CLASSIFIED i saw you

O I saw you at bus stop in Bruntsfield. You dark-haired female. Me taller . . . You asked where TSB was. etc'.’ You made me tingle! I‘d like a longer chat with you over a coffee”? Box No U/343/l.

O I saw you Gareth and Martin mish-mashing at Loch Lomond. You taught me to Northern Soul but I split when I saw the banana. Contact for a fruity time. Box No U/343/2.

O I saw you standing in tlte Jaffacake. A blond god with an ethereal coolness. You smiled at me as you walked to Jesus and Mary Chain. Meet me. Box No U/343/3.

O I saw you Jigsaw Buchanan Street. You male blonde used to work there”? Possible English accent. Me male tall. dark curly hair. sometimes skip-cap. l wislt I'd spoken to you. Box No U/343/4.

O I saw you Sue. Boz. Liz. Sav. Kate and Noah. on Portobello beach. Sunday morn- ing 30/8/98. We played with fire bttt didn't get burned. Ta for the wine etc. Please get iit tottch. it's my round. I'd love copies of the photos! Chris. Box No L'l3-I3/5. v I saw you Taste Sun 30/8. I gave you a light and then said Ola! Have you ever heard the song The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face by Joanna Law ‘boni- to"? Box No U/343/6.

. I saw you Kate Winslet look- alike. Soho House Party. Edinburgh Art College. You recognised me: bleached hair and bewildered. How can this be? Answers on a postcard please. Box No L'l343/7.

o I saw you Sauza sampling girl. You kept trying to teach me how to pronounce Sauza. I have practiced it over and over and I can do it now Sow Zar not 800 Zer. Test me out it you don’t believe me!

0 I saw you Katie and Lucy recently back from Mikonos . . . Dave and Andy from Bath trying to contact you. Please respond. you spoons. Box No L7/3-13/8.

O I saw you Vanilla choc chip pootle. Back to the Burgh with a bump. Had a bad-boy type time. Thankyou. I wouldn't drown you - I love you. Where cart we go next‘.’ I love funll Chico loves Pootle x. Box No U/3-I3/9.

O I saw you Joanna walking down Broughton careful to miss pavement cracks (in case of bears). I miss our drinks. din- ners. chats and the time we kissed. Please get in touch! Love M x. Box No U343/10.


O I saw you Wednesday 9/9/98 4pm Glasgow—Prestwick train.

; Yott. big strapping blondish

¥ rugby type. Gorgeous blue eyes.

beautifully sleepy. Need more leg room'.’ Orange shirt went all

the way. How about you'.’ Box

No L'/3~I3/I-I.

0 I saw you at the BBC in Glasgow. You had a pretty smile. curly black hair. Italian looks and a permanent mobile phone. Use it to call me‘.’ Loved your husky voice. Armando. Box No Ll/3-I3/l 3.

O I saw you Sex McFudgeface. 18 years ago this weekend in The Vintners and you were really shakin’ yer thang. Saw you again September 5 at Love Boutique still dancing your pants off; you‘re just as cool as ever. Fancy pant dancing again soon‘.’ B. Box

No L'/3-I3/l2. O I saw you at RSA lunchtime lecture 10 Sep. You looked tasti-

er than your sandwiches. Want to

check-out my lunchbox?! You. late~20s. light brown hair. dark suit. striped blue shirt. red

braces. Me. on the satne row. btit the youngest there by far. Box No U/343/IS.

Q I saw you Adrian across the dining table. You were the per-

fect guest. But. like Cinderella. : you disappeared before mid-

night. If only I could be your

Prince Charming. rather than just an Ugly Sister? J. Box No L.'/


i O I saw you Diane. late Friday

I lth. Lotltian Road. You from National Heritage. me a survey- or.’s get it together. Do ya feel lucky"? Then make my day. Can't wait? Box No L'/3-I.‘~/l 7.

O I saw you on ll/9 Edinburgh

train. you navy and white

' sweater reading l-‘iitmtt'iu/ 'I't'iiit's.

Me black suit. Got off at Haymarket. We gazed at each other. Let‘s get together. Box No L'/3-I3/l8.

O I saw you Charlie Peto in

Crazyface 30 Aug. You in vjack- et company. me long dark hair. livery front row you trod on me.

- Me very interested. U available? Give tne a call stud! Box No U/343/l9.

O I saw you bonkers the big

1 office party I I/9. You: exotic

Turkish. Beck's drinking sex-

god. Me: scantily clad dancer. Are you dancing . . . cos I'm

asking? Box No U/3-13/20.

' U I saw you ()blomov some- times. You: beautiful. Me: lyri-

Will you ‘pledge‘ you

cal. I love to watch yo I polish. Aelf to me

sottietime‘.’ Get in touch brown-

eyed girl. Box No L'/3-13/2l.

O I saw you Finger Doctor.

catch me red-handed enjoying

plastic-fantastic. Don‘t be

offended as you know he can't

5 compare to u. I also saw u tight-

en your grip on the passenger door handle. You do well keep-

? ing me on the straight & narrow ? iii life and on the road. Baby’l. x.

Box No U/3-I3/22.

' 9 I saw you (‘lub XS. Dunferntline. in August. Yott.

friend of the DJ. black polo shirt haven't seen you again but would like to meet! Bo\ No L't’.‘~-1.‘~/2.‘~.

o I saw you Jimi at west l-itttl Parliament Square. Was it some- thing I said that made you look right through me on Wednesday night'.’ Sorry. I like your accent just as much as I like your

' music. Very much so. Will you

w rite'.’ Petra. Box No [73-12/8.

O I saw you Jane. rumbling through my drawers tit search of BIG paitts and matching socks. Dig deep you never know what else )ou may find. Isn't ‘domes- tic-isity' brilliant'.’ Never knew housework could be such fun. Pass the wooden spoon. let's stir tip a little love. The Finger Doctor. Box No LYNNE-I.

O I saw you beautiful woman in turquoise short dress and black jacket whilst I was driving down l.othian Road oti lo Sept. l



was black guy iii sports tar. our eyes met. I wondered could we meet. are you interested'.’ Box No L'/3-13/25.

O I saw you Sat 12 September. lower level Central Station l2.-15pm. You black jacket. black/orange rucksack. Peckltams bag. Me grey jumper and quilt! Fancy coffee'.‘ Box No L'/3~13/2(i.

U I saw you (31 August. C' Graffiti. Mystery Juicel through layers of shyness. You (Ft had dark brown hair. petrol blue rugby shirt with red collar. white-soled blue Nike trainers and drank lots of Highland Spring. l (M) wore a green shirt. denim jacket. was with a friend and couldn't decide what to focus my attention on. you or the band. Box No L'/3-13/27.

O I saw you pouring yourself a drink from a hip flask at

I Waterstone's Glasgow on ll

Sept 8pm. You said that you hoped haying a cold made your voice sound sexy. I certainly thought so. Box No L'l3-I3/28.

' 0 I saw you Bennetts. 9/7/98.

Then: you v-shape baseball cap gtty. Me. shy and gave wrong

impression with friend at last

dance. Cs: 1’ Now: you. lucky but doth know it yet. Me: cttrious to know what l'm missing. L's —‘ . . . I Box No [CR-ION}

O I saw you Rhiannon King. drama student QMS bored you about Radiohead. Can the two most important female icons of the next decade stay out of touch'.‘ Meri rocks on! Box No L'x’R-Il/

O I saw you working at the Tattoo office as receptionist. You; boy. around twenty. short blond hair. wonderful blue eyes. 185 cnt. disappointed me: no tickets. Who are you'.’ German gtiy wants to get to know you. Box No U/3-12/2.

O I saw you Finger Doctor. struggling to breath under an obsessive mountain of boxes. I was too shocked for words and u stank so much that I pushed it away. L' crashed iitto my world and wardrobe btit I wouldn't have it any other way. Can the Crow feather his nest'.’ Box No [334213.

0 I saw you Uttl’y in (‘C Blooms. Sat 22 Aug. then Sun in Morningside kitchen. You: sit- ting on couch smoking my Silk Cut. Me: lens crisis. Surrounded by Festival lovies. Coffee some- time‘.’ Pete. MHZ/J.

O I saw you Minxy-Jinxy MooMoo all of the time. bttt only for a brief. fabulous few weeks earlier this year. M-day approach- es. btit oh the fun we'll have until then. Tiger. Box No L'/.‘~-12/5.

O I saw you my darling 'renardc'. in dreams and soon in

the flesh. I'll call - lots. attd if you need it I‘ve got the car. We

get back together. it'll be muy-

der. Box No [73-12/6.

O I saw you Delmonicas. HHS/OS. l‘).3() islt. You; beard. blue short-sleeved Addidtts [- shirt w itlt rucksack and a friend. Me: blue shirt. chinos. We

looked. but you left so soon. Can

we try again'.’ Box No U/3-12/7.

0 I saw you and your new obsession. I thought as much - tall, smooth. rich and foreign. Can I join your obsession? Meet me for a Sauza with lemonade. ice and a slice of lime. Did you know it is Mexico‘s number 1.

I hope I can be your number 1.

O I saw you Jitni at West Parliament Square. Was it some- thing I said that made you look right through me on Wednesday night'.’ Sorry. I like your accent

jtist as much as I like your

music. Very much so. Will you w rite'.’ Petra. Box No 342/8.

v I saw you Seattle Coffee Co. L'nion St.. 10/. - The coffees arrived too quickly. We agreed they should open Ill Byres Rd. You said you'd see me in there. I'd love to. Box No 342/").

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