IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. Hill—walking. Meals ()ut. Badminton.

Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. Parties. Football. Exhibitions. Ceilidhs. Weekend Trips antl lots of other activities too numerous to mention!

It could be with IVC -- a self-run club for go-aliead people. Membership is less than £20 a year. You can give its a try for a month or so with no obligation to ioiii - but we‘re sure you'll want to? Details Horn 0131 332 1342 for lidinbui‘gli. 07020 955482 for ('ilasgow or 01382 737839 for Dundee.

(i - lllptii.

QUEST (iay or lesbian and (‘tilholic _ So are \vef ()uest .s .i self help support gioup.

In times of calm or exisis. telephone 0141 948 0397. liy cry Sunday between

7. Hip!“



5 U P '13 C1. U‘I""i. Dinners. ‘Colfl Co-Korting, Scuba Diving, C0untry Walks.

Concerts, Clay Pigeon Shoots, Parties and Weekend Breaks for Single people of all ages. "

(“.lf’Il-3qltl Iii-)l


THE introduction ogencyforgoy men and lesbians

coll now in confidence

0845 606 3636

local coll rote 7 days 2pm - lOpm

.\‘['ll’ FOR 1998


()ltirvr mrmtrd. mn'r (qmfird

Our Approach is still the most successful to date!

. Lstablishcd in Scotland since 1995

9 User l000 members - all personally interviewed by principal

V Discreet one-to‘onc 'lntroductions' with all clicnts personally ttulchcd V lixtcnsist social calendar of‘Ikcasions‘ at exclusive \rnues

V An ayctagc of ten weddings 1 year

V Worldwide opportunities for friendship via IntIIJI Approach International V Holidays and short brcalcs overseas - rim (ICStinJIiun: Canary- Islands

5' ()1 786 825 777

limulLenqu trey 3hr“ lul-apprercl).rlemun, cu. uk u'tr'rr'. lrrlllalwppnmcll. ('0. uk

I Very talented capable. dreamy lyricist. soul. funk. gospel singer. seeks commercial type of teaming up to eventually get some top hits together. i.e. band studio people or management. Warning: I‘m juicy! Tel: 0141 550 4889.

I Hammond Organ M 100 valve tonewlieel. with draw/bars. classic 60s sound (as used by Small Faces. Charlatans. Dodgy. Weller). Immaculate ~ £350. The ultimate pose! Tel l)l-Il(i-l‘)8~1l3.

EASY MOVE for light removals and general transporting. The friendly professional service at affordable prices. Call Gordon Allan on 0131 332 1904.

_ I Edinburgh studio band with

5 star review and airplay. would like to expand for playing live. Requires keyboard player. guitarist and drummer. 100% commitment. Beach Boys. Spector. Electronic. Tel 0131 477 4072.

I Music production. Tutorial courses in studio technique and record production by long established industry professional. For more information contact CS Productions on ()l3l 226 3442. I Guitarist needed for 5- piece band. Original material. Gigs waiting. Must be inventive and like music with touch of humour/irony. Influences: Tom Waits. Brel. Kurt Weill. Leningrad Cowboys. (ll-ll 353 0625.

I Pop group require bassist/ guitarist. girl or boy. Influences: Prefab Sprout. (Jo-Betweens. Orange Juice. Belle And Sebastian. Contact Craig 0141 401 l2(i2.

Hie Imillm' introduction set‘uirefin' Business. I’rofissiorm/ (3" Aspiratiorml people.

9 You enjoy your job 9 You read 'l-lie list

9 You buy (1)3

9 You like .\Iovies

9 You tt‘lislt eating ()III 9 You live clay to day

9 You want more

You .ire .iloiie and would lilce to

meet .i partner to experience and

share these and other things.

If you are serious .ll)()lll along

term relationship. Take control.

(:JII lilite and meet genuine people. who want to meet

someone. just like voii.

Alter ‘l ye.tts and with 5 otliccs

in (:Clill'dl Scotland. lt works.

lilite Introductions.

lt‘s .l\ logical .is .\Ir bpocls'.

0131 620 7777 0141 236 7777 10am to 10pm

Open 7 days.

()//l‘(‘c'.\' Across the UK (5“ [fire

88 THE “ST 2‘4 Sep ‘8 ()(t 1998


Apple Mac

Omax Apus 3000 clone

200Mh1 Power" 480“: it IS" man 4m. Graphics 8: C0 MSOtlica 98. Quark, Photoshop etc

only I you old!

(till March 0I4l 946 2452

HAVE UN. _ Come sailing on lriendly 60' Club Schooner. Cruising Canaries, and winter sun in the Caribbean. Also Atlantic Crossing 22/24 November

Grand (anaria to Barbados (I8 - 24 days). All experiences welcome, enthusiasm essential. Individuals or groups. Phone/lair 0700 900 I068 or 01252 728 277 Christine.

3 BANDS/music

I Competent, creative drummer required by potentially esceptioiial. thirty- souietliing hand \\ itli e\cellent w ell crafted. sliglity i'ootsy pop/lock songs and o\\ n

practice and recording facilities.

'l‘el Alan on (MRI 332-184‘).

§un 8) $7621“


* .'I/7/’7'(}//1.\I(I(.*/:-\'()[I(‘* Re My i rig * Re} u re 21 it I i rig * Sri'ri‘r‘k lnrumrrm‘k .llrnm.’ 1’IIK'i17'('Hr'.‘.\* l‘i/u * litr‘emir * {I rr/rr'rris' * l’rl/ 7' * Sb 0 c l' * .llrr s c/c'l’rr I 1g u e *(.'r'//u!/1!¢' (3" ()Iltr’ri‘

10ml - £I.95 25ml £3.50

Postage & packing - FREE

2 got ‘i [FtRis’E of your choice

Choose Postal Order payable to

(Jun 77 (0691’.

. Ard

'L'l: (@218’355/863/3'1

(8pm - l lpm for info)

small flat move spacldlsts 6 years of stress-free moving


full-time, friendly, convenient 8 dependable 0I3l 229 836] http://wwgiobohorcom/mtima

also see usjn... The Big Issue, Yellow Pages 8. Thomsons

I’lRliI I( )RSI-I

(foriiiiiunic.itions t\ Promotions


on lllll\ ersity campus

£6.50 per hour

publicise your serum or e\eltt for an hour a day

during freshers week see ()c‘trilier's sales increase!

call Louise l’renclcrgast on

0797 0392 188

I Translations Private. business. most languages. liducation -- private tutors provided (and required) all subjects. Self-study mathematics and book-keeping. Assessments ~< intelligence. subject abilities. Details frorii laymar l{ducaliontil/'l‘raiislation Services. ()l32~1 7l7l l4.

I Lost for words? (‘Vs proposals. press releases. anything at all. written and produced professionally. efficiently and creativelv. Ring Tracy 07070 903576. '



P ’rrm/ arr/JI‘IrcI/rm/ rim/2w i/m 721/15 1.

Sui/.7 trim/rite t‘tit'f/H‘rlf/I/ll. flam- .im/t/n/g.

urn/{1461) et‘ purl/I /;//i'11 q/frrt'.

I ,t’rr/irzi.r/Jw/ [mi/cm rum/26nd.

(id/0141 578 4606

(ti/{tr (rpm) for fit; .tit.'i.'/./i’.1.'/wz.

I Guitar player looking to join a band. Anything interesting considered. Phone Marco on lllfil 556 7878. li- riiail iiiarco mi((t‘liotniailcom.


sore! PLATFORM 5503 FROM


GospoN @ELL‘OBI 6695082.

BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS AND PORTRAITS Children. pets. local scenes. (‘omiiiissious now being taken for (‘liristuias For details call A K Clark on 01368 865634. Also furniture paintings and murals.



Property Management

LET WITH THE BEST Quality flats

and houses to let

Property List on \\ \\ wpropcrty IIIICIC'I’J.(LUIcII'II'JL'IIIUI’L' 'bmctliorcl” c .tI'tIc‘ittct.c'n.uIs

0131-624 6666

llch Ilouw. 5i l) 5t. Idinburgh Hll 6R3 I‘ax: (ll ll-(ilt Mil”


____AE_MM£QBHQLA9_E§EI__ __

sanded floors ._


Albert Street - modern 1 bed flat, fully furnished, available after Festival . . . . .. Craiglockhart - modern 1 bed flat, fully furnished. free parking ................................................................ ,_ London Road - lovely 2 bed flat, fully furnished.

Leith - quiet newly decorated I bed flat , . . . __ .

West End - live bed Ilot, available end Sep. Suit reliable students. . ..

Royal Mile - Superb l bed executive flat with lih. .

Contact us for more details: l6 Forth Street, Edinburgh, EHl 3LH. Tel: 01 3I -550 3808 Fax: Ol 3l -550 3807 cmoil:cloudsocc;d‘

For an up-to-dote list of Current properties to let, please call our 24 hr Property Hotline on 0930 AQOOI 2

.. £380 pcm £400 pcm

£525 pcm £460 pcm

£53 pppw £650 pcm