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Scottish Youth Dance Festival is seeking an Artistic Director to

£23,997 - £25,914 develop the vision and artistic policy into the next millennium.

This new Arts Education Co-ordinator post represents a The sucfi:?::ncaggéd:;e haze 3 yfars ixper'ence: significant partnership with the Scottish Arts Council and reflects , creating 3nd delivgngngegu'trr‘gazh':::g€:£;es Dundee’s growing reputation in the field of arts development . awareness of youth trends

placing Dundee in the forefront of such initiatives in Scotland.

. . Must be able to work throughout Scotland The postholder Will have educational and arts development Job Share Applications Welcome experience. Based at the Educational Development Servrce the A i. t. . .t. t d .f . f postholder will work in close collaboration with schools, the Arts pp Ica “mg m wrc'jggnsocata'ctyou requ're unher and Heritage and other departments of Dundee City Council and '

. . . . Scottish Youth Dance Festival With the Scottish Arts CounCil to develop and Widen the range of Unit 14 John Cotton Business Centre 10 Sunnyside

Artistic Director

arts experiences offered to pupils in Dundee schools. Specific Edinburgh EH7 5RA

targets will be set for the post in terms of project development, Tel 0131 651 3033

range of pupil experiences generated in the expressive arts and Closing date for applications; 1st October 1998

the attraction of external funding and sponsorship. Supponed by the Scottish Arts Come“ and Foundafion

Application form and job description available from Education Department. for Sport and the Arts

Dundee City Council, Floor 9, Tayside House, 28 Crichton Street, Dundee DDl 3BJ. Tel: 01382 mammary/mm

(Secondary). - Closing date: 12 October 1998. THE “3072 AfiCOUNC‘L I A wwmdundoocitmowk OPPORTUNITIES

(fl “0

A: pen of the Council's equal opportunity \\ 'r \s l I I I policy, applications are welcome from 3 m persons regardless of disability,

Ci Council meriteletetue rece or sex. 0’3"“? - W ; Could you he a FRIEND to an adult who has a learning Education Department disability and include them in sortie of the people. places ' . and past-titties which you enjoy'.’ If you also have a few

hours to spare at least once a fortnight - then yoti might he 2 an ideal person to volunteer to become a Belrrender.


lfl-t‘bu'f' ’f‘ -ve| , , . , , .. y . , , , , r , ASSISTANT Weaic also looking for pcolc u ho may hate a spare room vyxe/fi/ QMONTH CONTRACT _ \khlth they can ()llU on a regular basis to an adult \klllth

opportunities @

£850 PER MONTH I n d will give them and their family a hit of a break. . -an innovative restaurant bar 3 The opportuni to market and omote one ol the most lamous arts lestivals n the . . . . mm W pi I '0 Edinburgh 5 we“ End : Training. support and allowances are glyen to both A newly Created post Within the Flinge. reporting to the Press and Makeling Manager a?“ mi BEFRIENDERS and SHORT- TERM (TA Ricks. appropriateloi raduales interested in workin in arts maketi aid ess 'liclasks I p ! ~ - - w” Include g 9 no 0‘ Spec. for the positions below. 1 Group sessions for prospectix e e neipmg i0 Upgaye and manage ange databases and website afiegiing'né‘zm : volunteers are planned for Noyeiiihner. - helping to arrange press events and issurng press tickets at” of pay. ! . . ,. . , . . . . L. .. . . .

e processing IresearCh o'ala lrom Fringe Surveys and helping to CHEF / 9‘ I 4’1" 3/1”}; ))\‘ prepaieanaySisrepors SOIS KIIO'I Palms - . r . . .. . . . . . r. . 2 z . ° preparation 01 presentatIOns to prospective sponsors/advertisers F/P'm m a‘ m SM 0131 313 677! ()R 0131 313 6708 (answering machine)

0 developing contacts with potential advertisers and negotiating “use can fix application fum c0nlra deals lor partnersmps to help promote the Fringe send (V to; AtlenliOn lo Eerie” arid anleye loi'dgéign is requned as well as an interest in what the lite Carlson 0" m m I . H o i n W yam (ham hue ' gadgeoisiywoulgsaiso Olga-mes am em'em 0' US.” 7 THE 0W0! EDINIUIIGH muuot ageous Ideas 810 can-do personality Will be highly M a Tel 0131 230 5603 conSIOereo 1 Social work Please apply in writing to Fringe Press ollice. 180 High street. EDINBURGH EH1 10$

enclosing lull CV Closmg date to applications is 14/10/98, To stat ASAP

cook a QUE—95" ASSISTANT

for busy catering business. Monday to Friday approximately Sam - 4.00pm.

_ _ - For recruitment x." I

I . I advertising C8” OUT . Must be motivated. organised. acrive & a driver. Scotland’s leading Gay Sales and Marketing ; For further details apply to Angela or Helen on Department 0 I 3 I 2 2 9 7 7 3 7

publication requires an Editor.

This challenging and rewarding position is a part time salaried post with hours to suit the applicant.

maximum 21 hours per week initially.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, committed person with a sense of humour who can work on own initiative and help develop the magazine further.

Must be computer literate and have some journalistic


.71. t 4.7 is ‘3 Stft‘ei, Jain)”.


["1131]; 11.1.; 3.2'

0131 558 1191

experience. 1"“ (ilastum l’riiit Studio |\ .i\lt .Uf\ writ.iiirs.i:i.-i~. t \rsr»:..' ' 1"» :" ft " i~ \ . '. | it \\\I) . i it i\\tt \\.u \li‘” .l‘.\.lli‘s\f11.'l'f ;' Applicants are initially requested to send a CV. to 'l" “” """““'k'”-‘ ”"‘ ' ' _ ' "” " ""' ' ’k' " ' ‘- Pa I B I . , Ch. f ‘L'dlitrt .Hhi [lit ()ri_r' l’riiit Sir-q» u ryan- V'son’ or In '8 1'11 lull trim (ialk-ry .'\\\l\[.tlll lnthi ls Llldlll\l.l\flt_ li.i\t .iri ulttrtsr II) or :‘Ylllfll‘..ti\lll_..'.

Gay Scotland, 17-23 Calton Road Edinburgh, EH8 80L Gay Scotland, the gay paper that gives it to you straight!!!

lu tornptitt r litt'ratt. have loads of iiiitiatixt .l1‘\l\“in\ rttail t \I‘\ lit iitt

l’or jolt description and application form plcaw t .ill l.iiid.i or lcoiia on

till! 552 (PU-i. (Llosing date for applit‘atiims - it) September I‘NN.

antiwar 24 Sap-8 0a 1998