HOW TO PLAY: Choose two paths : of action. Take two dice and roll them. If the total comes up evens, choose one path. If it comes up odds, take the other. Options should range from the sublime to the boring, to the puerile to the surreal, to the downright scary... _

TOP 5 Mt! 'I'IIROWS: I. Odds, tell an elderly person that their hair looks good. Evens, get an early night. 2. Odds, compose a Death Metal track in your head (no singing aloud). Evens, try a one-handed press up. 3. Odds, don’t tell anyone what the time is for a week. Evens, walk to work like The Fugitive. 4. Odds, write to the problem page in a tabloid. Evens, imitate your boss’s hand movements as he/she talks to you. 5. Odds, play a board game during Songs of Praise. Evens. shout “See ya sailor” to a bus driver.