I Learn Gaelic with experienced. friendly tutor. All levels. Individuals & small groups. Introductory lesson tk’ advice. (ilasgovslKirkintiIlocIi area. Kenneth ,\lc;\lanus .\I:\ ((ilasgowi. llip llNl) tSablial .\lor ()statgi 'l'el: t)l~ll 77o 7757. K

I Secrets of successful singing taught by internationally qualified teacher -- all ages. all abilities. all types of music. 'I‘el: (H.334 621935.

I Piano and clarinet tuition Qualified teacher has vacancies for children and adult beginner‘s. re-learners and advanced students. 0141 ()4‘) 6568.

I Fiddle lessons available. Irish. Scottish and improvisation. Beginners welcome. £8 per half hour lesson. Limited number of places. Phone James (ll-ll 332 7702.

I Learn to be happy? (‘liange your thought change your life. Personal development through positive thinking. I.ouise llay workshop 7tli/Sth Nov ()8. Illtll\'ltlllitl .s't‘ssiiilts Lllstl available. Phone I.ouise IIay 'l‘i'aining ()l3l 3I5 3533.

I Homeopathy introductory classes Come and have great fun learning more abottt this dynamic syslcllt of medicine. (‘all for tnore information Jillian Reekie 0131 557 282 I. (‘lasses start Tuesday 2t) ()ctober‘

7 -‘)pm Dumbiedykes.


SAMBA!! $315: I. I it ‘. i, ' 5 l :2 P‘- R . it? grim ‘4 l' I- ) ff?

{; ways: A i? ;... ' ... ' Tl iii} 2"; .“T' i. "' v 11-”; Telephone 0131 346 8385 or 0966 462165 for further details.

The Dance House

3 11:... slal Try, (2 (it.

‘or' (Bl-7:83"):


,‘J ,air‘ 'J“,v~ri’ / ’u 9r ../ .‘,i~

tel 0141 445 6000

I Flamenco and belly dance classes_ ()ualilied tuition and enioy able escrcise guaranteed. lidinburgli t()\gangsi: 'I'uesday evenings. Glasgow. Monday evenings tk' Saturday aftei'iioonst(‘oriiiiiunity halls Slai‘yliill Roadt. L'l.5t) £3.50 per class. Details I) 1 3| 3.36 3673.

CEROC PURE DANCE ADDICTION The original and best form of modern jive.

Now on the Web point your browser at: http://www.ceroc.u-net.com Beginners welcome every week at any night. 45 minutes beginners class followed by dancing to Ill.3()pni. I earn to dance to any music; club. I.atin. rock ‘ii' roll. etc. A licensed bar is available at most nights. (‘oine alone or with friends (no need 'o bring a partnert. Doors open at 7. l 5pm. Beginiiers’ class at 7.30pm. Aberdeen: 'l‘liursday's at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge Place. roff Bridge Street I. Attention: Aberdeen only. doors open (i.45prii. beginners class 7pm. freestyle till lllpm. Dundee: Wednesdays at The \Iirage Club. St Andrews I.atie. Glasgow: Mondays at The ('Iada Club. 85 \Vestiiioreland Street. Queen's Park. Sotithside. Wednesdays at the Glasgow l'niversiiy l'iiion. 32 I'niversity .-\\enue. West Iind. Edinburgh: \lottdays and \\'etlnesdays at Moray House. 37 Ilolyrood Road. 'l‘hursdays at St Stephen's (‘linr'cli Hall. St Stephen's Street tbottom of How e Street t. Stockbrrdge. Note: (‘Iasses are opeti throughout the year including bank holidays. Further details from 01324 613209.

E-mail: info@ceroc.u-net.com

I Salsa Sabrosa :it The I3IIl \ote t(‘lyde Street) l‘ridays I'r'oiii Spin. Beginner and intermediate classes iii iiier‘engtie and salsa lintry LII IL.3.5III, Beginners w elconie

no need to bring a partner. More details,’ ls'aren Past Ill-II 33‘)

J l‘) 3.

I Dance with attitude llip hop/street dance and .lil/lt‘l'c‘hc classes? Ill-energy tall-based dance aitd e\ci'cisc classes. Beginners welcome. Student concession Saturdays .\'oi‘llicote Scout Hall. 4 Victoria (‘ircus. llyndland. Ill-15am hip hop/street: ll.-I5am iauercis‘e. “ictlltt‘xtlttys l’.tl'llcl\‘ Iitll'gll I.:‘.sscl' Ilall. 7pm hip hop/street; Spin ia/Iercise. (‘Iasses start l5 »\t:gust. More details'.’ ls'aren I’.isr I) I .1] 330.1103

I Lindy Hop! Charleston! Jive! This is your chance to learn? .\'o esperieiice or partner necessary. Weekly Thursday classes w llIl local teachers. Beginners 3. 3t) .S 30pm. Beg— lnteriiiediates S30 0 30pm. LII. Workshops with (‘arolene (\- l<ussell on Sunday 4 ()ctober and .S' .\'o\ ember. Beginners

I ltlll I.3Ilpm. Intermediates 2.30 5.00pm. £lll each. All classes in The (‘alton ('entr‘e. IZI Montgomery Street. lzdrriburgli. Information (ll3l (ilil (till-.7. Nlttll.l)tl\ lt's(¥I \ Il'g'lll. net http://www.;iiia.ed.;ic.ttk/ lel )S/

I East Kilbride: Salsa/ Meiengue and other I.atin r\lllt'l|c.lll dances lines

7 30 0.30pm. £3.50. I~un. social class (iieat venue. Beginners \selcoiiie. l urther details phone Brian (lHl 33I (Hut).



The Actor ’s Hbflmhwi


by Lt )I’rlij’l' ll\l\"cSlll\l. I'I\'('l| will take place in The TRYST, Cresswell Street, Glasgow G12 SAG (If 8.00pm. Wednesday 7th-l0th October I998. £2.50 7Tl'k(’l.\' (it (/00): Information Tel. 0141 226 5822 Tel/F ax 0141 337 2304.


I Iyengar Yoga Don‘t delay phone now for details of Iyengar Yoga classes in Glasgow and surrounding area. All levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Tel ()I-II 945 393i

I Astanga + Iyengar Yoga All levels including beginners classes iii Glasgow West lind. (‘ontact Gerry on (ll-ll 400 (MM. gerryta‘planetyoga. deiiioii.co.tik.


Are you 16 - 30 years old? Have you ever had a one night stand or sex with a new partner on holiday or at a party?

00 you find it difficult or easy to discuss using condoms? Have you had a sexually transmitted infection?

00 you have opinions on these topics?


If you’re interested, please contact 0171 413 8969.

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Bereavement. relationships. couples counselling. stress. creative therapies. personal development etc. l-‘ee negotiable.

Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

(24-hour answerphone).

FEEL THE DIFFERENCE with therapeutic massage. Professional. qualified. insured. Special promotion L‘l5 full body massage. one per client. 0131 667 6213 24 hour answerphone.

I Dissatisfied with your life?

Find out why and ways to change with the help of a qualified and experienced counsellor. Individual sessions talso telephone counselling) and workshops. For details phone I.ouise Hay Training ()I3l 3I5 3532.

Scottish Alternative Health Exhibition

Saturday I7th 8: Sunday I8th October CITY HALLS, CANDELRIGGS, GLASGOW 92 stands, 30 talks 8: workshops aura Iii/rot:temp/iv. lore .i/iui. lieu/ore. colour therapy: colonic irrigation Sat IOam-bpm, Sun I lam-6pm. (“£2.50 Free programme from 0 l

cant handle the pressure?

Think again

Maybe a little more pressure in the right areas is what you

Professional Reflexology 8

Therapeutic Massage Appointments

a my hone/your hone/work/ established clinics in Edinburgh/Haddington.

References available-

0131 624 7173/332 7407

really need.

Realistic rates.

Douglas Caird

STRESS, ACHES, FATIGUE I'se therapeutic massage to soothe atid refrein mind and body.

Janet Bremner DTM MSHP. 0131 661 6692.


I Eating disorders Help and support by qualified and experienced therapist. Get to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your body. Details phone I-ouise Hay Training ()131 3I5 3532.

I Professional Therapeutic Masseur Rob McNicholls MGCP, welcomes clients both new (S; old to his new practice at 2'.) l-'ortb. Street I-flltnbergit PH I. Daytime. zit'ti. work .v weekend 3:lpt.lilillil'c'lll\ (‘a‘l trays ()"<5~17 HOMEOPATHY HELPS I:.‘~.‘t‘:ll fear" Poor concentration" Bad merriory " Acne. IBS. asthma. PMT. eating diorders. Student discounts av ;iilable. Contact Heinke Woodbridge 0131 221 1415.

@ualified and registered hypnotherapy help ‘or your problems. Stress, tears, smoking, etc. Evening. weekend and home visits.


crooks CONSULTANCY}; 01314671160 -013l 620 6200

I Relationship, personal emotional difficulties? Counselling can help you make sense of your feelings and explore options for the future. For details. ring Michael Rigg on Ol4l 959 2345.

I Gestalt therapy new group starting in ()ctober. meeting every Tuesday evening. Phone Colin White 0131 555 0038 for further details. Individual therapy appointments are also av ailable.

LEARN MASSAGE (i week Beginners (lass starts Wed 30 Sept Seltlpnr £58/36 at the Glasgow Steiner School. Yorkhill. For details and

booking phone Ian Holland 0141 334 5846


I Gay guy mid 30s. unlit due to back injury requires personal

fitness trainer to work out. Genuine replies only. Box No

342/Fit/ l.


I Young cat orange and white.

: very loving and completely

t house-trained. Free to good

home. Tel (ll-ll 55-1 3-183.

5 I Wanted two tickets for Rod Stewart. Glasgow. on (i or 7 December. Tel (IN-10473430.

24 Sep—8 Oct 1998 THE UST 87