She's in the year's rudest comedy and has just

endured a very public bust up with one of Hollywood's most famous heart-throbs. CAMERON DIAZ comes clean about her love of heavy metal, her hatred of Mariah Carey and her relationship with Matt Dillon.

Words: Peter Ross and Bruno Lester/IPA

AMERICANS SUCK BIG, FAT ONES. But even if Clinton‘s unusual use of the humble stogie hadn’t made cigars de rigeur in the most fashionable circles State-side. Cameron Diaz would still be entitled to fire up a celebratory Cuban stinker.

The 25-year-old model-turned- movie star. who broke into Hollywood opposite Jim Carrey in 1994‘s shape-shifting screwball comedy. The Mask. is now starring as the eponymous heroine of There ‘3 Something About Marv. This madcap movie from Dumb And Dumber directors. Bobby and Peter Farrelly. has so far grossed $120 million in America. launching Diaz into that stellar above-title firmament occupied by the likes of Michelle Pfeiffer and Sharon Stone.

Except. of course. she's way cooler than that box-office-busting sorority. It’s hard to imagine either 'Chelle or Shaz playing a character who substitutes semen for hair-gel like Diaz does in the new film. As screen goddesses go. she's more Divine than divine.

In There '3 Something About Mary. Diaz plays a beautiful woman stalked by four hapless suitors and one plaster-encased mutt. Fifteen years on from their disastrous prom date.

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