'Been there, done the drugs and made the beast with two backs' could have been PLACEBO's motto. Not any more, apparently.

Words: Jonathan Trew




LAST YEAR, ON THE BACK OF THEIR DEBUT alhum, three sinners slashed and burned their way across litli'ope on a tour which in their words —let't ‘a trail of blood and spunk‘. ll~ their press is to he helieyed. l’laceho left no avenue ol‘ chemical or carnal pleasure unexplored. But it would appear that rumours of their huge appetite for hedonism have been greatly exaggerated. ()n the eye ol. the launch of their stunning second album Hit/mu! You I'm Not/ting. it seems they haye seen the error of their ways. ‘\\'e‘re going to he good hoys.~ they promise.

llow disappointing. :\ portion of l’laceho’s appeal has always been the l’risson of exoticism and the hint of pet‘ycrsily associated with the hand. The opposite ot‘ suhurhan conformity. their music throhs with the thrill of illicit pleasures coupled with outrageous anecdotes. .'\ccording to a recent interx iew. the trio hlew £700 a week on drugs during last year's tour and. they say. 't’ucked Ihcmsclyes empty'. In a final cartoon piece of cartoon delmuchery. they also paid a roadie L'l.()()() to parade naked around their hotel room. For kicks.

So who are these l'iends'.’ ()n Vocals. there's the slight l'igure oi the well-trayelled American.

((El‘titkrt‘fl ow! :xitze )

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