL.-\S(;()\\' Gl INQ TEL: 0141 287 5511

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0 Glasgow City Council



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Smells And Bells

by Christopher Deans

Tue 29 Sep - Sat 3 Oct 8pm £6.50/£3.50 “A new note in gay drama The Scotsman

Tangerine Productions

Sp u rt! Written by Raymond Burke Directed by Grant Smeaton

Tue 29 Sep - Sat 10 Oct 7.30pm £6.50/£3.50 “Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the sperm bank”

Theatre Flux

Difficult People

by Yosef Bar Yosef

Tue 6 - Sat 10 Oct 7.30pm £6.50/£3.50 The Most compelling and humorous exploration of the human soul...

box office 0141 221 4001

62 THE LIST .1: St-p 1r; :,.:




Lochhead's Festival hit Per/err Days at The Traverse. she unveils another rtew show a redevelopment of her early play Sitting/ruled about Clydebank kids evacuated during the War. The second hali‘catches up with them again on Coronation Day irt 1953. See review. page 58.


Cambridge Street. 228 1404. '1'1‘. [Access: 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C]. Closed Mons.

Buel Nam Breug (Mouth Of Lies) Wed 30 Sep. 8pm. £8 (£4). Musical theatre piece from Gaelic-speaking company Tosg. which centres on political and artistic conflicts in 17th century Gaeldom. Simultaneous translation is provided. Carnivali Fri Z—Sun 4 ()ct. 8pm. £9 (£4.50). See Touring.

Henry And The Seahorse Sat 3 ()ct. l lam & 2.30pm. £4.50 (£3). Edinburgh-based children‘s theatre company Visible Fictions perform the British premiere ofthis Danish play about a boy. his dog and something smoky in the garden shed.


EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3—3‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 0000. [Accessz l.. i‘acilities: WC. \\'S. AS. H. C. T. llel )2 A]

Swan La e Mon 28 Sep-Sat 3 ()ct. 7.30pm (mat Thti 2pm. Sat 3.30pm). £4.50--£30 (£4.50 £27). .‘ylakirig their lirst appearance at the Festival Theatre. the St I’etersburg Ballet present Tchaikoy'sky's romantic classic. Secrets Of Makaleng Tlttt .s Sat 10 ()ct. 7.30pm. £5.50—«£IZ (colic ayailable). See Touring and l'l‘titlllilies. page 3.


Clerk Street. 008 BOW/007 7770,

De Mi Triana Flamenco Ht :5 Sep. Spin. £5.50‘£‘). ()rie (ii-‘lUSI two dates iii Scotland for this leading Company of dancers and riiusicrans from old Seville. ilartienco‘s ancestral home.



Kildrtim. Cilitibernatlld. 01330 73333”. 'l'i'. [Accessz l’l’A. 1.. ST. R. Facilities \\'(‘.\\'}.(‘.lle1p:.-\...\:\l

Fire In The Basement lit :5 ts Sal Its Sep. 7 45pm. £7 (£4). See 'l‘otiiitig. Transatlantic Thu 39 Sat 31 ()ct. 7.45pm. £7 (£4). See Touring

The Happy Gang's Castaway Island Tue 2*) Sep. lplii t\- 0.30ptit. £4.50 (children £3.50; family ticket £15 1. Taking a relaxing holiday on Coconut Island. the Happy (‘tang still get bored and join the Coconut Baywatch. Somethings t'ishy'f

MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE University of Stirling. 01780 401081. [Access: I’. I’I’A. l.. R. l‘acilities: \\'C. \\'S. H. (i]

A Clockwork Orange Thu 2‘) Sep Sat ()ct. 7 30pm. £0 (£4.50); -\pe\ £5 (£4) Norther) Stage 'l'healre's eyhilai'atriig touring adaptation ot the Anthony Burgess classic rioyel. I~'orriier T.-\(} supremo .-\lali l.y'ddlard co—thi'ecls with Mark Murphy of \'-T()l. Dance Company. See l'L‘\'lC‘\\. page 58.

The Seed Carriers Studio. Wed 30 Sep. 7.45pm. £0 (£3). A I‘llslttll ol performance and puppetry with music and visual arts. inspired by the novel I'llt' St'l/iy/i (it'nt' by Richard hawkins. See New Shows, page 50.

The Granny Knot 'l‘htt l ()ct. 7 45pm. Solo pel'lttl‘mt‘l' Fiona Know les and playwright Rona Munro (collecliyely.

' The Mslr'its) present their latest piece.

depicting an elderly woman looking back on her life li'Ultl her ar‘tiichair and ignoring callers.

Eating The Elephant Wed 7 ts 't‘htt .s ()ct. 7.45pm. £0 (£3). See Touring and New Shows. page 50.


MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE University ol‘ Stirling. 01780 401081. [.Access: I’. l’PA. l.. R. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. (il

Essentially Phoenix i‘TI 35 & Sat 3(» Sep. 7.30pm. £7 (£3.50). Vibrant contemporary dance from the Leeds- based company. which presents four pieces with ten dancers. See Frontlines. page 57. MOTHERWELL THEATRE

()i‘l‘Camp Street. Motherwell, 01098 207515.

The Tempest Tue 0 ()ct. 7.30pm. £8 (£0). Cwmni Ballet Gwent presents a sparkling version of Shakespeare‘s magical last play. set on a remote island inhabited with sprites. where Prospero the sorcerer wreaks revenge on the Milanese shipwreck \‘lC‘lillls‘ who

betrayed him years ago.


This section lists all future dates in

the Central Belt of shows that are on tour.

Bleach As part of its ongoing project to devise five new shows. lidinl‘turgh-based company Roller'house invites audiences to view ‘per'l'orriiance samples‘ of this piece. created in collaboration with New Zealand company Trouble. and based

around ideas of social and persotial isolation. l-‘or l‘tirther information contact

Boilet'hotlse on ill3l 33] I077. T/lt'd I't'/It'.\'_ (i/tly‘etill' Fri 35 (S: Slit 30

Sep. Split. 3 Carnrvali The latest outing l'rolir

l‘idinbilrgh \‘tstlal theatre Henchtotii's is a slice o1 eylstelitralisl mm. It) \\IllC‘Il i'otii' .-\riierican gangsters l'lrtd lilc‘llls‘c‘l‘»‘t‘.\ playing a waiting g;iiiierlia.\1e\tcart hotel. But can they break l't'ce limit the dooriied future that already seems written irito their pie-recorded sotindtt‘ack'.’ l-‘or more rnlorriiation. contact Benchtotirs on 0131 555 3585.

xll't lit'y 'l‘llt'tllrt'. (i/tlyetilr l'ritil Sat 30

Set). 7

.30pm. 7i‘tli't'l‘yt' T/It’llll't'. lit/i/l/iltre/l Fri 3 Still 4

()ct. Split.

\Ittl/lt'rit't'll 'l'llt'tll/‘t' Tue l3 ()ct. 7.3(1plii.

I .Iltlt It’ll/it'll .-1r‘t\' ('t'lllrt'. Stir/rile Thtl 15 .' ()ct. 7.30ptii.

Fire In The Basement ('oriiriiunicatlo Theatre Company present Bill l‘ilidlay‘s llyely Scots translation ol l’atil KUIRHICS ('zech farce. in which a couple ol' newly- weds l'trid their (lat invaded by all unsettling gang ol lll'elightel's in search (it a mystery bla/e. l-or ttlrther trilorliiation contact (‘otiiliitrnlcado on (H3! 034 4041)

('llrll/it'rlltlll/t/ 'l'lit'tilrt' lit :5 tk Sat 30 Sep. 7.45pm

(Ill/littrtlll/l ( ‘t'rllrt’. (i/tlyetttt‘ Wed 7 Sat

Eating The Elephant The -\shtoii (irotlp Contemporary Theatre presents a dark comedy by Julia Darling. author or

('r'ttt (’(ll/t Stilt/t Writing l'iolii personal eyper'relice. her play t‘ypltir't'\ breast cancer. silly i\;il and li'lendshlp. l-oi ltll'ther tlit‘oriiiatrori contact The .-\shloii (il'tillp (ill (H.129 530-754 See New Shows. page 50 .lt/tl/rl .Slllll/i //lt tI.'/'(. ()ct. T 30pm

.I/tlt It’ll/telly .-\I'.'\ (TV/Ill. & Thu 5' ()ct. " 45pm. Miller/mil ‘l'lit‘tl/l't'. l;t.’l/l/iitrell i'l'l ‘) t\’ Sat 10 ( )ct. 7.30pm

Httut/t'll ('t'nli‘t'. lit l/leylltll Mon 12 ()ct. 7.30pm.

Kat And The Kings Dynamic and successful tloo-wop mtrsrcal \\ ith a political ritessagc. Set in South .-\ll'lc‘.l. it tells the story of a young black singers rise to (attic; and the apartheid regiliie

w htch drags hint otrl ol the liriielight. Kille'y 1/./It'tlll't'. lft/l/i/tlrre/i Mon 20 Sat 3| ()Lt T,y3(i[‘l1l;\\lc‘tit\‘ Sat riiat. 3.30pm. National Tour Scottish Ballet t-etttttts lot a new tour \\ illi three new \\ or'ks. created by \l\ chttl'eographer's and danced by riieliibers oi" the corill‘atly lliclttdilifl

Alli/M lt'l'l/\ ii‘llk. i‘

Slay/111'; \Vt'tl T

principals (‘artipbell Nielsen/re.

\latlis’lay‘ litibnoy .iiitl l.llida l’at'ker'.