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I 4th Dimension at Brel. 8.30—1 lpin. Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk at this West Find venue. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Access at Bonkers. l lpni-3am. £3 (£2). New night downstairs at the officey Bonkers with well-respected Tunnel residents Michael Kilkie. Trevor Reilly and Simon Foy for upfront house. Drinks promos.

I Bedazzled at The Arches. l()pm-2am. £4.50 (£2.50). 8 ()ct and monthly. Live stand-up comedy from the crew who did the night at The l3th Note plus cheesy tunes into the night. Drinks promos.

I B.E.S.T. at Babaza. l lpm —3ani. £3 (£3). Matt Munro with a commercial party mix. Drinks promos.

I Big Karn’s Party Night at Bennets.

l 1.30pin-3am. £3 (£2). Karn Dunbar with 80s. 90s and loads of camp nonsense. Drinks promos.

I Brass Tax at Bar Sauza. Spin-- midnight. Free. DJ Muchil with broody bass lines. phat and funky beats and Latino fuelled disco. Pre-club.

I Brown Sugar at The Born. llptt)--3ait). £4 (£3). Two rooms with DJ TNT in the front with R&B and swing while DJ Benji takes up residency in room two with more of a hip hop sound. I Budda at Budda. 8pm ~niidnight. Free. Nick Gettuttil with house crossing over itito all sorts including drum 'n' bass and hip hop. l’re-club.

I Casrno Royale :ii The Arches.

lllpni Can). £4 (£2). 24 Sep and monthly.

Fantastic plastic with Frankie Sayaloy for

outrageous cheese and lounge li/ai'd ftiii. ‘There isn't a yardstick long enough to measure this man's talent' say the made- up Nino Centurion.

I Chicano at Havana. 8pm midnight. Free. The original Latin Dance DJ Nick Peacock with Latin grooves. Barrio beats and the latest Salsa from Cuba. New York. Colombia and Puerto Rico. Happy hour until 7pm. I’re-club.

I Cheeze at Stratliclyde I’niversity Students Union (Barony Bar. Dark Room and Level 8). 8pm» 3am. Free (open to students and four guests). DJs Mark. lain and Duffy with a proudly tacky and cheesy night of good time party tunes. Drinks proitios.

I Cleopatras at Cleopatra»

l().3()pm 2.30am. £3 (£2) I’op. 70s and 80s party tunes plus drinks promos.

I Cop at Archaos. l(lpm—3am. £4 (£3). Busy student house night with DJ Vance playing I-a-r-g-e club tunes to a young bunch while Tan) 'The Fun‘ Coyle does his indie/pop/kitsch stuff in the newly done-up Room 2. Now reopen after the Archaos revamp. Drinks promos.

I Crucial Vibes at Bar l.autrec’s (upstairs). 9pm lam. Free. Reggae and roots from the higth respected Crucial Vibes crew now weekly. Also at the Glasgow School of .»\t‘t. :5 Sep.

I Dee Jays In Disguise ill Variety. Spur-close. Free. Hatch and .lilkes of Knucklehead with a dubby lill\ of new dance and techno. (‘heck out their l’tishei' l3 night at The l3tl) Note continuing on every week. l’i'c-club.

I Donkey at The (‘athouse llpm —3am. £3 (USU; free befot'e ll.3()pm). lndie/gi'unge/iiidustrial/cliemical beats rock on a darker tip than The (‘athouse's other nights. Drinks promos.

I Ecletic Underground at Yang. (rpm—3am. Free before llpm: £5 after. . Doug and Tony on the ground floor with their own brand of headphunk. Bob and Charlie in room 2 iii an essentially big beat tip and Michael and Ben residing in room 3 with disco infused dance hip hop and l.atin grooves.

I The Force at The Arena. llpm -3am. £3. (£3 ). New night from 2-1 Sep with party tunes across the board with an indie bias from l)_ls Fletch and Stuart. Drinks promos.

I Free Flow at (ilasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). t)piii-Zam. Free. Keepin' it

I. 3:.

Dash out but go to these

Laurent Garnier The PariSian lord of tech-funk plays a full five hour set on the boat, with Slam’s Stuart and Orde on hand incase he needs to go to the loo or if ’Laurent is late finishing his Burger King', so they say. No pre-sold tickets, so better get yourself down by the guayside early. The Renfrew Ferry, Sun 27 Sep.

Faceoff Wall of Sound tour meets the local boys with live performances from Wiseguys, Les Rhythmes Digitales and DJ sets from The Strike Boys, Phar Out, lengaheads and Silicone Soul. Breaks, beats and disco excess. The Arches, Fri 2 Oct.

Under The Duvet Return of the Under The Duvet club night which raises funds for AIDS and HIV awareness charity The Names Protect featuring loads of Glasgow and Edinburgh DJs You've also got the Chomezone carnival group, The Sativa Drummers plus acrobats, tumblers and magicians. The last one at the GPO in Edinburgh was a huge success and they're hoping that this Will be even bigger and better. The Bri’ggait, Sat 26 Sep

Colours Present Streetrave 9 New York's Roger Sanchez, last seen in Glasgow domg the warm-up for Daft Punk at the Borrowlands sweeps into Glasgow for a four-hour set along With Jeremy Healy and Allister Whitehead and Colours residents Hon l"/lanCllll and Iain 'Boney' Clark The Arches, Sun 27 Sep.

Sub Culture Ham and Domenic welcome Thomas Bengaltier collaborator Kevis Yost from I Rec0ids who was name checked in Muzik last month as one of the Dls who really rocked it. Funky French home style With a personal recommendation from Harri The Sub Club, Sat 26 50/)

Love Boutique The Boutique continues to push high camp liedonism to the max With the new TOSIdCDI, the lusoous Jon Pleased Wimmin settling nicely into his new home along side Dl Roy. The hardest, sexrest house mUSIC you're likely to

hear anywhere. The Arches, Sat 3 Oct.

real with early Motown. ska. reggae. soul. JB super funk. Hammond jazz. 70s disco to hip hop. new and retro guitar pop. movie soundtracks. trip hop and drum 'n' bass with Dls Al Rutherford and Lindsey. Lager £1 a pint.

I Hi Karate at the (ilasgow School of

g Art (upstairs). l()plil~2illii. LI Now fast

approaching their first birthday at this venue. Neil McMillan and Andrew Divine‘s weekly night has developed into one of the finest funk breakbeat nights in the country. It may be easiest to describe

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