I Katch at The Cathouse.

10.30pm— 3am. £3 (£2.50; free before 11.30pm ). Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge and contemporary indie. Drinks protnos.

I Lime at The Lime. l0.30pm-—.‘~am. £4 (£2). DJ Cammy with house. garage and nu sottl. Drinks promos.

I Living Room at The Livitig Room. l)pm—midnight. Free. Brian M and Jim Hutchison with deep house. Pre club.

I Love Bug at The Garage. 10.30pm—3ani. £3 (£4). An eclectic mix of good-time party tunes. Drinks promos. I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic (downstairs at :Miros). ()prn—midnight. The Stib Club's Thursday night resident and label boss of Fenetik Records down at this new bar every week for hip hop. drum 'n' bass and break. Pre-club.

I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge.

l lpm— 3am. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open until 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle iii main cltib with 90s club arid indie or down iii the Trophy Room with Tom for a more commercial mix. (iay.

I Planet Peach at Planet Peach. l().3()pm-—3am. £6 (£4). Paul N'Jie with house. garage. R&B and soul iii this new city centre venue. Drinks promos.

I Radio City at The Attic. 10.30pm-3am. £3 (£2). The original retro club. playing Stax. Motown. Stones. The Who. etc.

I Rapt at The .-\partment. l lpm—3am. £8. .litii Da Best playing a wildly eclectic llll.\ of big tunes. crossing genres like tiobody's business.

I Sabroso! at Havana. Spin-midnight. Free. (‘lub (‘ubana‘s Duncan Katie and Shannon Shiell joined by Ana arid Farah for a wide range of lit-\RG Latin and tropical lloor-shakers from techno— nierengue to the latest Latin rap. via smooth salsa and retro Latin grooves.

I Salsa Sabrosa at The 13th Note Club (basement). S‘pm 10.45pm. £4 (£3.50). Karen Pasi takes her massively popular Salsa classes frorn The Lime down to The l3ih Note every Friday night. Beginners welcome. Pre-club. Free tickets available for the chtb that runs afterwards

I Shag at l'ury .\lurry”s. llpiii .‘y.l5atti. £4 (£5 3-. The sexiest. cheesiest tunes ever from Mark and James (i playing to a largely student crowd tn the smoky. dark. get a stiog tn the corner l'lll_\ is.

I Slam Present Extravaganza at The Arches ll) illpni i. illatii. L It) 25 Sep only Special Soiiia recortis party w itli all the artists tonight having a connection witli Slam's label Front tootii you've got Stuart McMillan. ()rde .\leiklc. Silicone Soul. back room thetes Scott (irooves. Ashley Beadle and DJ () attd there are ll\ e sets front l‘.ti\oy and Funk D‘\'oid. I Slam Present Faceoff at The Arches. 10 10pm 3.30am. £S ( £6). 2 ()ct only. Wall of Sound tour meets the local boys. l.l\ e perfot'titances from \Vrscguys. Les Rhythnies Digitales and DJ sets from The Strike Boys for \\'.( LS. and l’har ()ul. Jeiigaheads and Silicone Soul representing (ilasgow. Beats. breaks and (llsctt L‘\c‘t‘\s ht‘t' :‘allcl

I Soul Shine at Bar Lautiecs (upstairs) ‘lpzii lani lice. -\iair and Rod wttli soul and luiik Drinks proritos all night. and all drinks tinder £i ‘) lltpni.

I Strathclyde University Student Union lllpni 5am. l't'ee. (‘lteesy dance and indie lll Leyel .\ and cltib anthems ill The Dark Roorti. plus ‘Platiet Boogie“ in The Barony Bar with Porn Star Lionel Vinyl and his 7'le disco-lest. Wear l'attcy 70s tltess to Planet Boogtc and win a pii/e (which is quite likely to be some sort ol drtrtk to help yott forget you‘re wearing an alto wig and l2 inch flalt‘s

I Tangent at The Sub (‘lul‘ l lptii Rant. 1." -£5' 25 Sep and lortnightly -\-iiian and Panic with their eyet-e\ol‘. mg night w liicll takes the Stibbie trout deep funky house through beat and bass and coming out at sublime techno -\ quality night and no titistakc 25 Sep tltey welcotiie Tint love I ee ttotit Tummy Touch iecoids (London i known lot his breakbeat-led. twisted. dubbed ottt house music l.ee

also records for Howie B’s Pussyfoot and DJs at The Tummy Touch club home to The ldjut Boys and Faze Action.

I Tchico at Russell‘s Bar/Cafe. 8—1 lpiti. Free. DJ Tchico with R&B. hip hop and swing.

I Test at The Sub Cltrb. l lpm—3am. £7 (£6). 2 Get and monthly. Innovative and experimental techno bass night with residents Shandy. Dave Tarrida and Tobias Schmidt playing pretty relentlessly hard tracks to a loyal fan base. Drinks promos. Tonight is also the launch party for the 'Test EP‘ forthcoming on Berlin's techno and electronica imprint Tresor (Tresor 104). I Three Room Fusion at Yang. Free before 1 lpttt‘. £5 after. Kriss and Billy on the ground floor playing jazzy US house. Dema and Nice iii rootii two with hip hop and soul and Rob G and Kemal from the lilenierits DJ collective for drum ‘ii' bass iii the larger room three.

I Trash at Trash. I lpm—3am. £6 (£4). Busy. easy going night with funky house iii Rooin One from Stevie Smith and street soul. swing and classic grooves iri Room Two from DJ Grahame. Drinks promos.

I Turbulence at The Glasgow School OfArt (upstairs). l()pm—2am. £4 (£3GSA). 25 Sep only. Future sound of drum 'n‘ bass with Tania Swift and Stevie from the Elements crew.

I Velvet Rooms I0pm—3am. £6. Alan Ronald in Room Two with an open mix from house anthems attd disco to soul. Martin Hesketh in Rootii ()ne playing mellow hip hop. swingbeat and classic soul.


I Archaos at Archaos. llpni—3atn. £8 (£6). Chris Harris and A.J. mix up garage and house in the massive round room dance floor. which has one of the loudest soutid systems and most impressive light shows irt Scotland. Scott and Geoff play chunky club classics irt Roorn Two while Paul Traynor plays R&B. swing and hip hop in Roorn Three. Quite a smart door policy in the raised eyebrows at trainers sense. Now reopen after the Archaos revamp.

I Bar 10 ‘)pm~-midnight. Free. Busy hard house pre-club with Nick Peacock and guests. Still pretty much the main feeder-bar for the Sub (‘lub and The Arches.

I Bargo at Bargo. ‘)piii~-midmght. Free. Deep funk and house DJs Tangent are here 26 Sep and first Saturday of the month they've got Shirley Temple's Ms Alstoti with chunky house.

I Bennets 11.30pm Jam. £6 (£5). D.l Sara with a good dancey mix. Drinks promos. Gay.

I Born at The Boni. llpni-—3ain. £6 (£5). Stevie Smith. Keitli Pyper and guests with funky house arid garage at this new dressy venue. Drinks protiios.

I Bonkers at Bonkers. I lpm— 3am. £5 after midnight. £4 before. Club classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Ntibble \‘v'hitelaw. I Budda at Bttdda. Spur midnight. Free. Solemttstc's Stey ie for garage arid deep house. Drinks protiios. Pic-club.

I The Cathouse l(i..‘~(ipnt~-.’tattt. £4 (£3.50; £2.50 before ll..i()piii). Three floors of rock. grunge. contemporary indie and indie dance. in one of the best rock styled venues in the country. Drinks pt'otitos.

I Classic FM at Fury .\ltir‘r‘_y"s.

1 1pm 5.15am. £5 (£3 ). Club classics in the itiaiit rootn with DJs Jim Downie and Sean Webster. Quality indie music frotn Twister upstairs at this generally studenty

I Cleopatras at (‘letipatras

I0. 50pm 2.10am. £7. Pop. 70s arid .S'0s party tunes pltis drinks pt'otiios. ()y er 2 Is only.

I ClUb 69 Rocksy 's Basement.

l0pm 2.‘\0aiii. £5. Martin. \Vilba and Battle of dance record shop Rub-A-Dub play trig the best arid deepest front the underground. joined frequently by guests of high standing who are not always announced beforehand. Well worth the

taxi fare otit from the city. but note the midnight curfew. 26 Sep. Steve Dungey from Holistic Records guests for the first time iii fottr years down at Club 6‘).

I Club Cubana at The Bedsit. 9prn--2ani. £4 (£3). 26 Sep arid fortnightly. Great Latin sounds with proceeds going to the Scottish Cuban Solidarity Campaign.

I Cul De Sac Cul De Sac Bar. ‘)»— l lpm. Free. Jim Hutchison with hard house and techno. Drinks promos.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()fArt (downstairs). l0pni—late. £3.50 (£2.50 Glasgow School Of Art students). Andrew Divine. one of the most familiar

faces on the scene. joined by Hush Puppy

for Northern soul. Hammond grooves. bubblegum pop. wah-wah fttrtk. Moog power and chemical breakbeats. 26 Sep. to celebrate their birthday. they'll be giving away tapes and badges and all sorts of nice stuff.

I Down at The Aretia. llpiii— .‘sam. £4. Metal rock arid alternative night. Drinks promos.

I Electric Cabaret at The Aprtrttttettt. llpm--.lam. £3. Saturdays here take on a

new direction as Cris Biguui is joined by

DJ Oscar every other week. Latin fever ittto big beat and then moving on to funky house. Note that the regular night is joined by Mish Mash on the first Saturday of each month (3 ()ct). see separate listing.

I Free Form at The (3th Note (‘ltth l0pm—3ani. £3 (free before llpttl). Steven and Pattl Watt with two floors of soul. Latin. jaw. and funk.

I Havana Salsa on the Boat at The Renfrew Ferry. l0pnr2am. £6 (£5) from 'l‘icketlink/door. .‘i ()ct and fortnightly. Salsa. merengtte. bhangra. world music and much more hip swinging beats with DJ Jau. on the decks.

I Heat at Tin Pan Alley. lljitii--3;tiii. £5 (£4). Commercial house at this city centre \‘Ctlttc.

I The Garage l0pni—3ani. £6 (£4); £l off before l lpm. Big. brash and unashamedly happy to pttt the good time

Arts, Entertain


listings CLUBS

party groove into your Saturday night with a wide spread of commercial anthems in the main l'UOlll and indie inspiration upstairs. Get there early as the queues start snaking tip the street well before the pubs close.

I Home Cookin' at Bahazzt. 5.30pni-3ain (DJs frotn l lptti). £5 (free before llprii). Pumping riiix frotii Jamie Strang ftitik. rare groove and hip hop and definitely no house.

I Inside Out at The Arches. l0.30pm—-4am. £12. 26 Sep and monthly. The girls show they cart rock just as hard as the boys with guests Sister Bliss. Lisa Loud. Smokin Jo and Sudha (percussion)

joining the resident boys Michael Kilkie.

[ammo and Simon Foy. Hard. upfront glainmy house with a reasonably dressy crowd losing it in a grand style to the a- list house DJ rosta.

I Kenny H at Russell's Bar/Cafe.

S -l lptn. Free. Legendary drummer arid now turned DJ with deep. jazzy house. I Knucklehead at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). l()pm--late. £4 (£2.50 Glasgow School of Art students). Underground electronica presented by dem [)Js Jilkes and Hatch. ltito its fourth year and consolidating itself as the club to hear true funk technology. Freaky dancing actively encouraged. Hear the duo every Thursday at their gig at the Variety and then onto The l3th Note too. 26 Sep Knucklehead celebrate 4 years at the GSA by playing all the tracks that have made the club what it is. 3 ()ct. special rates for freshers to come and experience da Knucklehead bass.

I Lime at The Lime. ilpiii—--3aiii. £6 (£4 ). DJ Cameron with house. dance and Rth plus drinks pr'oiiios.

I Livtng Room at The Living Room. Spin-midnight. Free. New York Alliance's Coliti Walker playing a deep house.

I Love Boutique at The Arches.

l lpm—4am. £10. 3 ()ct and monthly. The Boutique continues to push high camp

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