Taking the concept of the whirlwrnd tour to absurd lengths, Ash are promoting the launch of their second album Nu-Clear Sounds by playing four capital cities on the day of the album’s release. Kicking off With an hour-long gig in London at 10am, they then play at Virgin Megastores in Cardiff and Edinburgh, before hitting Belfast at midnight. Stretch limos and Virgin Lear Jets are the chosen method of transport for the dash. ’It’s mad all the things you get to do,’ as frontman Tim Wheeler so astuteiy states. Not as mad as last year was for Ash. Since releasing their debut album 7977, they have added new gUitarist Charlotte Hatherley (ideal for those guitar duels with Tim), written the title song for A Life Less Ordinary and

played at the historic ’Yes Vote Referendum’ show at the Waterfront in Belfast. Which is more than many of us achieve in a lifetime.

Ash play Glasgow Barrow/and, Tue 20 Oct. Nu-Clear Sounds

is released on Infectious Records on Mon 5 Oct. See Reader Offers, page 704, for the chance to win exclusive tickets to the Ash gig at Edinburgh ’5 Virgin Megastore on Mon 5 Oct.

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’I can’t believe it's not bongoes,’ you’ll cry when you hear Skins in action. This new digital hand-drum was designed by 23-year- old Glasgow School of Art graduate Ben Smith With electronics expertise from DaVid Bernard of Sound Surgery. Skins has Just been launched by The Glasgow Collection, a new initiative created by Glasgow 1999 City of Architecture & Design, and is currently attracting interest throughout the music industry. Combining veIOCity-senSitive pads, rubber nipples and sequencing buttons to create an infinite range of rhythmic soundscapes, the instrument is sure to take some beating. (Sorry).

l E Ben Smith and David Bernard collectively Dubweiser appear

live with Skins at the Turbulence drum ’n’ bass night run, Glasgow School ofArt, Fri 25 Sep.

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24 Sec—8 Oct ‘998 THE [IST 5