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Waffles have long been the house speciality of thus column but rt appears that we have competrtron A La Bonne Gaufre, a Belgran waffle shop, has recently opened In Toilcross, Edrnburgh

’In France or Belgium, you can buy waffles anywhere,’ explarns Mrs Beneat who co-owns A La Bonne Gaufre along wrth fellow waffle maker Mrs Foucaut, 'Untrl we opened up, there was no place to buy waffles rn Edrnburgh '

Over the last four weeks, the Beneat and Foucaut double act have been doung therr best to remedy thrs disgraceful sItuatron and have been drspensrng waffles, or gaufres, as the French would have It, to all and sundry They range from the srmple 'chrc: and sweet' to the extravagance of ’La Grande Folre', an exotrc concoctron that Includes maple syrup, cream and slrces of apple. They've even come up wrth a cheese wafer as a nod to the Scottish taste for savoury snacks although fortunater they haven’t gone so far as to start deep fryrng everythrng,

They also do a nrce line rn crepes and galettes whrch are Irke crepes but savoury and made wrth buckwheat Madame Foucaut promrses a thor0uc;hly French espresso

La Bonne Gaufre, 70 Barclay Terrace, 228 9258


Arr fares tO Cuba have never been partrcularly cheap but gettrng a taste of Latrn Amencan food rs about to become cheaper than ever before Havana on Glasgow's Hope Street 15 CUlillTQ therr food prices by 50%, 19 31 October Starters, marn courses and desserts are all 1‘.an their ongrnal nrces so if the eres of herbed swordfrsl‘» or‘ clnlil mash or ‘e'non and 1mm chucken served mth pneapple salsa grab your fancy then you kr‘.(>'.'.' where to do Havana, 50 Hope Street, 248 4466


Look out for thrs new offshoot of the HOWres restaurant chain that has Just opened 1n Stockbndge 1n Edrnburgh Everythrng ooes here from CrOIssants to carpaccros of frllet steak wrth parmesan shavrngs on a green herb salad

Canteen, 4 -6 G/anw/le Place, Ed/nburgh 225 5553

c, .g’tl'2r1.g§-,~;f.'j ' “3,, j M ifihiffd‘zhlg ~ 4-2.2!-

lt's half price for food at Havana, 19—31 Oct

& drinking




The Basement

10a-12a Broughton Street

557 0097

Restaurant qualrty food at pub-grub pnces, served 'trl 10pm In lrvely, colourful surroundrngs

Common Grounds

2/3 North Bank Street

226 1416 p‘AYé", Amencan-style coffee .7335“ house on The Mound

Food served all day Lrve

mUSIC most evenmgs


32c Broughton Street 478 7246 Global food wrth stylrsh decor. Tuesday - Saturday nrghts, Sunday lunch We need 'U' to tun DSK to D'U'SK


88 Lothran Road

229 5932 it


atmosphenc cafe bar, semng great value snacks, salads, spec rals and brrllrant cappuccrnos lOam trl.’ late

Hasta la Pasta! 3 47 Hrll St Lane North 226 3355 An Inexpensrve restaurant

where the food rs good u,Qoscu-

and the decor a Irttle

eccentric Fund II

between Frednck St and Castie St for lunch, drnner of just a coffee

Pancho Villas 240 Cdl‘fiflfldlc"

557 4416 l.1exrc an-bc‘rn r:‘.'.ne' Mayra Nunez says 'lf you're ’;T‘I."(; to eat Mexrcan, then don't be b'and' Lunch untrl 5pm, drnner untzl 11pm


24 Deanhauoh Street, Stockbndge

332 4476 Cosmopolitan

Curslne mth daily set pnc e drnner menus from £12 50 1'bookrnr; adursalrleg 31gb! lunches, coffees, beers and nes

"1 I}? fitter“

Peter Sellars

1. 1-13 ‘\.\'If?l:a."‘. SIT-I‘M, 22“; .326. icelandr: expenence, curs comes to Edrr‘hurit‘: "1 Sun/1a s .11” the best of authentr; NO'cfrz ‘1:>-:::l --

5000 OF THE 6005'


41 West Nrc'olson Street 667 6676

Come along and enjoy tin-s small l‘=stro w-th a tin 1Y‘.("‘.11,it‘<ll;;'1"f;tj-s"g>s

f'om aiI towers f".;.

“.f l("‘lu"r .,' ' '2 '., c.' IIII'" \I\(). ' l \b‘ y I I' i]

D$l< L

Back Alley Restaurant

8 Ruthven Lane 334 7165

World wide cursrne, weekend breakfasts, Happy Hour, lunch menu, evening specrals and Glasgow's best burgers' Balbir's

51 West Regent Street

331 1980 Not bro, not desrgner, not sexy, Just brrllrant

Hrgh duality lndran c‘uzsrne at affordable pnces

Brel bar: restaurant

39 Ashton Lane

342 4966

Beldran beers

-draft Leffe and Hoec;aarrl~:=n,

trr‘re wines, rustlc food, cool rnusrc, relaxed atmosphere

Caffe Latte


Street, Glasgow, C ((37210 5532553 \- c 1 Pwas, bk WW“ Pastas,Salads,

5andx‘xrc’hes, Snacks Licensed unt:l mrdnrght,

seven days

Relaxed, friendly atrn-esphere


20\.'\'-::~-f>~'1ian:ls Road

353 3278

Scare-free food,

or'ctanrc (groceries, excellent bread, frne cheeses, herbs and sprces, wholesome foods yum, yum

Le Petit Pain

239 Byres Road

337 1118 rphone/fax Coffees, oua'rt',’ sartdmc Inesand pastries t- rt"

‘1' \W Sui. \J15K8'(l():{]l.\3'l" o

Relaxed atmosphere at tnrs stylrsh new bar/krtc hen, ser-.rn-r;

Mojo 158a Bath Street 331 2257

modern international (Ursrne til 8pm l.1ucha(clavrned

stylrsh bar

a ':n oue blend of modern brasserie c ooktnr; In an rnt'rnate settvnr:



28 szson Street

334 2665

Fresh Scottish Inoredrents, authentu and ongrnal recipes, award-u.rnnrnt; cookrnc], lrvely and Informal atmosphere

The 13th Note

Kinc} Street 553 1638 Bar/c ale/venue wnh a totally vegan menu of wholesome food \\'lllllll a relaxed atmosphere

The Ubiquitous Chip 12 Ashton Lane

:1 a {-AA7


fittest r-:‘-sta:."ar‘r’_s ser'.:.'1’:

modern S;r‘-!trsh fayre

Tron Bar ClllSlTOllTT St 552 8587 Contemporary European style bar, burldrng on the Tron's reputation for qualrty food and dnnk Open weekdays and weekends till madnrr;ht

'l‘ R (0) N

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‘6 ‘l§- . nu I I . t, a “I a,“ r... .. 6 r e . ' a



Le Sept

7 OH I’IK/W/(n'h/ (X/Int I :‘z/r'rz/r/ngr/J

lunc h .Hlkl tlrnncr Montl l\‘ to Thursday Hulav, Saturday and Suntlax' 'rl‘c'lt all \l.l\‘


()15] 225 5-f28

"the art of the toastie"




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